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Bernie Sanders Is Most Popular Politician in the US – and Why Jeremy Corbyn Will Win in Britain


Bernie Sanders Is Most Popular Politician in the US – and Why Jeremy Corbyn Will Win in Britain

Naomi Klein

The following is the full transcript, via the UK's Labour List, of Naomi Klein's speech delivered at the Labour Party's annual convention on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 in Brighton, United Kingdom.

Thank you Kate for that lovely introduction and all the work that you do to put social justice on the world agenda.

It’s been such a privilege to be part of this historic convention. To feel its energy and optimism.


Global media completely ignoring this week’s health care debate between Sanders and the GOP “health care” legislation sponsors, confirms that the corporations, their media and their politicians continue to pretend Sanders does not exist.


Bernie Sanders Is Most Popular Politician in the US (?) … and Trump is ahead or close in many areas.


Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America? Probably true, and the fact that probably the most unpopular politician, in America, is POTUS should be proof enough to anyone, that presidents are selected before they are elected.


In areas? Well ok, but who cares? That’s like saying Bernie does well in Vermont.

Nationally trump is far from Bernie’s numbers.


Yes, but as long as the ridiculous electoral college exists, Trump beating Sanders remains a strong possibility - especially once an effective smear campaign, using resources from the Koch brothers to Putin, is put into action. And no, the “socialist” Sanders is not popular in vast swaths of the US interior.


Bless you Naomi!


The consensus is overwhelming that Russians - either independently or as directed by the Putin government - staged a major campaign of psychologically manipulative propaganda via Twitter and Facebook in order to help Trump win the election. And they have not only done this in the US but in European countries elections in support of hard-right fascists like LePen, Farrage, and the German fascist “Alternative for Germany”. Currently, many of the strident twitter hashtags attacking the black NFL players, plus pro-player ones too, are known to have originated in Russia - the apparent strategy being to increase the divisiveness and possibly trigger civil strife in the US.

Putin and his friends in Russia are not socialists nor friends of any socialist. They are gangster capitalists and fascists. Please get out of your absurd US-centric cold war time warp.


Maybe Senator Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America; however, Congresswoman Barbara Jean Lee has been, and still is the most progressive politician in America. Representing the most progressive congressional district in California, and America. California’s 13th district: Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda, Emeryville, Albany, Piedmont, and San Leandro. Hey, popularity wins in prom king, and queen; however, forward-thinking progressives like Congresswoman Lee will make this world liveable , safe, and sound for life on this planet for generations, after generations, after generations…


Sanders’ popularity is irrelevant – or worse. 60% of the U.S. population now reject the Duopoly Party, both the Rethug and Dem wing and want a viable third party that represents peoples’ interests, rather than the interests of plutocrats and oligarchs.

Yet Sanders continues to lead an effort to “reform” the Dem wing of the Duopoly, a project that has been going on for half a century at least, undermining an ability to achieve change in the electoral arena.


Thanks for your intelligent and insightful comments, based on actual facts, not the drivel that the likes of Rachel Maddow and MSNBC puts out. But don’t be astonished that so-called progressives eat this anti-Russian nonsense up. It’s just another sad commentary on what passes for progressivism these days. The fact that Bernie Sanders, a supporter of endless war, U.S. imperialism, and Israeli apartheid Zionism, is the most popular politicization in the U.S. is another.


So the Russians are responsible for all this mayhem in Europe. The Russians are supporting Marine Le Pen’s fascist political forces and the German AfD with a regression into your Ol’ time ‘national socialism’. That’s an interesting twist on European politics. Those damn Russians are everywhere. How about the Ruskies affect on the fascist Hungarians and the Poles?


The “consensus?” Is that how we judge news these days? Well it is for faux-progressives who eat this anti-Russia stuff up with a spoon without ever doing any fact checking. Here’s a link to an article from Glenn Greenwald that deals in facts, not “general agreement” based on unfounded rumor and opinion.

Please get out of your DemocraticParty-centric absurd conspiracy time warp. And quit listening to Rachel Maddow. She is a paid propagandist for the Democratic wing of the war party. She’ll say whatever they want her to say, as long as she gets to keep her multimillion-dollar job shilling for the Dems.


You are so insular and US-centric that you think I was talking about Democrats and Republicans???


Who is Rachael Maddow? I don’t even have cable TV! But I do stay in contact with leftist and anarcho-syndicalist activist organizations in Russia, Ukraine and Syrians in exile in Turkey. Where do YOU get your news? Alan Jones?


No. They are not “responsible” I never said that and you know it. But they certainly side with elements that are NO friends of the left and exert influence in their favor, and as gangster capitalists, Putin and his wealthy friends are NO friends of any socialist!!!


…the black NFL players, plus pro-player ones too…What the hell does that mean? Dude, the NFL which is about 70% African American is a professional (American) football league. Stop with the hysteria; the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming Red Dawn the movie jive!


Naomi has many relevant ideas that need to be addressed if any movement forward is the be achieved. I’ll touch on the shock doctrine regarding the crisis aftermath of storm tragedies such as Katrina in the past and the new ones of Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Immediately after the storm passes in helping the victims is the first priority, the government is almost slow to respond with woefully inadequate supplies, shelter and financial aid. Then the capitalist vampire predators swoop in for the killing to be made on government funds used for rebuilding structures, as much as 30-40% of the funds go directly into private contractor’s bank accounts, if public funded labor was used many millions could go directly into recovery efforts. Then, in the case of Puerto Rico, there’s pressure to sell public institutions, as in the electric power co., and put them into vampire predators hands leaving skeletons of former public assets and owning something that’s worthless. Greece has experienced just that when it couldn’t pay back loans for the World Bank for ill advised Olympic venues. (BTW most of those venues built for the '04 Olympics now lie in ruins.) The predatory contractors devastated New Orleans after bulldozing habitable structures and rebuilding upscale housing for the wealthy displacing many with nowhere to go. I’ll be watching for the after effects of the latest rounds of storm rebuilding and I’m willing to bet the same vampires are circling as I write this.


We are willing to wait for the results of the Mueller investigation. Are you?


Seems like you have made up your mind without any evidence just the same as your opposition. Can’t wait for Mueller or what?