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Bernie Sanders in the Age of Coronavirus: We Need Him Now More Than Ever

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/26/bernie-sanders-age-coronavirus-we-need-him-now-more-ever


well, he was leading, before the choreographed coup.

but by all means, share this message with the rank and file morons who keep voting for psychopaths in the primaries because their “leaders” tell them to.

we’re not getting nice things without an actual, literal fight.
someone in this pathetic punditocracy might eventually recognize that.


The voters in the Democratic primary now have only “two” choices.

"Equality" and "Oligarchy."

Everyone here damn well knows which choice speaks for the Oligarchy.


do not tire yourself out with wishes, you sound way too exhausted to care anymore. Carry on, dear.

Does anyone here seriously believe we’d be hearing a loud call for party unity if it were Bernie Sanders leading in the delegate count?

I had to laugh out loud over this one. Of course we wouldn’t be.


gonna enjoy watching you clowns lose again…:slight_smile:

The DNC has a last resort plan, if Sanders somehow manages to approach winning the nomination.

Warren has been very visible lately. She’s looking ready to unsuspend her campaign and swoop in like a vulture to steal the nomination. Complete with all the big money backing currently going to Biden.

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Aw, that is sweet, dear. but DIMS and the right will always be losers. Progressives are also having a great laugh, if it were not so effing pathetic. But, of course, little men such as yourself always seem eager to be nasty to anyone who sticks their head up. And that is the REAL laugh. Nothing new or particularly interesting ever seems to come from you, HA

Perhaps, but that’s not my read. With Biden’s undeniable dementia on full display this week, my sense is that the Party leadership is more likely to anoint Cuomo, as the nominee.



Holding steady with Bernie: Green New Deal, Medicare for All, Reversing Income Inequality, Eliminating Student Debt, Raising the Minimum Wage, etc.

It’s time this country tried the big ideas. Business as usual obviously isn’t working.


Hi Steve_Fernandez:

BUT---- while Biden is hanging out in his basement-----Bernie is out raising money for the forgotten workers, including the domestic workers and those workers who are so often forgotten.
Biden will not make it through this election—he looks awful and having 2 weeks to try to recover —I do not believe will not make it to the Trump debate stage.
Bernie , on the other hand, is out proving that what he speaks for is real—not just words. His actions speak loudly- and if the public is too dumb to understand that------ America will become a sad, sad place even faster! Bernie will keep working for medicare 4 All, and A Green New Deal…because as the Dems seem to have missed: Biden is a candidate–Bernie is a real statesman. Of , By and FOR the People! : )


I agree with your assessment of Biden and Sanders, stardustIBID.

But, my sense is that the Democrat’s Party power structure would rather have Trump than Sanders. I think Paul Street put it well:

Dear Berners: Dementia Joe is How Much “Your” Party HATES You



HI Steve_ Fernandez:

Yes the Dems get dimmer and dimmer. It is difficult to tell the GOPers from the Dems. It makes me sad as politics has morphed into red team, blue team-----which is so far away from what a democratic republic is supposed to be.
Oh well, many of us believe in BERNIE but the DNC has turned into the Portrait of Dorian Gray---- and the process gets uglier and uglier with each horrifying mistake it makes. Especially awful is the electoral college----- we do not even our own vote—as a small group can override the voters. This is a fail— and the Preamble has now had its “ensure domestic tranquility,” excised . : (


Hi stardustIBID,

There is a lot to be disheartened by, these days. Given the state of the plutocratic infrastructure, I don’t see democratic potential coming from the national electoral process. I do see it coming from grassroots organizing. One thing that gives me hope is that, at least among some Latinxs that got on board with the Sanders campaign, there is a spirit of carrying on the revolution, even though getting people sufficiently mobilized it is likely to take well beyond November’s election.


For anyone here who has seen the exit poll numbers and believes the primary has been rigged, I found these petitions today:

This is a petition for a class action lawsuit against the dnc.

This is a petition to get the UN to oversee the primary because of fraud

This is the research showing state by state, the exit poll results.


While Bernie is working to help those impacted most by the crisis, raising funds to help them, and pushing Congress for a plan that has integrity and good purpose, where is Biden? Sitting at home in his little TV studio? Babbling nonsense and cliches. This situation is showing who is the real leader, and who is the worm (sorry, invertebrates). No wonder Biden doesn’t want to debate again. He has nothing to say but lies about his record, and like Hillary, he now feels like he’s entitled to the nomination, thanks to DNC machinations.

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From Mike Whitney:

The Senate’s $2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Package is not fiscal stimulus and it’s not a lifeline for the tens of millions of working people who have suddenly lost their jobs. It’s a fundamental restructuring of the US economy designed to strengthen the grip of the corrupt corporate-banking oligarchy while creating a permanent underclass that will be forced to work for slave wages. This isn’t stimulus, it’s shock therapy.

Bernie just voted for this, correct?

Hi Yuri,

No, I did not read the articles pertaining to Truthdig. I have been disappointed in trends I’ve seen in Counterpunch, Daily Kos, AlterNet, etc., so I don’t read much of their material. I did like Paul Street’s article. As an member of Latinx community based organizing efforts, my decision to focus on grassroots organizing, rather than the US federal election, is conveyed, more closely, by the interview that my sister-in-struggle, Miriam Kaba, gave on Intercepted: ^https://theintercept.com/2020/03/19/organizer-mariame-kaba-we-need-a-peoples-bailout-to-confront-coronavirus/

My thoughts are, as I’ve expressed previously, post-2020.

From the article:
And, oh yes, he did this as the longest serving independent in congressional history.

That is the crux of this disconnect. An Independent coerced into participating in a fixed duopoly. Of course its in contrast to their, the duopoly’s, core beliefs and practices.

How many times does the Democratic party need to prove itself unwilling to embrace and pursue any of the very things which Sanders advocates, and which most people want and, quite frankly, need?

How many other promising candidates will bother following that same futile course?

The independence should be of the duopoly’s stranglehold on the process, both of campaigns and elections, but also of governance.

If there is hope for the future of this country, and Mother Earth, it does not reside within the duopoly. The real work, post-2020, should be to coalesce the truly independent efforts in opposition to the destructive forces that currently dominant the political scene.

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Unfortunately have to agree. At this point…and one way or another…Biden is a Bait and Switch.

And I won’t support that A-hole any more than I would Biden or Caligula.

Andrew Cuomo Is Not A Progressive | Tim Black

BTW ByeDone will be on CNN tonight with Cooper to give us his Neo-Liberal Wisdom on the Virus
Wonder if he can control the dementia that long.