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 Bernie Sanders Is Actually Quite Serious About This ‘Political Revolution’ Thing


 Bernie Sanders Is Actually Quite Serious About This ‘Political Revolution’ Thing

John Nichols

Des MoinesWhen William Lloyd Garrison launched his crusading abolitionist newspaper The Liberator in 1831—at a time when Congress refused even to debate the issue of slavery, and three long decades before America would finally confront the sin of human bondage—he acknowledged that his call for the “immediate and complete emancipation of a


This 'Political Revolution' Thing would be truth telling, to paraphrase Orwell.


For all his flaws and the legitimate criticisms of him, Sanders represents the only and possibly last chance to confront a the criminal insanity of corporate dictatorship. As he points out, getting elected is not enough, it will take a movement but at least it would have a leader that is listening and supportive. Though the DNC will make sure Clinton gets the nomination, we can still Occupy the election with a massive write-in campaign.


The only worthy competitor to Bernie is None of the Above. Nothing changes if the war hawks shove him aside.


"I support President Obama’s effort to combat the Islamic State in Syria,” Sanders said during the Democrats' so-called debate, “while at the same time supporting those in Syria trying to overthrow the brutal dictatorship of Bashar Assad."

"You cannot be a socialist and an imperialist, and as Bernie Sanders has done, support the Obama administration's wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen and be a socialist.

You cannot, as Sanders has done, vote for every military appropriations bill, including every bill and resolution that empowers and sanctions Israel to carry out its slow motion genocide of the Palestinian People and be a socialist. And you cannot laud, as Sanders has done, military contractors because they bring jobs to your states."

-Chris Hedges


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Go Bernie.


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Mr Sanders is actually a good FDR-type New Deal liberal. And yes, what a vast improvement he would be over the apparatchiki and corporate hacks we have had ruling us this last half-century. But clocks do not run backwards and neither does the course of history. I shall support Mr Sanders, vote for him, organize in my community, send him the little money that I can. But at the end of the day I know full well he will never, ever be allowed to take office and enact his program.
In effect, I am supporting a US version of Gorbachev. And the comparison is apt, for Mikhail Sergei'ich did not contemplate changing the Soviet system or abandoning its empire. The very resistance of the fanatics and conservatives against him, including a coup d'etat ironically accomplished that.
The US corporate state is at least as ossified as was the Soviet system and will break long before it can bend.


Been there, done that, and here we are.


Despite Hillary Clinton's good period of about 10 days I think the nomination is still up for grabs. I think Hillary changing of positions to what is now popular makes her vulnerable. I think Bernie's main challenge is selling Americans on the concept of democratic socialism. In the debate he said Denmark was a useful model. But I believe middle class tax payers pay much higher taxes in Denmark than do middle class tax payers in the US to make all the social problems possible. So it seems Bernie has to sell the American on the concept that the benefits of higher taxes are worth it. And Denmark has a small military budget and I guess is basically protected by the US. With a high military budget I think selling Americans on democratic socialism is going to be very difficult. If he makes it to the general election the Republicans will be waiting with pointed questions about higher taxes and making claims that the 1% can't pay for everything which is probably true.


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I disagree.
I've voted Green and may do so or abstain completely in the future. Sanders is at present worth supporting and, unlike Jill Stein, has name recognition and a chance to actually get elected. Sanders is helpful to showing and promoting a real progressive change of consciousness needed in our country. His support demonstrates its existence. Writing that off as less than perfect just promotes the paralysis of cynicism and hopelessness for unrealistic idealism.


So far, the greatest accomplishment of the Sanders candidacy is to demonstrate how easy it is convince liberals to support yet another Pentagon stooge by promising the 2015 equivalent of hope and change. I have to admit, it impresses me that liberals seem to believe that it is possible to relieve American misery and still piddle away the nation's wealth on useless weapons systems and horrifying wars.

Go Bernie, go.


I hope Secretary Clinton shifts her weight so that John Nichols can smooch her other cheek.

I wouldn't have read this article if I knew that right in the middle he was going to present Secretary Clinton as an even center-left Democrat. That's just not on, John. People here are smarter than to vote for Secretary Clinton for anything.


It's not that we don't want to hear it, it's just we heard that broken record before. Please let us know which candidate you choose that has a chance of winning that is different than Senator Sanders on these issues.

Also, too, please tell us the efforts you're making to publicize and change these policies.


Flap, why don't you head to another farther left or right website to share your wisdom? We've heard it all before. Who do you think you're persuading?


Unlike Obama, I do not think Bernie is a con man; especially, if you check out his domestic, political track record, but having said that, in my view, Bernie is being used by the Democratic party as a con; otherwise he would not be allowed access to their corrupted party. And the dems. know Hilliary has nothing to worry about from Bernie as he has no chance of the Democratic nomination for POTUS.


In 2012 the Green Party was on the ballot in 36 states and the D.C., it pulled in % 0.36 of the vote. It is a non factor along with being a waste of time. In Illinois they are few in numbers, part of what the great Mike Royko, in another context, referred to as the fern bar crowd.


Except that Sanders IS a war hawk, just like Hillary and Jeb.