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Bernie Sanders Explains His Plan to Fix a Broken Democratic Party


Sanders runs as a so called Independent to get elected but he is and has always been a Democrat first! He is just as corrupt as the rest of Democrats and Republicans comprising our Wall Street Owned One Party Political System (WOOPS). The thing that really pisses me off about Sanders is what Pied Pieper Bernie did to all of those disaffected by the system with his phony campaign serving the purposes of the Democratic Party. Hopefully we can all find a true candidate who believes in We, The Rabble and not the Elite of the Parties serving Wall Street. Uncle Bernie is just another “Progressive” serving power and that is why I left the Democratic Party and no longer identify as a Liberal or Progressive. In keeping with what was once a proud tradition of dissent I am not a member of any organized group simply because organizations being made of human beings are by their nature corrupt and any established organization eventually becomes totally corrupt and devoted only to the interest of those who control it as Sanders, being the Democrat he is, has amply demonstrated over and over again. Sanders is nothing more than an establishment shill and will always be one. Until we start electing “None Of The Above” we will continue to have special interest candidates like The Clintons, Trump, Sanders, Warren, McConnell, Paul Ryan and virtually all other elected officials distributing their phony defenses of us like candy at Halloween. Take no comfort in politicians. Politicians only offer “sugar highs” and Americans locked in our kindergarten politics unwrap it and mainline their political candy like the drug it is. They only play the fifes of our destruction. And right now Sanders is just the latest figurehead leading the great distraction all the while wholeheartedly joining in the destruction of We, The Rabble while he sits back and enjoys his new lake house.


Are you going to let the efforts of southern racists blind you to the general good principles and possibilities of left wing places to use the 10th Amendment to establish a true people’s republic, from which can be launched efforts to make other states go left left left ???

BTW, just minutes ago I was reading other posts, such as,

to enable left zealots, left of most of the population, to seize power (a la 11-7-1917, Petrograd) and establish workers and progressive control of the nation. The 10th Amendment authorizes you and the left to do that.


We won’t have change until we get rid of the Clinton dead-enders.


Just another measure of your delusional grandiosity that you think you can speak for “the 99%”.


You have the GOP. Stay there.


It should be added that only the caucuses mattered when it came to winning pledged delegates. The primary in Washington State did not affect the pledged delegate count. Frankly I don’t understand why they had a primary after the caucuses.


I disagree that progressives have a greater chance of winning elections with caucuses. There aren’t enough caucuses. And progressives win whenever more people vote in or for the Democratic Party. I reject the whole notion of “establishment” Democrats as opposed to progressives; it’s a term intended to put down non-Sanders Democrats and has no real meaning. Since at least the 90s, the Democratic Party has solidified around a set of progressive values and policy positions. One of those values is increasing participation in the election process, as well as making it easier to vote, security of voting and accuracy in reflecting the wishes of the people. How progressive can one be if they don’t share that core value? True progressives took control of the Democratic Party steadily over the decades and now virtually all Democrats are progressive. That’s why in 2009 I advocated that Bernie Sanders run as a Democrat. Hillary Clinton is every bit as progressive as Sanders on issue after issue and more progressive on women’s rights and gun control. They differ only in how they would go about implementing progressive public policies. Yet he now sets himself up as the arbiter of what is progressive and thinks we should run the Democratic Party the way he wants whether or not his way is a good idea. But he has some facts wrong, that I’ve pointed out here. Perhaps, just perhaps, the Party is not as “broken” as he claims and perhaps, just perhaps, he should consider that he may have participated in “breaking” some parts of it during the campaign of 2016. A touch of humility is in order, but sadly that’s not Sanders’ style.


Don’t know how involved you are in politics but Progressive groups are forming alliances. Check out groups in your area and join them.We desperately need new leader ship.


Emphyrio: I think you’re right, it makes no sense to continue to fight corp money, It’s time for a Progressive Party, I left the Democratic Party by choice. Once Bernie came on the scene and embraced the Social Democracy model of government I could no longer be a part of an organization that only embraced total capitalism. I feel in order to serve the citizens of our country there has to be a BALANCE between capitalism and socialism.


Hook Biden while you’re at it.


“Until we…cut off Zionists hands off the democratic party”

timber, CD, May 21: “As long as the Rothschilds run the show…and until the invisible government is dismantled…”

"Hitler’s favorite conspiracy theory…alleged that an international Jewish banking cabal, led by the Jewish Rothschild banking family, controls the fates of entire nation."


I have nothing against trying to fix Democratic Party
but one has to recognize that at this point the probability of a democratic, left-wing Democratic Party is next to non-existent.
I think Democratic Party can be a vehicle for progressive candidates in local elections, but progressives need independent forces that can both support organizing, communication and campaigns independently and push the political landscape away from the right that has dominated us for decades.


Everything he is saying needs to be done–However he needs to join the party to make this happen–Basically -No More Hilary!


Bernie believes that the Ds are the only game in town for leftists.

That we have no where else to go.

But over the last eight years, he’s been proven wrong.

Voters can stay home on election day. They can vote third party. They have the option of leaving parts of their ballot blank. In Nevada, they can literally vote ‘None of the Above.’ This has been happening–in 2016 it happened in notably high numbers.

Another trend: registering as Independent. This is an indication that voters have had it with the two-party farce.

You’re right, the shift to other alternatives is a long game. The Rs and Ds love their donation gravy train, and they won’t give it up without a fight. However, I’m not going to help them maintain their oligarchic status quo.

Like Bernie, I struggled through a decades long embrace of the Ds. Never again.


Look its pretty clear MILLIONs did not or could not vote for Bernie because of the old rules and the super delegates negated the peoples vote anyway–Hilary bought most ALL of those votes–This has to change


Did you see this last night on SNL?


I am sure Hitler had a point although i do not approve of the way he went about it


To the extent that people give to and support groups claiming to be alternatives the Democratic Party they are seriously eroding the power of progressives and helping to ensure fascist Republican rule in our states and nation. In the USA at the state level and above there are only 2 choices. There are reasons why that’s the case, but wishing and hoping for more than 2 parties won’t make it happen. Here are some facts to consider: First, 3rd parties on the ballots in the USA have only served to empower the major party most OPPOSED to their own agenda siphoning away votes from the major party most akin to their agenda. Second, the only political party that can stand up to today’s fascist Republican Party is a unified, strong and well-funded Democratic Party. Third, today’s Democratic Party has more progressives in it than the Green Party and progressive independents combined. Until they lost power, the Progressive Caucus was the largest caucus in Congress and they were ALL Democrats with the exception of a few such as Sanders.
The facts of the election show that, in 2016, voter suppression in key states controlled by Republicans combined with the failure of progressives to vote for Clinton put Trump in office. How is it rational to “continue to do the same thing and expect a different result?”


Gee Lrx, other sane countries don’t require anyone to register for a party to vote. You take your ID or voter card and go vote by circling your choice on a piece of paper. Closed primaries are a joke and an affront to actual democracy. However given your posting history I am not surprised by your post. Keep posting because it reminds people just why they should avoid the corporate dems and their bootlicking shills.


It was a comparison test which showed that thousands more voters participated in an actual primary election. It revealed the undemocratic nature of caucuses. I imagine Washington state will now eliminate caucuses in favor of elections, and I hope they do.