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Bernie Sanders Is Bringing Back the Most Underrated Education Policy

Bernie Sanders Is Bringing Back the Most Underrated Education Policy

Ryan Cooper

Over the past two decades, education reform has been a major topic of debate and policymaking, from President Bush's No Child Left Behind bill to President Obama's Race to the Top initiative. Reforms have generally followed the pattern of adapting mechanisms from the for-profit business world to "fix" supposedly broken aspects of the public education system: weakening teacher unions, replacing public schools with privately-run charters, tying teacher pay to test score results, and so on.

@helen listed some of the problems with busing at Bernie Sanders Unveils 'A Thurgood Marshall Plan for Public Education'. I’m not keen on it either. (I’ve got plenty of other things I can’t stand about Joe Biden of course - any stance against busing isn’t one of them).

Of cousre that is bullshit. She should get to go to her neighborhood school.

It looks like Casto put a fair amount of detail into that piece, I will have to take a look. I saw him on Bill Maher and thought he did pretty well. I can’t believe the enthusiasm for Mayor Pete when Castro has the same education, was mayor of a bigger city, and has federal government experience. I wouldn’t vote for him in the primary, but if he were to win, maybe I’d throw my non-essential general vote his way.

I’m willing to consider any other solutions besides busing - fund the schools federally to get rid of property tax caused disparities, or whatever, but I don’t want my kid sitting on a bus for no benefit to him (I drive him 5 min to school on the way to work and the next public elementary school would be a 20-30 min bus ride).

I’ll say a little more.The US is not just black and white. Do you integrate by language as in huge Spanish-speaking populations? By country or ridiculously by continent, lumping together Vietnamese, Iraqi, Chinese and Indians? What about mixed-ethnic, can they choose? I have a grandkid with grandparents from four countries. What about ethnic strife which is religiously based? Do we split up religious blocks?
All sounds ridiculous to me. “What are you?” People will actually ask a kid that.
Yes, people need to integrate. But keep kids near home. Walk them to school if you can. Save gas. Save time. Be safe.

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