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Bernie Sanders' Focus on Clinton's Iraq War Vote Isn't Harping -It's Necessary


Bernie Sanders' Focus on Clinton's Iraq War Vote Isn't Harping -It's Necessary

Trevor Timm

If there is one thing Bernie Sanders never fails to reference in the Democratic primary, it’s Hillary Clinton’s vote in favor of the Iraq war. He brought it up after answering a question about gun control, he continually references the vote during Democratic debates and he’s made his opposition to the war a cornerstone of his foreign policy.


Bringing up the Iraq war... that's almost insignificant, and not especially brave either.
Everyone does that. It's PC to do that, has been for years now. So many people have already weighed in with the standard lame excuses: "A big mistake" or "We had poor intelligence" (you can say THAT again). These remarks mean little to nothing, because they are like "Mea culpa, sure. But only a little teeny-tiny bit! Mostly it was the fault of..." [fill in the blank; anything will do]

...and so forth, ad nauseam.

What should be brought up is Building 7. Or the fake bin Laden raid. Or how the Twin Towers turned to dust in a quarter of a minute.
Not one candidate will do that.
But without that, the whole election is just a farce, and all the actors are the comedians; the trouble is that they aren't funny, not funny at all.

This country has lived on a huge fraud for nearly fifteen years. And it seems that the American people just don't want to know anything else.


Yes, Bernie is harping on the Iraq war vote. Sure, she voted for the war because it was politically expedient in the state where 9-11 happened, not because she believed the bullshit rationale offered by Bush & Cheney. In Vermont Bernie lost nothing by opposing the same war.

When courage was called for in opposing lax gun laws, Bernie caved in order to appease his hippie/libertarian Vermont constituents, Breaking News! they are BOTH politicians.


Libya is Clinton's greater mistake, since she actually took the LEAD on US intervention in Libya, and pushed Obama into that mess. And Libya is just as bad a mistake as Iraq was ...


Great article. The Iraq invasion was a signal that imperialist wars would become a matter of policy. It killed and wounded millions of people who'd done no harm to the US, and created millions more Iraqi refugees in their own country. It normalized large scale military budgets for what was obviously war crimes, and until today the perpetrators are still not tried in the World Court. The lying and criminal actions by Empire and its mass media contributed to worldwide perception that the US is the most dangerous nation in the world, not Russia, North Korea, etc. This war, like the article says, MUST become a national debate if the Empire is to be restrained from further wars. Kudos to Trevor Timm for this reminder.


"Indeed I tremble for my country when I consider that God is just." -- Thomas Jefferson

And Tom's statement is still relevant today -- even more so.


Media -- including the media marketed to liberals -- have been pushing for right-winger Clinton ever since she ran against Obama. We hear that our liberal bourgeoisie adore her, but they've been a shrinking demographic for years.

I do believe that Clinton puts us in a dangerous situation. If Clinton is selected to be the candidate, Democrats already lost 2016. The similarities between Clinton and Trump are so great that a good many see no point in voting for either. Many (most?) of those who aren't so young recognize (at the least) why Clinton presents a greater threat to Social Security than Trump, and why both Trump and Clinton present a very significant threat of war that we are likely to lose (note: The US is economically and militarily drained at this point.) So, Americans, would you prefer hanging or the firing squad?


I don't know. The US has remained engaged in wars more often than not, usually by choice, for the past century already, going back at least to WWl. War is what we do. The costs of war have exceeded our economy, so one way or another, the US will collapse. My worry is that the international community has grown to see the US as the greatest potential threat to all life on Earth.This was especially an issue during the Bush admin., given his reputation of not being of sound mind. Trump is widely regarded as downright crazy.


Clinton's inevitable support for Obama's TPP, TTIP and TISA will confirm "the US as the greatest threat to life on earth" when you consider the acceleration of environmental degradation that will result.


Although Clinton recently criticized Sanders for "not criticizing Dubya the way he criticizes my husband and President Obama", she best be careful what she asks for. Any criticism of the 2003 Iraq invasion by anybody is an indirect criticism of Dubya seeing how it was one of the highlights of his presidency. Clinton and other corporate Democrats were complicit in enabling much of Dubya's legacy, not just Iraq, and you can bet that if Clinton is nominated that you will hear about every detail daily between August and November from the GOP nominee even if Sanders never mentions them.


It costing us 4 trillion about 1/3 of our deficit is an issue of a big boo boo on her part. I live in NM and this even continues to impact us here. A master sergeant is killed in Iraq, National Guard sent to drain more money to the contractors that went from 250 to 2,500 in one year. This is not a good liberal interpretation nor is it good of her to believe the USA can rule the world. I also did not like her and Obama giving Israel a couple of billion more a year of support with no capitulation on new settlements This is not good for the world or any cause of peace.


Bernie says Hillary's judgment is lacking; I assume he is talking (again, and endlessly) about her Iraq AUMF vote.

What Bernie neglects to admit or even let his supporters in on is that he, Bernie, voted TWICE to remove Saddam Hussein from power.

How did he THINK that was going to happen except by violence of some kind, such as a war?

Did Bernie think Saddam Hussein would give up power and go live in, say, Hawaii if we just asked him nicely?

Good grief.

Maybe Bernie thought if they offered Saddam Hussein a year's supply of lollipops, Saddam would say, "Oh, okay, as long as you give me some lollipops, I'll give up power, leave my money behind to benefit the Iraqi people, and I'll go live someplace else nice of my choosing!"

Bernie not only lacks judgment; he lacks common sense.


True. But it's precisely because the US had and still have the Thomas Jeffersons, the Tom Browns, the Howard Zinns, etc., that there's still hope for this country to realize its true potential.


Well, your worries should be much lessened if Bernie Sanders can make it to the White House. If he really governs as he says he would, it wouldn't take long for the world to respect the US and - for all its faults - look at it as a place where people might have a chance to achieve what Maslow called "self-actualization."


No offense, but that is the worse example of false equivalency ever. Painting them with the same brush is so far from reality. Just for starters, look at her actions in every other country - Columbia, Libya, Syria, among others - are you familiar with Hillary's term: 'smart power'? Bernie didn't cave, he stands on principal, you may not like it, but he's not walking it back. And since when are hippies big gun enthusiasts?


Did he vote for the war? No. Case closed.


Yes, Hillary Clinton voted yes on the AUMF, but so did then-Senator John Kerry and then-Senator Joe Biden, among quite a few other respected Democratic senators.

Is Bernie Sanders now claiming that Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry are people of bad judgment and are, by that vote, to be deemed unqualified for high federal office in this country?

WHY does Bernie sharply criticize only Democrats ?

Congress voted only to give President George W. Bush the legal authority to go to war. It was Bush who made the disastrous decision to invade before the UN inspection team had finished its inspections of the sites where Cheney had told then there were WMDs.

It was George W. Bush who a mess of the war and an even greater mess of the peace.

Why doesn't Sanders go after the Republicans such as Bush and Cheney who were in charge of that war?

Why does Sanders make it appear that only Hillary Clinton is to blame for the disaster in Iraq?

Isn't it a tad dishonest of Sanders to give those who believe he is a truth-teller a FALSE impression of just who was and is to blame for the horror unleashed in the Middle East by that horrible decision by Bush & Cheney to invade?


Trump destroyed Jeb Bush on Iraq----and he will do the same to Clinton from Iraq,Libya ,Haiti,Honduras, and the Clinton foundation. MSNBC was questioning Jane Sanders on taxes today-what a joke. There is a reason the Corporate media and republican establishment are so focused to bring Trump down. Trump is the little kid saying the emperor has no clothes.

The corporate media went crazy this week when Sanders said Clinton was not qualified to be president. And Sanders explained why Clinton is not qualified-voting for the Iraq war and supporting trade agreements.-----Yet the whole mantra was that Sanders was walking back his statements. He wasn't walking back his statements-Sanders continues to point out that Clinton is not qualified to be president because of bad judgement. And Sanders is right!

The democrat establishment better wake up and realize Sanders is the best bet to win in Nov.


In 2011, Bernie Sanders was one of 10 co-sponsors of a Senate Resolution calling for former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi,to resign.

Bernie wanted "regime change" in Libya.

The Resolution stated that: Gaddafi should "desist from further violence, recognize the Libyan people's demand for democratic change, resign his position and permit a peaceful transition to democracy."

The naivete of that is stunning.

Do ruthless military dictators generally resign if asked sweetly?

Has there been any military dictator in the Middle East who resigned simply because some one or some people politely asked him to resign?

Is Bernie Sanders kidding with that Resolution?

Does Sanders actually think monstrous Middle East dictators willingly give up power and move to some other lovely place?

Maybe if we had offered him a lollipop, Gaddafi would have desisted from further violence, recognized the Libyan people's demand for democratic change, resigned his position and permitted a peaceful transition to democracy!

Oh, I can't stop laughing.

Such amazing nonsense.


The article mentions the war costing $1 trillion. I think it's more, but that amount would pay for 15 years of tuition for every student in every public college and university in the U.S.

What would the vote on the Iraq invasion have been if the American people had been given the below choice?

a. A never ending war in the Mideast
b. Free college tuition for everybody for 15 years

I'm just now starting to understand this political revolution business.