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Bernie Sanders in the Deep South


Bernie Sanders in the Deep South

Briahna Joy Gray

Last week, I joined Bernie Sanders in Memphis, Tennessee, and Jackson, Mississippi, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. Sanders was overwhelmingly well received by both passersby and the local audiences who came to hear him speak. But so far, the media coverage of his trip has revolved around a brief aside, in which Sanders faulted the Democratic Party for its recent legislative failures:


From the article:

“But in order to ensure that black voters turn out, Sanders understands that people need something to vote for, not just someone to vote against. They need to feel heard.”

The same is true of the rest of the electorate, a message utterly lost on the Clinton/Podesta wing of Brand D.


"“The business model, if you like, of the Democratic Party for the last 15 years or so has been a failure,” - People sometimes don’t see that because there was a charismatic individual named Barack Obama. He was obviously an extraordinary candidate, brilliant guy. But behind that reality, over the last ten years, Democrats have lost about 1,000 seats in state legislatures all across this country.” Even after those massive losses the DINO party did NOTHING to alter their sellout course, culminating in HRC’s loss to the mental case idiot!

Bernie Sanders speaks to the truth of the DINO sellout wing and the actual BS of the promised “Change we could believe-in” sold by Obama to lure the politically starving Dem/Progressive/Independent “base” to the polls - they were immediately presented with the truth - more DINO Clinton/corporate/banker/Wall Street business as usual from the “brilliant, charismatic” BS artist!

Neither Clinton or Obama did a damn thing to build the progressive/Dem/Independent base, they BOTH sabotaged and undermined the left to serve big-money campaign contributions!

If that reality offends some Black Americans, so be it - they were sold a bag o shite by some white guy playing the sax, and the first African American president who sold his own and the 99% down the fuckin river!

I think African Americans are increasingly seeing those truth’s, as hard as they are to realize and admit ,as the great contrast between Dr King and HIS moral compass and focus, are contrasted with those DINO frauds! The endorsement of HRC by john Lewis was particularly undermining/challenging of Sanders early work, but the motive seems clear…and that Clinton pretender was defeated by the worst clown moron racist prez in American history!

The sad anniversary of Dr Kings assassination and the craven servitude of the two pretenders, that did get elected, shows who fought for civil rights and who soldout to wealth and power! Bernie Sanders was there fighting in the Civil Rights Movement, and still represents for the people fighting against vulture capitalism and greed…ALL people!


It does look like Sanders is on the campaign trail for another run. While it seems a large number of people who supported him believe that a victory was stolen from him in the primary, Sanders seems to know the truth that he lost fair and square to Hillary Clinton and a large part of the explanation for his defeat was that he did very poorly when it came to African American voters. While Sanders must know it is all but hopeless to convince many of his supporters that he really did lose because he got fewer votes it looks like he is setting out to actually get the most votes in 2020.


As soon as I heard the media stories about Sander’s visit to Jackson and his comments there it was clearly patent bullshit, because the whole narrative was one of black Jacksonians - even mayor Lumumba - being distrustful of Sanders because he is too far left for the “moderate” black leadership. Are they really that clueless about what is the happening in Jackson under the new leadership? (Do they even know why the mayor’s father adopted the name "Lumumba, or who the historical CIA-murdered Lumumba was?)

Does the media know anything about “Cooperation Jackson” - the bold, almost Kurdish-Rojava-like participatory economic experiment underway within the 80 percent black city limits of Jackson (all the whites are in the suburbs)?

Oh. They know. But the media is still in the “ignore” phase. If the idea of cooperation Jackson starts to spread to other communities, the “ridicule” phase will be next.


i wish the writer had made any mention of what Mayor Lumumba is actually doing in Jackson, and the goals and strategy of Cooperation Jackson. Thanks for naming it.


If the Democratic Party Establishment and the DNC had gotten behind the “surging” campaign of Bernie in 2015, this would all be a mute point.


The hit jobs by Corporate Black Influence Manipulation Peddlers ( BIMPS ) like Sellers and J.Reid on Sen. Sanders, says a lot more about them than it does about he and his supporters. Sellers on CNN even appeared as an apologist for Trump policy, at several points. I suppose this has more to do with his overbearing, paternalistic and ministerial approach to the general topic discussions, than his just being a prick. I sure hope so for all our sakes, anyway.


he lost “fair and square” b/c of the rules put in place to stop an insurgent candidate from stealing the primary from the favored corporate candidate.

Super delegates already pledged to HRC, Registration as a democrat in New York six months before the election. Etc… purging of voters in Brooklyn.

The rules favor the establishments choice.


Sanders’ analysis of the domestic policies and practices of DINO Dems is correct, absolutely correct…but disingenuous. Sanders had multiple opportunities before, during and after the Dem convention to materially impact the Dem wing of the Duopoly. Unlike few progressives since the end of WW2, he had a critical popular mass and solid voter base of support (largely because of Occupy and other movements that had been impacting the body-politic in the 2,000-2010s despite the Obamnination).

So what did Bernie do? He threw his lot in with the party and supported the Red Queen, etc. Either he was just a sheep-herder as many on the left claimed, or he didn’t have the courage to use the power he had acquired.

In any case, while Sanders continues to say good things on domestic issues around austerity and white supremacy, he has given up his moral authority and now he is shadow-dancing in the Duopoly’s Kabuki Kongress and the (s)electoral game. Which means his “numbers” are going to go way down by 2020 (not to mention his age).

The Sanders moment was a lost moment for all of us, and now our organizing energy needs to ignore this particular weapon of mass distraction. Especially those of us who are hitting our end times, like Bernie.


Well, aren’t you two-faced. A few days ago you were defending Trump against the Mueller investigation, saying the breadth of such was a fishing expedition of sorts. You apparently think by any means necessary is beneath your high moral and ethical considerations.
Now, you slam Sanders for being a man of his word in supporting HRC. And, saying he’s sheepdogging for DLC types.
Maybe smart folks don’t like GPers because they are nothing more than high-falutin’ hypocrites. And, rabid dogs posing as Lassies.


Exactly. I’ve tried to make Lrx see this in the past as it is the most obvious most simple problem with the 2016 primary election. If a party is going to have Super-delegates at all (and they shouldn’t), then all of them should be required to keep there damn mouth’s shut until after all states have voted. Then News media can’t add their totals into the delegate count (which they did often). The Democratic party is a mess, but I’m still in the inside strategy camp because I think it is an easier problem to clean up the mess then it is to unseat them altogether with the Green party, a new party, or independents (though they are both hard problems).


Lurx will never see past his party blinders, because Lurx is only here to spout DNC / Democratic Party / Clinton Campaign talking points.


“Democrats’ business model for the past 15 years” ?

Try 33 years, since the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation in 1985.

The DLC’s first victory was what Democrats continue to brag was “bipartisan 1986 tax reform”, the most regressive tax code revisions in history, at least until last December’s tax cuts.


So the old white guy couldn’t get the old black vote, not all that surprising, considering how white guys have historically treated black people. On the other hand, the old white lady lost old white lady votes to Trump–hmmm.

Sanders had a great showing among young voters including blacks, left HRC in the dust. I don’t understand why you keep harping on this point, Hillary remains a bigger loser than Sanders, mainly because she couldn’t win her own demographic.

You imply Sanders isn’t capable of winning oppressed communities, when he has demonstrated time and again his ability to build coalitions. No matter how many times you point out that Sanders lost in a process that has proven to be flawed, nothing can wipe off the egg Trump laid all over HRC’s face.


Don’t bother running Bernie. You had your chance, played it like a coward.


Sanders lost the black vote in the South by a margin of about 10 to 1 or something like that. In states like South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi he got absolutely clobbered losing by something like 40-50 percentage points. About the only demographic Sanders won was young voters. Nobody can hope to win a primary on that basis. Hillary Clinton had trouble against Trump because he ran as an avowed racist and dictator which is something that a large percentage of whites wanted. I don’t know how she could have countered that. Only a candidate who claimed they would be more of a raciest and even more of a dictator than Trump might have been able to win the white vote. A poll found that almost 10% of Americans agree with the views of the neo-Nazis. In a country with that many people agreeing with the extreme hateful views of the neo-Nazis someone like Trump can get a lot of votes.


Lighten up man. For one thing it was a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.
As much criticism as you throw at him for supporting the ‘red queen’, what was he supposed to do?

Support Donald Trump? Sanders wasted no time after the loss brushing himself off and attacking the issues. I agree that we missed that golden opportunity but let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

There simply is no one else at Bernie’s level. I mean it’s almost like you’re falling for the Sanders smear bs.

Do you think another Bernie is coming along soon? I don’t.

I am curious to see if he runs democratic or independent or if he goes third party or what.


the dems are a pathetic mess. Tim Canova is running as an independent i think as a member of the Movment for a peoples party against Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Hope he wins. Schultz has a ton of corporate cash going to be tough to match that in a house race.

The dems can change. The republicans purged almost all of their moderates. At one time back in the 80’s there were quite a few moderate republicans. The usual line was “socially liberal, fiscally conservative”.


Hillary lost b/c she was tone deaf to the plight of working people of all races and oblivious to the damage that the free trade acts she supported and her husband signed caused. I witnessed many factories closing personally as my work was as a mechanical engineer. I saw hundreds of my fellow americans tosses overboard as one company after another shut down and went to mexico then china. Drump beat her over the head with it. Of course he is a liar but if you lost your job to outsourcing who would you vote for?