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Bernie Sanders Is About as Radical as Harry Truman


Bernie Sanders Is About as Radical as Harry Truman

Robert Kuttner

The mainstream media continues to be shocked that Bernie Sanders keeps gaining traction against frontrunner Hillary Clinton. However, if you look at what Sanders actually stands for, it is well within the mainstream of what used to be the Democratic Party.


"It's not at all clear that Sanders can be nominated, much less elected. "

If elected, could Sanders populate government within his power with enough proven progressives to effect change? I am skeptical of that, but know of no better alternative at this time. A Green Party candidate would fare much worse at this prospect. As third party candidates have gone, Perot and Nader probably could have produced a lot of their desired changes. Practicality should always play a role in informed politics.


After the Greider piece last week, I knew the Kuttner piece would soon follow. The piece ends with: "It's not at all clear that Sanders can be nominated, much less elected." So after all the sound and fury signifying nothing in the preceding paragraphs, it's HIllary, and so it goes. I expect to see more of such pieces from the established "liberal" commentariat, it is a kind of obligatory tip of the hat to what these people seem to consider Bernie's tilting at wind mills.

The over 35,00 who made an effort to hear Bernie this weekend in Mass. is a mere curiosity to these people, I guess.

By the way, who is it that it is clear can win?


HRC is not "solid" on civil rights.


Being "as radical as Truman" means little when you consider that if Nixon tried to be nominated by the DEMOCRATS in 2016 they would consider him unelectable due to his anti-corporate actions like OSHA and EPA.
Today's GOP would call Nixon a socialist and recommend deportation.


Exactly. To me the argument over whether Sanders is electable is irrelevant. The point is, if he becomes president, we should expect him to rubber stamp the entire Pentagon agenda, just like the last 4 presidents. And just like every other candidate in the field.

And so long as none of our elected officials are willing the challenge the Pentagon's stranglehold over Washington, all this lovey-dovey liberal and socialist talk is just blah-blah-blah.


I'm curious about your intent here. Are you saying that we should call off the election? Gee I don't know about that? I mean people are planning parties and sending out invites. I think they will probably go through with it even if you disapprove.

I really think that someone will get elected one way or the other and well it just seems like you must think that somebody else should be elected from

So which one of them should we vote for? Hillary is more to the right of Sanders and the various repubs are to the right of her so who should we vote for because one of them will be getting in now won't they?

Sanders is the best of the lot... people should start thinking about what they will get if they don't get Sanders.

Reality can be so annoying.


So true!


This is pretty apt. No doubt Bernie would have bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki too.


That was a cheap shot and a low blow... tsk tsk. Your bias is showing.


US elections are not so much about picking a president as they are about conditioning the population to accept bad governance and tyranny. Our ridiculously long election cycle is about giving demographic groups plenty of time to 'bond' with a candidate, so that come February 2016, when Sanders or Jeb takes over the job of bombing the world's Muslims to death, POTUS's respective supporters will be in the trenches and the blogosphere making loyal excuses.

Voting for the lesser evil in US elections has been the dominant philosophy since at least 1972, with the result being increasingly bad governance.

You don't HAVE to vote for any candidate, and by voting for another sell-out Democrat you are likely aiding in the imprisonment of your own mind.

Look at the past 6 years. Is it really better to have a Democrat sell you out to the corporations and the Pentagon than it would be if a Republican was doing it? Maybe the Democrat makes your sh!t sandwich with 40% less feces than a Republican. So what? It's still a sh!t sandwich.

Holding on to the myth of a presidential savior prevents us from facing the reality that we live in a Military Dictatorship, and that until a mass of people are willing to confront that fact, things will only get worse for America and the world.


Yes, if Bernie is somehow elected which the powerful political and Wall Street will no doubt do everything with their $$$$$ and their political power to see it does not happen, Bernie like Obama and all presidents before him back to JFK will have no choice but to acquiesce to the Military INDUSTRIAL GREED and CONGRESSIONAL complex.

Bernie is no savior but compared to the rest of the political field he is! And who knows, if Bernie becomes POTUS he may have enough integrity to stand up to the Pentagon and put his life on the line!


Spare me the repetition please. I asked you to say who we should vote for if not Bernie. The reality is that one of the main candidates will win. That is the simple truth... one of them will become president, will appoint new Supreme Court justices (several judges are in their eighties), will appoint federal judges, department heads, cabinet posts and all the rest. It matters who gets in. You want to pretend it doesn't.

BTW if you pay taxes then you support what goes on in your name so you'd best pick the best of the bunch because if the worst of them gets in, we all will regret it.


The fact that someone is seriously engaged in politics should ban them from ever holding power.


Sanders would cut back on the military budget and his efforts to rein in corporate power would mean that the MIC and its war profiteers would have less clout. You WANT to demonize Sanders and the question is why it is that a Progressive forum would attract posters who post regularly for THAT purpose.


A vote is a statement, pure and simple. By voting for any candidate, you are endorsing the system as legitimate.

If I voted for Bernie, I would be endorsing a guy who obviously is owned by the Military Industrial Complex and Lockheed Martin, makers of his beloved F-35. My only reason to vote for him would be the Lesser of Evils logic, because everybody else would be slightly worse.

Well, that is not an exercise in democracy. That is simply the role of a prisoner, submitting to his jailers. Screw that. Obama cured me of all that. Every kid he murders with his drones I have a stake in, since I voted for him in 2008. No more Democrats for me.

If Sanders were at least to speechify saying that he would bring our troops all home, stop the drones, etc. I might have a reason to vote for him. But no, he isn't even going to bother lying about it.

Screw that.


The taxes? You pretend to step out of it but it is a sham. You claim Bernie is owned by the MIC because he represented his state like politicians do when it comes to jobs etc. Sure but then apply that clear meticulous eye towards yourself and what it means to pay taxes? That is reality. We all participate unless we are willing to fight a serious fight which people do btw. Dedicated people of conscience. There are many ways to be an activist of course but simply not voting is hardly a big deal ...

I just realized how silly this is to need to explain this to someone. I am done with this ridiculous conversation. If you want to proclaim to people of conscience how heroic and dedicated you are because you don't vote... be my guest! Lol.


Since the Republicans are going to run someone who is demonstrably insane, or incompetent or both, I will vote for whoever the Democratic candidate turns out to be-whether Bernie, or Hillary, or Biden. This is shaping up to be the mother of all "vote for the lesser evil" elections.I'm not happy about it, but under the circumstances I'd be a damned fool not to vote for someone who can beat the Republican candidate.


Well stated and logical.

You just may be right about that although I think Bernie not taking the big money that all the other major candidates took gives him a 'better than the lesser of two evils' characterization imo.

Bernie is better than either of the two evils... lol.


No Bernie is not evil. Far from it. He's not perfect, but I would dearly love to be able to vote for him. Somehow, I don't think I'll have the opportunity.