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Bernie Sanders Explains His Plan to Fix a Broken Democratic Party


Noticed you received 16 likes. Hmmm wonder how many are Judeophobic, ie Jew haters. Some horrible nerve blaming Jews for the downfall of the Democratic party. You are a disgusting Jew hater.


No at all, my best friends have been Jewish but they also think as i do, not the neocon Zionist MAFIA way.


This results of the 2016 general election indicate that the Russian influence campaign worked far beyond the Russians’ fondest dreams. They targeted Sanders and Green Party voters with lies intended to inflame hatred of Democrats and Clinton. Possibly the most effective lie was that the DNC and Clinton campaign “rigged” the nomination against Sanders - something they could not have done even if they wanted to. The stolen and selected release of emails through WikiLeaks (and some were actually edited) served that purpose very well. There’s no question that some in the DNC were biased in favor of Clinton - they had good reasons. But Sanders supporters were made to think the nomination was stolen from Sanders which was not the case. Some of them are still carrying that grudge to this day, which keeps the division among progressive voters going. It’s very hard to get many of them to see that they were played - it’s human nature.


“…as were the acolytes of Jesse Jackson, and Gene McCarthy, and George McGovern, and Bobby Kennedy, etc., etc…”

“Hell, we may as well add a lot of Obama’s acolytes to that sad list.”

You could also add to that list of predecessors Howard Dean’s DFA and Dennis Kucinich’s Progressive Democrats.

They all pledged to do exactly the same thing Our Revolution and Justice Democrats say they’re going to do. They’ve been doing it for a decade now: Primary “corporate”/“establishment”/DINO, etc. Democrats and move the party to the left!

We could judge how effective decades of these ‘inside’ efforts have been and why. We could even ask ourselves whether working within political parties has EVER been a particularly effective means of bringing about transformative social change: like civil rights, equal marriage, abolition of slavery, ending the draft and the Vietnam War, winning the right to organize, or obtaining women’s suffrage.

We might even ask how much time we have left before most Americans become totally disillusioned with voting, and the far Right is able to take over the national government with a highly motivated minority electorate of bigots and authoritarians. (Or wait… has that happened already?)

Or we could just keep doing the same damned thing.


Yeah, the number of D-Party apologists here who can’t countenance an alternative blows my mind.

No amount of D-Party fealty to oligarchs, warmongering, abandonment of the working class, or even abject electoral failure can get these dead enders to open their minds to a better option.

Instead we get “Russia did it,” “Bernie Bros did it,” “Greens did it,” or any other excuse that absolves them of responsibility.

Now we get to watch them rinse and repeat their “We’re Not as Bad as Trump” strategy.

And the gullible dead enders will join the chorus. Unbelievable.


Yes! And at the hard core of the Russian influence was wiretapping the Democratic National Party computers and giving that information to Trump. That should have resulted in the immediate expulsion. And what if that had happened with Russian’s hacking information from REPUBLICAN computers and giving that information to the Democrats? And what would have happened if it happened in the reverse way with the Republicans getting hacked for the Democrats? Who would be screaming mad? The Republicans.

But somehow the Republicans were OK with the hacking and we moved forward with the most horrific president ever elected in the White House. I voted for Bernie in the primaries. Then I voted for Hillary UN enthusiastically because she was a Democratic Party insider. When it came to the regular election I voted for Hillary because I knew Trump would be absolutely horrific as president. And that has proven to be true.

The bottom line is that I would like to vote for Elizabeth Warren as the first female president. If she ran for office, she would most likely be running against another Democratic insider like Joe Biden. Will that work? Or will progressives have their own party with Bernie running? Desperation time for the non Republicans to unite behind someone instead of splitting the left side of our political spectrum into 2, 3, or 5 different candidates. And that invariably leads to an un united left side of the spectrum, with the right united as always behind the Republican Party. But would they be able to re-elect Trump?


I don’t understand what is meant by “insider” Democrats. What matters to me is that they advocate and work for liberal social policy and progressive economic policy AND what also matters is how well they would implement those policies. Many people have good values and ideas but may not have the skill set to implement them. Are you claiming “insiders” aren’t progressive? Is that the same thing as “establishment” Democrats? Those terms have no meaning to me and honestly sound like just a way of labeling people and putting down people who may not meet a purist criteria. Elizabeth Warren is a Democratic stalwart and definitely an “insider.” The way you change a political party is from WITHIN, by participating, campaigning, discussing issues, presenting platform proposals, voting on party issues. Change is not brought about by standing outside the party chunking rocks at the people working within it. My politics are socially liberal/economically progressive and many people like me have been “inside” the Democratic Party for all our adult lives, moving the Party to embrace the liberal/progressive agenda. Because of this, back in 2009 I wrote an article advocating that Sanders run as a Democrat, that he come in “out of the cold.” There is NO WAY to move the liberal/progressive agenda other than via the COALITION that is the Democratic Party. But because it is a coalition, we have to recognize that what the Democratic Party is differs somewhat from state to state, from district to district and even between state House and Senate districts. (By the way, the DNC is NOT THE Democratic Party.) Labeling people who are political allies with personal terms like “insiders” or “establishment,” declaring them to not be “progressive” calling them names like “corporatist” or “warmonger” harms the coalition and defeats the agenda. Pushing one-size-fits-all items has the same drawback. Feeding the coalition is just an important as having great ideas. We’ve got great ideas and a majority of the American people are liberal/progressive on all the issues of importance; we have to build that coalition to “git 'er dun.” Thanks for listening.


BenignObserver gave you a perfectly good reason but you are unwilling to see it or argue persuasively against it. There are a large number of registered voters that are independent and if Democrats want to win reliably, they will learn to appeal to independents (some of which are progressive and some not - but all of them appreciate an invitation to participate). Imagine if the Democratic party had 50 open primaries and the Republicans did not. Do you not see that as any enticement towards getting more of the independent vote? You seem to be worried that independents would sabotage the right person. What evidence do you have for that worry?


The Jewish bankers’ conspiracy was not just Hitler’s favorite riff, but also the tzar’s.

I’m almost ashamed to call myself a Leftist.


Our problem is not that we have only 2 parties, it is the BASE behind them - mostly rich capitalists.

The solution - Build our OWN, non-capitalist base in workplaces, neighborhoods, schools, and religions. Only then will it make sense to talk about a serious third party. Complaining about the Dems NOW just shows a lack of social imagination and determination.


In a word, yes.


Sure let’s also pretend that Palestine didn’t exist and that the Zionist apartheid terrorist state of Israel isn’t.


Hi Skeptic,

Yes, there absolutely needs to be a 2 state solution, even though Palestinians & their Arab allies preferred war to that UN solution in 1947.

However, that’s not the point here. Israel does NOT control the Pentagon or the world economy. Besides being ridiculous (there are only 6 1/2 million Jewish Israelis) it’s also the line of the world’s Nazis.


Sure, i believe you? NOT. It’s like Israel’s insincerity dishonesty and outright lies about 2 state solution since the 1960’s. Carter got very close to achieving that goal however Ishaq Rabin got assassinated by a radical Jew and Arafat was poisoned by to death by Israeli agents. Every summit deal has been scuttled by Israeli reneging, lying and foot dragging. Israel simply does not want peace with the Arabs they want to subdue and subjugate the Arabs and the Iranians


My opposition to aptly-named ‘Crooked Hilliary’ has nothing to do with Bill’s “scandal” and everything to do with her arrogance, corruption, and slavish devotion to Wall Street, the M.I.C. and the DamnocRatic establishment.


What about make it mandatory to vote. It’s after all a duty to vote in any real democracy