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Bernie Sanders Heads to Canada With an Insulin Caravan

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/28/bernie-sanders-heads-canada-insulin-caravan


Oh my gosh! This is an immigration crisis! Caravans of health care refugees arriving on Canada’s southern border! I wonder if they will build a wall and make US pay for it!


Yes Bernie, but think of the insurance jobs at risk. Which is more important - jobs or lives? Would someone please ask MSNBC that question.


We can replace all the bullshit jobs either with real work, or with a guaranteed basic income!

No need AT ALL for these predatory parasitic industries. ZERO!

Props to Sanders for highlighting this matter by putting himself on the bus. Wonder how much saturation “mainstream” media coverage he will generate, hmm? Guess we all need to forward this story to everyone.


Big and greedy Pharma: “Not important to us because they were too poor to afford our insulin anymore”!


Perhaps claims reviewers could get the same job in a single-payer system and be retrained to rubber-stamp “accepted” instead of “rejected” on health-care claims.
They might have to struggle under the yoke of union pay and benefits, of course; still …


Wish I could rec that one more than once!

Well we know how Biden and the “democrat” "leadership" would answer that


Sanders Walking the Walk - again

I have to wonder what the legal ramifications are to doing this. If President Caligula or Pelosi and the Right Wing “Democrat” “leadership” decide that this is illegal…

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Insulin should be manufactured by the government and sold at cost. Anything less is barbaric.


First to be either hired in the new National Plan or Expanded, Improved Medicare For All or new training and it can be tied to the new Green Economy or guaratee an income to all.


USA government optional would be cost plus, a guaranteed gross profit to the manufacturer, not a guaranteed net profit.
This keeps the office staff lean and mean.
Otherwise, nepotism has owners grandchildren living luxury in San Diego on the company payroll with company car, credit cards, etc.

there are many that should go int that program
Epi-pens for example. On the news this morning they were talking about the ‘shortage’ . Probably another manufactured excuse to raise the price agaib


Lots of politicians talk a good game (Obama, Clinton) but Sanders DOES it. He sponsors and co-sponsors bills and does shit like this AND by the way Is running a campaign for President. Oh, in Sept he will be 78 yrs old. Sanders acts like he’s 60, Biden acts and sounds like he’s 90. We’ll see how MBNA Joe does this Wed in the debates.


It always warms my soul to see true Leadership in action.


Fault Bernie all you want for sheepdogging in the run up to Nov 2016, but he’s right on so many issues.

Spent a lot of time Windsor, Bernie should find a nice restaurant there, then back to Detroit to prep up for the debate. He needs to have a few memorable moments.


What a good honest man!!! Everyone should support him!!!


I agree. Narcan too, which is driving many local communities to bust their budgets and even contemplate not having it.

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3 grains will kill some people, 4 grains most people, 5 grains all people.

#! cost effect may be increased amputations.

#2 if government actually physically manufactured insulin, three bad things would occur - for sure.
a) Not enough made and available to meet all the needs from our large population
Because the plant operates five days per week, one shift only.
b) contamination, accidental and on purpose will occur.
c) certain cities, counties will not receive their allocation. Even VA health prescriptions get lost before delivered to patients with dire result.
last: very easy to control size of this patient group. how many are disabled and receiving SS?

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