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Bernie Sanders Has a Plan to Defeat 'Delusional' Trump


Bernie Sanders Has a Plan to Defeat 'Delusional' Trump

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has offered a blistering critique of President Donald Trump, calling the real estate mogul "delusional" and a "pathological liar" whose goal "to undermine American democracy" can be pushed back by engaging the segments of voters that Trump's campaign capitalized on.


As a feminist clergywoman and theologian, I refute the ideology of the Religious Right, which helped get Trump elected and leads to fascism: See my most recent post, "Rejecting Theological Sadism" at sharondelgado.org


Trumpism doesnot just let "CEOs skate", it enhances their fortunes and the fortunes of the rest of the 1% dramatically at the expense of the 99%.


Amazing that Bernie did not place any blame on the well-financed highly organized right wing effort to bring about an extreme conservative agenda, or maybe he did and it didn't get inot the article. Think of all the right wing think tanks that were created for this purpose. And all the right wing talk shows all over the country. And all the astro-turf groups that were created. And literally a publishing industry of right wing books. This did not happen by accident or simply because the Democrats gave up on certain voting groups. Also add the creation of Fox News, which serves as a propaganda arm of this conservative movement. And now on the extreme right the creation of websites like Breitbart News and various websites set up by white supremacists. And the tendency of human beings not to want to hear things they don't agree with so you wind up with millions who limit themselves to the right wing echo chamber.


The way to beat Trump is for Bernie to abandon the Dem party and join the Peoples Party. The Dems are toast.


Zealots of any ilk are a scourge and must be rebuked. My community depends on the assistance of organized churches in the area. We could not make it without them.


Bernie, how about a plan to defeat the corrupt, Democratic party once and for all by exposing what they did to you at the con/vention in Philly?


Bernie's going to save us from trump to only hand over the potus to pence. Gee Bernie your good at selling out Amerikas citizens, what's next?


So, what would you suggest? Rather not fight at all?


As I read all the trash that trump puts out--every day--I get the feeling that what is coming is a Civil War! Other authoritarian countries have done the same thing.....set up the side that is in opposition to them, to be basically obliterated! It's genocide in the making! This demigod must be taken down--very soon.


The Third Party route is a dead end, like it or not, change can be brought about by taking over the Democratic Party.


Then you must surely oppose the "progressive" opposition to civilian gun ownership.

Don't you find it ironic that the Repubs want to establish a Fascist dictatorship yet support your right to arm and defend yourself?
Or do you think that only by being helpless (harmless) will save you from evil people?


You hit the nail on the head. Conservatives own an entire radio band, an entire cable network, and have a deep online infrastructure. It gives them a huge advantage structurally. It's also why I never had any illusions that Bernie was a sure bet to win the presidency, especially once it started hitting him full force. Fox would've gone full tilt on his wife's Burlington college "payout," all of his crappy votes like the two for the CFMA, and played that Sandinista tape every night to ensure it'd get exposure in Spanish media. The fracking ban would have been discussed on an endless loop on am radio, as would him wanting to "tax you" to give your money to "them." I was a bit worried he was boxing himself in too much during the primary, as nice as what he was saying sounded to my ears.

Maybe I'm just too exposed to rightwing claptrap that I've become cynical. My whole life I've been surrounded by it. But I've seen it shut the door on momentary glimpses of light in good people too many times.


And arming yourself is going to protect you from the military state? Doubtful.


Community support is usually a balm for those that have little or who find themselves in dire straights.

Especially if the (hidden) price tag is not to conform to an idealogy of one sort or another. Unfortunately, that cannot be said about many religious organzations. And many nonprofits of no particular affiliation have been or are being axed by the zealots that now populate the White House.


Have patience, Shantiananda. Bernie is racing from state to state as fast as one man can.
But there are others, which also fight the good fight:
In order to be effective against Trumpism, we have to bring all progressive organizations under one single umbrella.
There is already such a force building as the Justice Democrats (https://justicedemocrats.com/), uniting the efforts of 'Brand New Congress' (https://brandnewcongress.org), with Bernie‚Äôs own ‚ÄėOur Revolution‚Äô https://ourrevolution.com/action/ ) and using the powerful video news organization 'TYT' (https://tytnetwork.com/) as their megaphone to the public.

How powerful The Young Turks are is best shown here:


Why isn't this man President? why didn't he get the nomination of the (albeit) demoRatic Party?
Maybe than he would have put the C back in the Demo ratic party....
and where oh where is the great "leader" with initials HRC?
(notwithstanding HRC working behind scenes
to shut up progressives, once again)...


I agree what the demoRATic party did to Bernie is disgusting, and should not be swept under the rug..
--after all what they did has a large part to play in this fiasco which will end God knows where, to be honest...
who knows if we will be around in a few years...
but I forgive Bernie for capitulating and leaving us out to dry right before the
Convention...I was pretty mad, but I forgive him...
and believe we have to pool our resources to defeat these truly evil ones.


Wow, that's really moving the dialogue...! Why bother responding when that's all you have to give?


Sorry, Bernie...