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Bernie Sanders 'In Good Spirits' After Successful Heart Procedure to Treat Artery Blockage

Originally published at https://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/02/bernie-sanders-good-spirits-after-successful-heart-procedure-treat-artery-blockage

Author sez:
“Journalists, Sanders’s fellow presidential candidates, and others wished the senator a speedy recovery on Twitter …”

Good on them; very classy. I can’t wait to see how Hair Twitler handles this.


I’ve long suspected Bernie has severe health problems. His hoarseness sounded to me like cardiovascular-caused lung problems.
He works way too hard.
His team needs to have him on pharmaceutical HGH and other anti-aging therapies.
It’s sad he’s the only FDR/Henry Wallace candidate we have.
Warren is a fraud, and the rest of the Dems such as Bootyjudge, Harris, etc. are neoliberal corporate sellouts.


Not good at all. The drop off after him is steep. Damn.


Wow. This is seriously bad news. A speedy recovery wished to him of course. But for the rest of us this is a very bad blow …


Get better Bernie. We need you to continue to tell the truth to Americans about the corrupt alliance between government and industry.

"People, Planet, and Peace Before Profits!"


Perhaps he will be so thrilled he will choke on his cheeseburger(s)… we almost lost GW to a pretzel…we could get luckier this time…

If he recovers, the media of course have a new thing to go on. So, they will probably stop ignoring him and will go into attack mode. If he doesn’t, we’re left with a lot of nothing. Warren would be the damn left flank, and that is not good.


The bad news would have been that the arterial blockage went untreated. Wishes for a speedy recovery are, of course, appropriate, but this surgery itself is cause for cautious optimism.


Keep up the fight, Bernie. This time it’s doctor’s orders.

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He was our best hope, against hope. Not good news at all, for him or us. Wish him the best.
This also shows that one person cannot save us, where are the many Bernies?


The problem, of course, is that there is Bernie and there is everyone else. I know Warren supporters want to pretend she is almost the same as him, but we all know better. The entire race is far worse for working people, the poor, the sick and the environment if he isn’t in it, especially this early.


With stent therapy the recovery is instantaneous, it is immediate relief. I had a stent installed almost 20 years ago and there have been many improvements since then. I was back to 100% normal duties in 24 hours Doc’s orders. “If he recovers…” ?


If he recovers in the context of the damn campaign. It takes a toll on people, he isn’t young and he has been pushing it lately. You didn’t have to fly across the country and do dozens of campaign events a week, give TV interviews, prepare for debates, among other things after the procedure. I also haven’t gone through this myself and know nothing of the procedure. It is a cause for concern, and I know how the media will treat this. Make sense why I would say that.


suggest he get to cleveland clinic quickly for a thorough evaluation.

Well said. I have to turn away now and get some work done, to stop thinking about this for awhile. I’m having me too many “oh shit” (without the exclamation point) moments lately.


Not to quibble unnecessarily but while it’s good of course they caught it before he died from it( ! ) it is NOT good in the campaign or the future of the country sense at all.
The media, left and right, will have him a tottering demented fool in short order regardless of the facts… we are quite possibly up the creek without the paddle now…

Looks like Warren is next on the Democratic, agenda…sad! Still Looks to me like a Biden/Harris Democratic ticket. I was hoping that somehow my predictions were wrong but now it looks the Biden/Harris ticket is unstoppable…

Have our leaders lost all class to where their communications are by twitter? Face it - doing it on twitter - in insincere and designed to let everyone but Sanders know how gracious they are. We are living in a fake country with a lot of fake leaders and celebrity worshipers. A private call or written card would be nice - but that doesn’t get the publicity that twitter does.

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I was wondering why I felt so bad during the night and it’s due to Bernie’s heart problems. I wish him the best since he is the most reasonable candidate we have running and it’s still 13 months away!

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