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Bernie Sanders is a Candidate for, Not of, Today’s Movements

Bernie Sanders is a Candidate for, Not of, Today’s Movements

Kate Aronoff

Yesterday, The Atlantic’s Eric Liu asked what it would take to move presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’s ambitious proposals from “we’re gonna” to “we’ve done it,” outlining seven steps to bridge the gap. First among Liu’s recommendations is a call for a “Bernie’s 30” of progressive congressional Democrats to oust Republican incumbents, throwing the weight of the Sanders campaign’s small donor base into strategic races around the country.

Ms. Aronoff wonders if Bernie has caught today’s movements off guard. Most certainly he did but then he caught the opposition off guard as well.

The left had come to accept the rueful but pragmatic modus operandi of their defeat. The left no longer expected to win … ever!

Naturally the right were happy to reinforce the understanding that oligarchy and the Corporate Coup were inevitabilities but as yet (in clear Roman Republic style) the forms of democracy must be observed.

The left complained about the state of the left and the right complained that the left were annoying and an impediment to business as usual. In effect, the Corporate Coup was on schedule and coming to fruition far easier than anyone ever imagined. Citizen’s United anyone? Data Mining? Militarized police? Never had so few been able to get so much from so many so easily. Oligarchy would rule.

Where the F did Bernie come from so suddenly? That took both the left which had accepted its defeat and the right that openly lusted for an end to democracy in favor of oligarchy … by surprise.

Lol It is like Bernie appeared out of nowhere and yet somehow he had this long record of being in government and standing up for the people, fighting for our democracy and for our sense of who we thought we were but had nevertheless forgotten how to be that way.

Suddenly along came Bernie with those 30 years of public service in office…lol. That long record really tripped them up. The machinery of the rigged game could destroy anyone who presumed to challenge the status quo. If approved like Obama then it could give them success just as easily.

The one thing it couldn’t do was to magically give you a long record in government. That you had to have on your own.

Bernie had one and when he showed that he had this long record, the machine suddenly realized that they had no way of erasing it. Moreover, he was the only one who had one or anything like it. People kept pointing to it and saying things like…hey look at that…I like what that guy’s been doing for working Americans and so forth.

So now we hear the talk without the walk from all the other candidates with most of the repubs not having all that much experience in government themselves and Hillary trying to make it seem that she should be given credit for her husband’s record and basically it was mainly all her doing anyway.

Only Bernie has a record and it stands firm which is why Bernie hasn’t been taken down by the machine arrayed against him… they don’t know how.

They were (in effect) taken by surprise >>> by 30 years of experience fighting the good fight. Lol

Think about that… 30 years and they never expected to see it coming but here it is and people (especially the young) are trusting the one thing that can’t be faked.

30 years of working for people and not the oligarchy.

Yay Bernie… people have noticed… those many long years.