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Bernie Sanders Is a 2020 Favorite


Bernie Sanders Is a 2020 Favorite

Naomi LaChance

The frenzied, two-year countdown to the 2020 presidential election has begun amid photo ops and speculation from cable news talking heads. On the left, support is growing for Vermont Sen.


Good to see the growing amount of articles proclaiming Bernie Sanders as the 2020 favorite. This obvious moment of surging grass roots actions will continue to build and gather more citizens as Bernie continues to be the one and only best choice for we the people. Over 40 years of fighting for we the people’s rights and needs. The Sanders Institute just had a weekend gathering that included some of the leading progressive thinkers from around the world. Nobody has ever done so much to promote and protect the interests of we the people. We all must talk the talk and walk the walk! Support the Green New Deal, support Keep it in the ground, healthcare for all ,$15 minimum wage, cancel all college debt, ban all pesticides, transition to organic farming, all these issues are interconnected on a world wide scale. Peace


I love Mr Sanders. He is warm, authentic, intelligent, well-educated, generous, honest, and has the best interest of the American People in mind. And that is the problem. Sanders is a good man, and good men (or women) have no space in the American culture, a culture that has ignorance, bigotry, racism, and fanaticism at its core. Those Americans who know something about American History - very few of them - know that it was by a hair that the North won the Civil War. The US could very well have perpetuated itself as a slave nation, and it is no wonder that almost one in three Trump supporters would gladly re-enslave the blacks (per Pew Research statistics.)
The horrible truth is that over 70% of white Americans aren’t just bigoted and ignorant - conditions that can be addressed through education and upbringing - much worse than that, they are profoundly immoral. That is why Trump won and will continue to win, and that is why Sanders doesn’t stand the slimmest of chances.


Bernie is the 2020 favorite candidate, that’s great, I’m glad to see the increase in progressive values. Forgive me for being a realist, but the Dem party leaders and Burnie himself know full well he will never be allowed to represent the Dem party in the Presidential election. It’s not what I, or the rank and file of the party want, but it is the reality, and people need to come to terms with this fact. Until Bernie exits the party, and he shows no interest in doing so, his Presidential candidacy is going nowhere, and the Dem voters will be conned again.


I give Sanders very little chance of winning the Democratic nomination if he decides to run. I think his biggest problem is his age. Democratic voters are going to be concerned about nominating a candidate who will be 79 when his term begins and would therefore serve most of his term as an octogenarian. And of course many Democratic voters will be concerned that he is too far left to win in the general election. I think the progressive with the best chance of winning the nomination is Tulsi Gabbard. She would be a very young president but old enough to qualify and has experience as a member of the House of Representatives. And I believe she favors a much less aggressive foreign policy than Sanders, whose views on foreign policy are quite similar to those of Hillary Clinton. I think there are quite a few Democrats out there with a good chance. I would include in that list Andrew Cuomo and Kirsten Gillibrand from New York and Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota, three people not mentioned in the article. Polls mean pretty much nothing at this stage. If they meant anything Jeb Bush rather than Donald Trump would have been the Republican nominee in 2016.


Bernie Sanders platform is a wonderful wish list of planks for a progressive platform. I wish him well. It would be wonderful to live in a nation that really tried to live up to that platform!


Sanders might be my favorite too if he would run as an independent.


I have a great deal of respect for Bernie. However, I doubt our political system will survive the financial and ecological collapses that are well underway.


HI Monckton: well don’t count Bernie out, because with politics—you just never know. NO one thought Trump, would win —I don’t think Trump did either, and certainly the DEMs didn’t.


As we all know, popularity ratings in polls don’t mean much when it comes to Democrats picking a candidate. Sanders might be popular with voters, but he is not popular with the party leadership. It’s more than a little stretch to imagine Sanders getting the nomination in a party run by Pelosi, Schumer, Obama and Clinton. It’s going to take a major upheaval of party leadership for Sanders to come out on top as the candidate in 2020. Just the notion of the party relying solely on small individual donations, Sanders style, has the party leadership peeing in their corporate pants.

What is far more likely is that Sanders will run his usual well-rehearsed progressive message campaign, then fall in line to support whoever the Democrats actually do nominate, same as before. He will never run as an independent or a third party candidate. Love some of his proposals - they are sorely needed - but as a potential presidential candidate in 2020, he’s a dead end road.


Still leading the polls as he did in 2015 and 2016. Still on the Parties black list. The party wants the White House only if it is populated by a neoliberal like Beto, Harris, Booker, Biden. Heck, they’d even settle for Warren. Will the will of the people prevail this time? Time will tell.


In the early part of the Presidential run, NOBODY (especially Republican donors) thought Trump was a serious candidate, so don’t rule out the distinct possibility of Sanders getting the 2020 nomination. An awful lot of people feel that had Sanders been the 2016 Dem nominee he would have won probably by a 52-48% margin. He is and HAS been the real deal since he was Mayor of Burlington in 1981.


Progressive? Gabbard, Coumo (you really have to be fucking kidding), and finally Gillibrand (a young Hillary) and Klobuchar who I and most “progressives” would accept grudgingly. I am for compromise, but the Dems since Clinton’s “third way” bullshit have for the most part been losing and lately losing big time. Time for the “establishment” to start compromising with us, that is if they REALLY want to win.


Hey, Lrx, so what if he’s pushing 80? You haven’t witnessed him deliver his 3rd lengthy speech on a day when he had 2 more appearances scheduled for later that day. I marvel at his fitness!

The senator’s as fit as Dwayne Johnson.

And if he would serve for a hundred days or a thousand days, he’d be the tonic this country would need to be informed, be inspired, to ignite change for the common good (apologies to CD).


Biden is a self-described Zionist . During the interview conducted by the U.S. Jewish television cable network Shalom TV, Biden said, “I am a Zionist . You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist .”

Political positions of Joe Biden - Wikipedia


Exactly why the DNC will never allow it, and the reason for the rule change this past summer. The only problem I have with Bernie is he knows he’ll be co-opted by them, yet acts like he’s wont, to the public.


I will not vote for another corporate Democrat in the mold of Obama or Clinton. Might as well have Trump.


Are you enjoying the Trump presidency? Do you enjoy his racism, bigotry, xenophobia, chauvinism, ignorance, anti-climate change stance, threats to invade Venezuela, stacking the courts with far right wing libertarians, non stop lying, white supremacy, etc., ad nauseam. Bernie is not even good enough for you puritans because you live in some alternate universe where Jill Stein (maybe she’s too right wing for you) has a chance of winning. A miracle happens and Stein wins; she will still have to bargain and compromise with the 2 dominate parties. But I do get that people are fed up with the duopoly and want change. Just my opinion: the only realistic way to effect change is to infiltrate the Democratic party with people like Bernie and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Third parties don’t have a chance in hell unless the laws are changed and money is taken out of politics and Citizens United is overturned. We’ve had progressive third parties for over a hundred years but they poll in the single digits. The problem is there are a lot of very conservative right wing people in this country, they aren’t going away.


Obama didn’t even fight to get his Supreme Court nominee through. He could have used the bully pulpit. The media couldn’t have ignored him. His soaring rhetoric would have won the day. Instead he pussied out and surrendered his legitimate SCOTUS nomination.

This is just one more way Obama betrayed the people that elected him. He had a massive mandate when he came into office. He ignored the people’s mandate and took orders from Wall Street and the Republicans. Obama was a perfect Vichy Democrat. That is exactly the kind of nominee the Democrats should avoid. I’m unsatisfied with Obama so I’m a puritan? LMAO!

Clinton was even more of a Republican than Obama! Clinton campaigned on NAFTA. Clinton betrayed Union America/working American in pushing NAFTA. Then he signed the Telecommunications Act which destroyed a free and fair American media. Then, worst of all, he signed legislation that eliminated Glass Steagal in signing Gramm-Leach-Bliley.

These were planed betrayals. And you say I’m a purist. Clinton destroyed the American middle class while satisfied Democrats sat back and watched him do it.


stardustIBID, most commentators didn’t think Trump would win, but people who understand the white working class culture realized the surveys couldn’t be trusted. I count myself in that rather small category, and made a significant amount betting on Trump on the betting markets.
The common thread in the American culture is the conditioning from childhood, something all Americans acquire indelibly, that being a communist (or a socialist) is bad. Calling someone a socialist or a communist elicits the same feelings among adults that a boy experiences when he is called a fag_got in front of his peers.