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Bernie Sanders Is Right: 3 Billionaires Really Do Have More Wealth Than Half of America

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/01/bernie-sanders-right-3-billionaires-really-do-have-more-wealth-half-america


As Crooks and Liars is reporting:

George Soros And Charles Koch Join To Fund Think Tank Opposed To ‘Endless War’

It will promote an approach to the world based on diplomacy and restraint rather than threats, sanctions, and bombing.(…)"

This would seem to indicate that a set of fundamental premises have shifted, and not necessarily as one might presume on the face of it


yes the dynasties need to be crushed too.

Im guessing that neither have much invested in MIC.


This is the part where they propose an end do the ineffective systems of today.
Citing the endless wars, inequality and chaos around the globe they have produced (much of which they are personally responsible for) and present their plans for a unified world under their caring supervision.


who needs those pesky nation states when you could have a nice, fuzzy corporate board with friendly. smiling customer-oriented HR lawyers eager to hear your complaints?

only a matter of time.


Solutions- 100% inheritance tax, 70%-90% marginal tax rates for those with high income, elimination of property and sales taxes, taxes based on income only and to fund budgeted projects. Elimination of lobbying. Elimination of much of the depreciation and other non cash deductions. Of course - we need to enforce anti-trust laws and break up and prevent monopolies of all sorts. When you look behind all of this - much of this has been allowed by mega banks which are only so willing to back these billionaires on anything and everything they want. Banks need to be brought under control. We need radical reform.


Based on this article’s graph it appears that Bezos and Gates have more wealth than the lower 50%. No need to include Buffett.

Recall Buffett telling us in 2004 that “there is a class war and my class is winning”.


People like me with negative wealth really bring that number down. I wonder what percent of Americans are worth less than zero.

It is even worse than this. Thomas Piketty in his Capitalism in the 21st century says there has been an average 5% return on investment over the last 200 years. There has been an average GDP growth of 2% so the investment class has accumulated a greater percentage of the overall wealth for 200 years and more. At 5% return, an investment doubles every 14 years. No family doubles every 14 years so individual wealth of family members increases. There are no Rockefellers, Morgans, Stanleys Rothschilds or royalty et al on Forbes list of billionaires. They have hidden their wealth so well that it can not be found. QEII is considered by many as the wealthiest woman. How much?
The truly wealthy want the pitchforks when they are aroused to invade the estates of the Gates, Buffetts, and Bezos not the Rockefellers. The truly wealthy consider this appropriate since they do not open their mouths publicly like Buffett.


I thought the same thing. It’s like saying that 37% of the world’s population lives in just three countries: China, India, and Monaco.

We must have radical reform; or, we will have violent revolution. History demands it. Violent revolution does no one any good in the short term, ie, our lifetimes. It does help in the long term. Unfortunately, climate change eliminates any good coming in the long term.

So far, Jimmy!

Yes - being hidden in plain sight has many benefits.

The lying thieving communists are coming for you, our gold and you property.

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What dynasties? These are single generation randoms that popped up, gates, bezos - you have collectively lost your mind with jealousy and envy.

You’re not from this planet, are you?


What does boot taste like? You are wasting your time here Rajeev_Samuel. The readers and commenters (the majority at least) at CD are intelligent and have ethics and empathy. You really should find something better to do with your time than attempt to infiltrate a leftist website to stir up sh@t.


Please Sir can I have some more Porridge?

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so…where do I sign?