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Bernie Sanders Has Redefined What's Possible in American Politics

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/27/bernie-sanders-has-redefined-whats-possible-american-politics


Bernie is talent, pure talent. He has chosen to nurture it and to share it with the greatest numbers that he can. What a mensch! WE have to do OUR parts in this fight. I struggle with finding my path but know that Bernie’s leadership affords me the best opportunity to help move this nation in the right direction. I must do more than just hope and vote.
BERNIE 2020!


I propose to flip your metaphor and hence your line of thinking. Keep in mind that even the Gobi sits atop a major aquifer. So perhaps the appropriate question is something along the lines of How do we harness the generalized malaise of fed-upped-ness into planning for the access to and appropriate implementation of that resource to meet the needs that are already identified? I think the kids are WAY out front in this respect.
Note added : World Bank has that water assessment in a 2009 paper. (p.36-7)

  • ttps://siteresources.worldbank.org/MONGOLIAEXTN/Resources/Water_Resources_Report.pdf

“The movement surrounding Sanders has never been just about getting one man elected to the White House. It’s about building a movement of millions that can long outlive and outperform any single electoral campaign.”

This is why I don’t worry about Bernie’s age.

But we are not there yet. So this article is a bit premature.


Americans have been dumbed down and divided. Socialism is not a dirty word, nor is it one that the kleptocrats want people to truly understand. When 45 declared his multiple bankruptcies - it was “socialism” that the taxpayers were forced to eat. When businesses like those banksters and Enron failed - those “socialized” losses are forced onto the taxpayer!

I haven’t declared for a candidate, but I do believe that the demonization of the word “socialism” is a plot by the kleptocrats to keep Americans scared and keep the unrestrained, crony capitalism that leeches onto the taxpaying public as the profits are always privatized!


Precisely! This is the prevailing present public sentiment in a nutshell. the time has come for American’s lives to be made better. In particular the hard working middle class.


Hi WiseOwl:
Bernie is the right one for this time and this place, and FDR was the right one for his time. It has been a long time since Washington D.C. and the elected seem to have cared about all of the country. If MONEY really made a nation—then Americans would not be homeless, sick and poor. Besides, Bernie supporters are all ages, races, genders and income levels----most of the DNC nor of the GOP could say that. Besides a nation is WE the People, and when that is forgotten, read up on ancient Rome and how at the end—if the Praetorian Guard didn’t like the Caesar of the month---------they just murdered them.


Hi carl_marks:
BUT—there are more of US than there are of the DNC. They really need to read world history--------no one thought that what once happened in 18th century France would ever happen-------but it did,