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Bernie Sanders Is Running an Unprecedented Campaign

Bernie Sanders Is Running an Unprecedented Campaign

Curt Ries

Last Saturday, my partner and I showed up an hour early to get ready for our Bernie 2020 Organizing Kickoff event. As we re-arranged tables and learned how to operate the ring of TVs in the back of a local pizza joint, I tried to ignore the nagging question that often creeps into an organizer’s head before an event: What if no one shows up?


First order of business for the Bernie campaign:

Assemble a turn-on-a-dime emergency response team ready at a moment’s notice to combat the saboteurs seeking to undermine him from within his own effin party.


I voted for Sanders in the Illinois primary, gave a fair amount of money only to him and then voted for Jill Stein in the general. If Sanders wins the nomination I will support and vote for him and probably do more.
But… I was disappointed in the amount of campaigning he did for Clinton, his support for “Russiagate” and his tepid comments against the ongoing attempt to overthrow the Venezuelan government. His strident attacks on Trump also concern me as I believe he could win over more voters if he talks more about policy instead of how bad Trump is. I know that. I also see that the Democratic leadership, including my two senators Durbin and Duckworth, are supporting Pompeo, Bolton, Abrams, Pence, Trump and Rubio’s ongoing attack on Venezuela. nothing on that from Common Dreams and Bernie is not calling out Shumer, Pelosi and the rest of “our team” on this latest attack.
I support Tulsi Gabbard because she focuses on controling the military industrial machine and has been more definitive in her opposition to overthrowing governments. I believe Gabbard and Sanders are allies and would support each other.
Why doesn’t Comon Dreams publish articles on Tulsi Gabbard? I see reports of all the others but not her. I would be happy to donate again if you do start including her.


I have forgiven Bernie for his lack of FIGHT against those who STOLE him away as our president and for his backing of Killery and being a shadow to Perez in the “Unity” bullshit. BUT…O.K. here it comes,and I’ve already started to duck, why did he return to the enemy camp and play damnocrat when he has always 1.) been proud to be an Independent and 2.) expect that “REVOLUTION” he calls for to happen from inside a corrupt and paid for half of the ONE-PARTY SHITSTEM?!

Having said that, he and Tulsi are still at the top of my list since the Greens are, again, not working hard enough to get my vote; although, Jill did get it in 2016 when the other two choices were HORRENDOUS!

I suppose perfection is never going to happen but, as another poster said: why is he for the coup in Venezuela and not standing up AGAINST the lead scum in the “D” party half of the shitstem, namely Schumer and Pelosi?


Welcome to a one of the remaining corners of sanity on the planet, MichaelEgan


I agree with your criticisms of Sanders, but keep in mind that he is still a member of the Democratic Party which means has to fall in line once in a blue moon or he will get tossed out of the Party. Once Sanders is no longer rooted in either one of the corrupt Party’s, the media will never mention him again and he will be unable to get on the ballot as an independent.
I love Tulsi’s stand against the MIC, but she can afford to be more “out there” as she won’t be selected by enough people to win. I think a Sanders/Gabbard ticket would be great but it is too early to go there.
As for not finding enough articles out there about Tulsi, part of the problem is no one is writing them. Even Sanders is incredibly marginalized despite being the most popular candidate out there. MSM only covers candidates that have had the blessing of corporate America (i.e. Joe Biden & Comcast) which leaves far too many voters out there unaware of alternative choices. This is by design and it will take a monumental effort to overcome the propaganda from the MSM to elect someone that corporate America doesn’t approve of.
By the way, make no mistake about it, corporate America LOVES Trump!


I understand your frustration as I cringed as well when Sanders didn’t come out against Guiado or when bernie has anything nice to say about “Killery”, but keep in mind that the core of the Democratic Party, those who rely solely on corporate donations like Pelosi and HRC are just dying to find an excuse to jettison Bernie once and for all from the Party. Attacking Guiado could not have sat well with Bernie’s campaign manager as unfortunately the vast majority of Americans have an unfavourable view of Venezuela’s current government and are frankly misinformed about what is happening down there. As for criticizing the corporate members of the Party, that is rarely a good strategy as well. Sure, Bernie could try to run as an independent, but like Jill Stein, he won’t get on the ballot in every State. He also will have to kiss good-bye any MSM coverage (even though it is minuscule under the current system) thereby ensuring anonymity when it comes to most of America.
We have to be patient and support Bernie despite his seemingly occasional gaffe. He is alone in a minefield of ruthless corporate sycophants and that requires you to move forward with extreme caution at all times.


Are there writers for Common Dreams who could cover her? She has been on a number of mainstream programs where they attempted to discredit her: Morning Joe, the View, Wolf Blitzer, along with a few where she was not attacked: CNN’s Van Jones, Chris Mathews. Each of these showed us important aspects of Gabbard’s character as well as her positions which have been consistent. Jimmy Dore, Niko House (MCSC) cover her. Lots of material for articles that would help us learn about her. I don’t think she is going away. If you like Bernie, you will eventually support Tulsi in some way. She will not, in my opinion, undermine his campaign. Remember that she took a bold step in 2016 when she resigned as vice chair of the DNC to endorse Bernie and then was told that she would be “primaried” (wikileaks emails). She was. And she won big. Howard Dean said she should resign from congress for meeting with Asaad.The DNC wants her out. She is polite but she does not back down. She will help us.


I feel like we heard all of this in 2016. It was the Democratic Party that squashed Bernie back then. What makes anyone think the Democrats will be any different this time?

I thought Bernie was an Independent. He works with the Democrats but he isn’t one. And that may be a reason for Democrats to bad-mouth him.


Great points! We have yet to see what the Centrist Corporate Think Tanks have in store for Bernie and Friends. Since This Election is the most important one in our lifetime, triple the election fraud, hacking, corruption and throw in the Kitchen Sink. This will be a shit show of Bad like we’ve never imagined. They… don’t like Progressives and they don’t like Him. I sure hope he’s prepared for what’s to come and has enough ammunition. He’s gonna need every silver bullet to keep the werewolves and vampires from eating him alive.


"A Silver Bullet For Every GOP CongressMan And Senator Sounds Like A Good Start."

Would sure beat Garlic Necklaces.

People don’t know about the secret society called the Ghoulicratz… Lycans and Vampires have taken over Congress and the Media. They are the Army of the Dead and should not be allowed to vote! They all vote twice! That’s why everything is fucked up. “Gather your silver” is what Bernie is telling his closest supporters. Glad he told me so I can clue everyone in. We have to find their boxes during daylight hours when they are sleeping. Pass it on!!!


Excellent proposal, ST. It’s obvious from the lessons learned last election that such measures are necessary.

We are facing an extremely unethical opponent.


As distasteful as it was, I suspect that was the agreement he made up front, and he stuck to it. It showed a level of integrity that the Clinton / DNC Cabal has never had, and still doesn’t today.

I am more disappointed that he passed on a once in a generation opportunity to launch a viable 3rd Party

Bernie 2020


I’m already seeing it at HuffPo, Doing what I can there. I imagine that it never stopped at DU, but I don’t go there any more. I stopped when they insisted on a Loyalty oath in 2016


"Sharpen Your Wooden Stakes."

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Unethical, immoral, and inhuman.

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Are you talking about Democratic Underground?

I ask because Daily Kos demanded a loyalty oath in 2016 as well. Fuck dat.


That was a big deal at Jack Pine Radicals at the time and brought a lot of people to that group who didn’t appreciate the Loyalty oath to Clinton/DNC. I had left DU for JPR before that though. I had been posting pro Bernie and reality on Her. They gave me a “time out” at one point but I had been kicked off completely (under a different name) previously - for linking a Greg Palast piece I found on a DU banned website (can’t think of the name right now, Global something). THe Palast Piece was on Bill Clinton shadiness.