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Bernie Sanders' "For the 99.8% Act" Applauded for Targeting "Tyranny of Plutocracy"

Bernie Sanders' "For the 99.8% Act" Applauded for Targeting "Tyranny of Plutocracy"

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

To combat astronomical wealth inequality across the United States, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Thursday introduced the For the 99.8% Act (pdf), which would impose a progressive estate tax on the ultra wealthy and significantly raise rates on the nation's billionaires.


AMEN!!!   Other than GROSS Overpopulation and its resultant Climate Change,* GROSS Economic Inequality is the single biggest cause of strife in the U.S. and around the world.  I wrote in “Bernie and 'Beth”** for Pres and V.P. in both 2012 and 2016, and will support their candidacies – in either order – again in 2020 (if I’m still around).

  *  If the world’s population were One Billion people instead of nearly Eight Billion people, we’d have approximately 1/8 as much resource consumption and 1/8 as much pollution.   Think About It . . .

**  Elizabeth Warren


Now, the super-wealthy will begin looking for ways to hide their wealth in other names, tax shelters, etc.

Include this in your bill Bernie.


Bring on the naysayers…any push from the left is a pull on the heart strings of America and they are so tired of being the havenots. Go Bernie Go,


Bernie will if he is given the chance, no doubt about it in my mind! Bernie is the perfect con for the dems; making so many sheeple believe that they are a progressive party of change.


Bernie Sanders for President in 2020! Go Bernie,Go! We will not back down, we will stand our ground and we will prevail in turning our country around to a just, peaceful, progressive place to live. If they lie, goodbye! Vote 'em out!


Sanders sez:
Our bill does what the American people want by substantially increasing the estate tax on the wealthiest families in this country and dramatically reducing wealth inequality.”

Anybody see a list of co-sponsors for this bill? The story doesn’t mention any, and there is no info yet on the Senate’s website. The Democrats™ must be all over this, right?


IMHO, Bernie backed Krooked Hilliary 'cause he was – rightfully, as we now know – scared to death of what a Drümpf presiduncy would do to America.   As it turned out, the election was close and – unfort­unately for America and the rest of the whirled – Tweetle-Dumb sneaked in.  Had Bernie accepted Jill Stein’s offer and run as a Green, in addition to a wider margin in the electoral college, Tweetle-Dumb would have won a plurality of the popular vote in a 25/25/50 landslide.

(See also Emphyrio’s spot-on comments below.)

The bash Bernie crowd are by their actions, divisive words, and denunciations of a principled person of integrity, never giving him any credit or praise, are paving the way for the GOP and trump right-wing scum to retain power…or the DINO sellout neo-liberal clinton/obama betrayers…it’s as if they do it intentionally to sabotage the potential of any unified resistance.…shills? trolls? newbie jackasses, or just what? agents provocateur? Where is the alternative? A third party (or the Greens with their 2% maybe) at this political point in time is utter dreaming given the political realities of building a third party…maybe 20 years ago we could have built something for today but that train has left, and the PTB dominate the big-money and mechanisms of electoral manipulations.

Sanders speaks to the issues he can to alter the equation…maybe not all issues at once, but enough to make a great difference…if one reads between the lines rather than be a blind or intentional naysayer we just might have a chance…

So, since many label Sanders a “sheepdog” what is your alternative to move the needle even a little? Who and/or what might change the status quo to anything resembling a political revolution? Daydreaming? whishin and hopin? Or what exactly would you do to alter the political situation? You bernie bashers have red-lined my bullshit-ometer!


Overpopulation causing Climate Change is total bull shit… Even tho many know the Rich want to rid the planet of most of us through their Agenda 21 plan.


As far as taxing the Rich, Bernie and AOC mean well but the Dems will never go along with it. They won’t bite the hands that feed them.


Man, the Trump supporters are out in force stomping on Sen. Sanders today.
Or, maybe their Clintonistas…who cares, really?
Anyone that has dealt with estate taxes in general, or done it for a living, understands the changes in tax codes since Reagan. And, they also know Bill Gates’ children will still be among the super-wealthy elites. If this legislation is passed.
One note johnsons and so-called critics of the Sandernistas are really either deadbeats that are penniless mooches, or trolls. They sing the same old song they learned in some Political Theory course in 1976.
Nothing has changed since 1965… whatever, dude; as if that’s remotely true for formally oppressed non-white male communities of this country. They are the other elite 1% of snobs who confuse their myopic views with a form of messianic madness.
" The battle is not between the left and the right. It’s between the ups and the downs. "
Molly Ivins
The guestion for white privileged males is only one, really: " Whose side are you on? "


Like I said, the other 1% whose elite snobbery is masking a messianic view, fueled by their own false sense of strident righteousness.
You’re losing voters ( -13% in 2018 ) and relevancy. Know-it-alls, just as obnoxious as Howard Schultz, who even Ralph Nader says are jerks, pretty much.


I’ll bet there is a strong inverse correlation between the highest marginal tax rates among various taxes like income and inheritance taxes AND the degree of inequality in the US.


The Bernie bashers are at it again. He votes against their interests a couple of times and all of a sudden he’s called a mensch and other names, even though he spends most of his time fighting the corporate takeover of the world. No he’s not perfect but he’s one of the very few congressman on the side of the people who actually work rather than the people who sit around and play with their stock portfolio. Go Bernie!


Wow, you really have a handle on how to stop the “Amerikan trajectory to the hard right”…you can answer your clever questions yourself since you are so informed and know Sanders motives. Having been commenting here at CD for a whole 10 days you have very strong views…I wonder where you have been before.

Have you ever been involved in the corrupt manipulated Amerikan political charade? I thought not. And, No I’m not a “true believer” whatever TF you mean by that…I want to stop the slide further into corporate fascism and build resistance to the R’Con trump right, the way Sanders is in his way using his experience!..

if you haven’t noticed, we are not the centralized French and our political culture, recent history, and current somnambulism of the culture and spread-out people, who are wage, interest/debt, and rent slaves, is not that which lends itself to effective mass demos or work stoppages like in Europe and some other nations. Why didn’t Sanders who works hard in his way organize your vision of resistance? Fuckin ask him and walk a mile in his shoes, smart ass! Why don’t you organize?

Tulsi Gabbard is the only candidate for president opposing the regime change war in Venezuela.

Vote Tulsi Gabbard and switch back to None of the Above if she falters.


Ahh, yeah, pull-out Paul Street’s very old political assassination BS from 2015 against Sanders….very cheap shots from the “real left” at CP like Street, and you apparently, with your “Sanders history of ‘collusion’ with the worst Dems for decades”

IF the “real left” (or real trump and DNC shills) had supported Sanders and progressives against the right we might not be suffering under the madness of trump & Co now…same with the DNC DLC DINO scum sellouts, HRC supporters…all conspired to sabotage and deny Sanders and our republic the nomination and potential for change! Divisive rubbish like we see now!

So who did Street and you support then? How’d that work-out for you and us newbie? Who/what do you support now beside “mass street demos and work stoppages”

“Read, Weep”? weak sophomoric rubbish!


You can lead a horse to water Jack, but you can’t make him drink.

Nor, can you make him see the poison lurking within it.

Tulsi has been shooting herself in the foot since she announced. And, try to keep up as she’s taken 100K from the weapons industry. Bad!
There’s a learning curve in politics and spinning out, and then into oncoming traffic is part of it.
She still needs training wheels, apparently.

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