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Bernie Sanders Has More Diverse Support Than You Think

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/12/bernie-sanders-has-more-diverse-support-you-think

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Sen. Mark Werner should be the last person in the Democratic Senate to talk about running a campaign in Virginia. He’s been going backwards in every decade. A perfect " moderate " for the bridge back to the 20th Century


Unfortunately, none of this will be noted by the MSM.


Ignorance is bliss… the old white guy, career politician continues to peddle lies to his supporters… like all politicians.
Except this time he wants you to believe that VA healthcare is NOT a single payer system… keep repeating it Bernie. It’ll soon become an absolute truth for all of your supporters…medicare for all!!! Bernie Bernie Bernie!!!

Feinstein is right. The country is center right.

What she didn’t mention is that voters only have a choice between degrees of right leaning candidates except in a handful of districts, and that our oligarchy limits those choices purposely to advance a corporate agenda.

And why did she not mention that? Because she’s an oligarch.


Sen. Feinstein sez:
“I happen to believe that America is a center-right country and that people want us to work across the aisle, and what they’re most interested in is problem solving rather than rhetoric,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., who endorsed Joe Biden … (Emphasis added)

Frontrunner Joe™ sez:
“Nothing would fundamentally change.”

So, exactly which “problem” is your preferred candidate plotting to solve, madam Senator?


From the article:
“… the prevailing wisdom that Democrats must be aggressively moderate to win elections, a position that gained traction last week following Democratic state-level wins in Kentucky, Virginia and Pennsylvania.”

This assertion is not quite true. Note that the column does not specify the relevant “state-wide” election in Pennsylvania. In addition, The Hill’s column on which this column is based does not specify any “state-wide” race - or any other specific electoral contest. That’s because Pennsylvania had no partisan state-wide issues or races on the November ballot.

If you wanted to know where these Democratic victories occurred in Pennsylvania, you had to be lucky enough to have read the column by William Rivers Pitt on Truthout’s November 6 edition. Pitt reported that Democrats took control of two county commissions of the three Pennsylvania counties that border Philadelphia and of a third county just to the west. All three counties have historically been Republican. Pitt’s column noted the change in party control, but it offered no analysis of why the change occurred or of which demographic group(s) drove the change.


Being center right, the country is significantly to the left of its government.


The prevailing wisdom surrounding centrism being the key to electoral majorities is a smokescreen designed to obscure the actual results of centrism over time, namely, centrism as a means of moving the Overton window rightward.

In centrist districts, election wins shift back and forth between R and D moderates. But the policy positions shift between far right (Rs vote R, period, no matter how far right they veer) and center right (Ds vote R or D depending on fear and just plain being conservadems), with anything center left being ignored. On the national level, there hasn’t been a single Dem accomplishment that wasn’t directly torn from the Repub playbook – case in point: RomneyCare.

We can see how these swing districts play out across the country. The US has moved steadily right for 4 decades. Nancy Pelosi’s speakership depends upon Blue Dogs getting elected in swing districts – thus, on policy positions she goes all in to protect her right flank and attacks the left flank of her caucus. In the national spotlight, Democratic presidential candidates have been center right since 1972. The advent of big money corporate control assures that the Dems will stay on road leading rightward.

And even now, when demographics are starting to portend well for a countervailing shift leftward, the DNC is in a panic about the ascendancy of Sanders and Warren, whose combined polling eclipses that of the combined polling of ByeDone and Mayo Pete Bog by wide margins in almost every state. Bloomberg and Deval Patrick won’t be the DNC’s saviors – in fact, they’ll help Bernie and Liz by further diluting the center right vote. So, waiting in the wings is Hillary, corporate donor sweetheart: all the proof you’d need that the Ds would rather lose to Trump than win with a progressive.

Personally, my fondest hope is that Hillary gets the nomination and consummates her destiny as the decisive nail in the coffin of he d-party. What a fitting end to the Reagan years: the Ds destroyed only to be replaced by a real progressive alternative. And hell, who cares anyway? This new report renders everything about the future a moot point:


How to keep everything largely the same but without Trump or the GOP, and without giving in to Progressives but while getting them to vote against their best interests and for the neoliberal establishment candidate(s). To dream the impossible dream…if only all, or at the least, most all, democratic voters were like almost all Republican voters! /s

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Sadly, I doubt our nation will survive another 20 years if Trump wins re-election at least not in any recognizable form,…arguably it isn’t really in a recognizable form after the last 4 years. Either way, there won’t be time to act sufficiently to hold our own against the climate crisis that is upon us already.

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We’d run out of time long before Trump. With the rising middle classes, particularly the big ones in China and India, demand for power is just growing too fast for renewables to catch/keep up. And Trump isn’t the first (nor will he be the last) to keep fossil fuel emitters riding their gravy train.

Sure, President Bernie would eat into the bad trendline a bit. But catastrophe is now guaranteed.

Bernie can’t do anything but give the rest of us the opportunity to act, and the assurance of that happening, even with the opportunity, is a remote outlier. I’m still willing to fight for that opportunity as long as it exists. Once that opportunity passes, the rest of you are on your own, but if I bug out, I’ll post my HAM handle.

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It doesn’t take Bernie to give us the opportunity to act.

As ultimately fruitless as I know it will be, I’m active in my local XR chapter.
I’ll disrupt until they pry the disruption from my cold, dead hands.


Funny, your comment about the VA; the rethugliCons are doing their darnedest to actually privatize the VA, not to mention the ACA.
Could ya help us out here; what ‘lies’ exactly is Bernie ‘peddling’ to his supporters?

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…I’m not going to be as kind as the other reply…You’ve got no place to call Bernie a liar, you need to actually prove this (you won’t be able to) or you have absolutely no creds here. Take your fake crap and jam it…and if you believe that 33 other first world countries have ‘single payer’ and we can’t possibly do that, it’s ludicrous…


You don’t know from where you speak, and just repeat the lies of the right. Bernie has been consistent for 50 or more years. He is genuine and why the people like and trust him.

Sooooo… you can’t give me an actual, fact based instance where government run anything has benefited America… VA is a case in point. Socialism will be the downfall of America as you know it… freedom and liberty… I’ll choose what’s good for me… not the government.

Dasvidaniya comrade. Btw, how’s Vladimir doing?

“I happen to believe that America is a center-right country…" Dianne Feinstein

Except that the right is so far into loony right field that the center right is Republican lite. “We ain’t racist or homophobic but we want to give all your money and benefits to those who need it least.” That is to say the rich. Poll after poll shows that America IS NOT center right. So why does sweet Dianne lie to us?