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Bernie Sanders: Hillary, GOP Won't Take on Corporate Power


Bernie Sanders: Hillary, GOP Won't Take on Corporate Power

- Common Dreams staff

Vermont US Sen. Bernie Sanders said Sunday he’ll make a decision on running for president “pretty soon.”

“Making sure you have the money to run a credible campaign is very important,” he said to interviewer Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.” “We’re working on it. And we will make the best decision we can in the near future.”

Sanders said he did not believe any 2016 presidential candidate from either party would battle corporate power for ordinary Americans.


Go Bernie! We Anarcho-syndicalists are waiting for you to throw your hat in the ring.


In almost every instance Sanders capitulates to some degree to the overall corporate power structure governing this country, and certainly to the Democratic Party front runner Hillary Clinton. He has doubts about both her and Republicans taking on the billionaire class? Doubts?

His criticism of the military budget is so couched in sucking up that that power ultimately it is laughable. Oh no he isn’t against the military, he only is worried about “waste”, and “budget overruns”. He makes sure that he repeats the MIC mantra of wanting a “strong military” and that “of course ISIS is a terrible organization that must be defeated”. Go Bernie!

For the record yes ISIS is a group of murderous thugs. But Bernie goes on the record here that he is in the club of not calling out US foreign policy in its role of creating ISIS, or using other terrorist organizations for the matter, and certainly he would never utter a single word about how US foreign policy is indeed “terror” as it is being carried out in the ME.

And then this gem…

Well, I think we’ll make that decision pretty soon. Not dissimilar from
what Lindsey Graham had to say. You know, when you’ve got these super
PACs and billionaires able to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on
the candidates of their choice, making sure have you the money to run a
credible campaign is very, very important. And that’s one of the factors
we’re going to have to determine.

So Bernie is essentially saying to be “credible” he has to align himself with what is demanded of a system that has no accountability to anything close to a democratic one.

Bernie won’t run. It is bloody obvious he isn’t.

I meant this not as a reply to tcarlson. Ooops I put it in ye ole wrong place.


I meant this comment to be ironic. The only way that Sanders could be in the US Senate is by massive contributions of money from who knows where. There is no hope for us at the national level. We are screwed. Act locally.


Sorry, I meant to post this not as a reply to you. I meant it to be in the main.


Yeppers, it’s looking more and more like I won’t have any choice but to write in Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden!

Pwr 2 the VOTING peons!


They won’t take on corporate power. Elizabeth Warren says she will. I don’t know if she says what she means. Warren is too close to Israel. I believe Sanders will take on corporate power if elected. I believe Hillary will be. She wants more wars to prove she’s tough & the USA is the most powerful nation on earth.


Makes you wonder if Wallace will treat all his candidate interviews the same.


Sadly, the only place Bernie is being taken seriously is here, negatively. The only candidate I would even think of voting for is Bernie. I can’t recall a time when a party, with no incumbent, anointed an operative with not so much as token opposition. That does not mean I always agree with Bernie. I, no doubt, will sit this election out. Bernie has no more chance than I do. I voted fringe candidate last time, and that was the last time I’ll vote fringe.


I dont get to vote, and I cannot help much with campaigning, but as a citizen of the global empire I have a large stake in the outcomes.

Lesser evil, in my opinion is less evil. If you doubt that, then how would you feel if, hypothetically, the the most popular man in the congress and the senate (that would be Netanyahoo given the 20 minute applauses after his addresses to joint sittings) were to run for US president. If you wont go with the hypothetically most evil, on the grounds that he isnt a US citizen and isnt a candidate, then take for example, Jeb Bush with his foreign policy advisor Paul Wolfowitz. That combination will almost definitely mean war for Israel and it has to be considerably worse than Killary.

So there is an advantage in voting for the lesser evil, which brings us to Bernie Sanders. He is a long way short of perfect, and I find his support for Israel particualarly repugnant, but he may be the best you could possibly have.


Hillary, GOP won’t take on Corporate power. True Bernie. But neither will you because even if you sincerely want to you will never be allowed to take on the corportocracy in any meaningful way.


I thought it amusing when I read a headline today at HuffPo saying, “Hillary Patches Things Up With Liberals”. Ha!

Well, now that those pesky liberals and “progressives” have been taken care of Hillary can move on to the same ol’ same ol’ “thinking” we are all “in her camp”.

Oh, and BTW, here is a great White House petition to sign on Israel and it’s nuclear weapons:



Sanders is the best thing we’ve got in this election and he is worth supporting if for no other reason than the truths he brings to a national conversation otherwise devoid of any connection to reality and the organizing that can come out of it. Movements based on truths arise, like Occupy, Black Lives Matter, the struggle for a $15.00 minimum wage, and environmental activism. The ultra-left naysayers do us all more harm than the Republicans pushing nothing but scathing critiques and crippling cynicism. Either organize a movement, run yourself, back someone better, or do us a favor and shut up.


Contrary to popular belief, numbers can lie.

If I take a million dollar campaign donation from a weapons manufacturer and two ten dollar donations from poor folks, I can claim that “most of my campaign contributions are small” and not be lying.

Mr. Sanders would not be holding office but for his support of the war industry and the state of Israel. If he would openly and sincerely abandon those connections, I might support him.


I work for the NSA because I commented on how getting into the Senate, or for sure the presidency, requires massive infusions of money from who knows where? Really.


He is a public figure making shitload of money, and he can’t even face down Wallace, let alone the MIC. He opposed publicly on many occasions any investigation into the crimes of the Bush Administration that could lead to impeachment proceedings, and he has time and time again fallen into line with the current power center of the Democratic Party.

He benefits politically for supporting the weapons manufactured in his state, and he supports many of the policies of the State of Israel and/or stays quiet about them – although he does support a two-state solution and has criticized Israel’s most recent attack on Gaza. He never directly criticizes any of the ongoing military operations of the Obama Administration.

I absolutely resent your closing remark and it is a violation of the community standards of Common Dreams regarding commenting on these forums.

I will NOT “shut up” and will flag this comment and each and every one if you continue with your rude attack.


Run Bernie. Get O’Malley to be your VP. I think that might be change.


Vote green. I have since 2012. The CRAPS and CONS are gang-banger thugs. They should be scrapped and made convicts.


He should be confronted with those facts but he is still the best (yet) person running. I agree that suppor should be critical but my point is that you and a few others never cease to tear down anyone who attempts to actually take it on themselves to speak to real issues or provide an alternative to the candidates chosen by big money. Again, what are YOU doing to offer an alternative? What are YOU doing to build a movement? What, aside from armchair critiquing, are YOU doing to confront the big lies or shape the national dialogue?


You will have another choice - I’ll stick to the Greens …