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Bernie Sanders Goes to Bat for Baseball Players as MLB Proposes Terminating Minor League Teams

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/25/bernie-sanders-goes-bat-baseball-players-mlb-proposes-terminating-minor-league-teams


GREED CAPITALISM is now preying upon “america’s pastime”. There is nothing the wealthy won’t do to keep (and raise) their bottom lines while having NO EMPATHY for “wage-earners” which includes AAA baseball and any other
thing or event that doesn’t pad their already fat wallets!



And here we go again. Instead of investing THEIR OWN MONEY in upgrading the facilities of the minor league teams THAT THEY OWN, they would throw them into the wind rather then see their profit margin dip even a fraction of a percentage point. And of course this proposal comes out after the minor league players sue for higher wages, certainly not a coincidence. Even sports isn’t immune to the greed of the one percent. Every right wing pundit who goes along with the ‘shut up and dribble’ narrative when talking of sports figures speaking up about social and economic issues should just, well, shut the eff up themselves.


Of course Bernie should be voted for if we get a chance to vote for him.

Evolution toward a more advanced method of focusing the distributed intelligence of humanity is happening right along with evolution accelerating generally.

Many people know representative democracies represent capital and were designed to do so. Knowing the first constituent assembly ever wrote the first French constitution and thereby constituted the state, 1787, is important to discussing information age democracy. That discussion does not preclude supporting Bernie Sanders for president.

We have evolved since 1787. The modern idea of democracy keeps the constituent power formalized after constituted power is established as a state. Those knowing and discussing evolution of democracy goaded by environmental collapse are the ones witnessing whiners believing the US is a wonderland, deluded whiners wanting the status quo, highway to hell.

I would like to add that Bernie gets a bad rap for being gruff and cranky. Pure bullshit I know BUT, the following is proof of his (self-deprecating) sense of humor:


Might as well eliminate professional baseball.


I have often thought that the decline in America began with the ascendance of football and the decline of baseball as the American pastime. George Carlin’s take on the differences says it all.


I love minor league ball and hate the commercialism of major league ball.

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Carlin was ahead of a lot of things but his baseball riff is one of his best .

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I was thinking of that or something nearly as harsh, like sanctioning major league teams.
No hotdog or beer sales. No advertising clothing. And no promotions for products by players.
It would be a horrible thing to take away our beloved Timber Rattlers. Previously the Foxes.