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Bernie Sanders Is Running and Says, 'People Should Not Underestimate Me'


Bernie Sanders Is Running and Says, 'People Should Not Underestimate Me'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Making official what was initially reported on Tuesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders has told the Associated Press: "I am running for president."


Run Bernie run! A long overdue agenda that will speak to many. I hope he can get Elizabeth Warren join him on the ticket.
This is a chance for our divisive and nit-picky self-defeating left to get behind someone and build a movement to take our country back from the corporate fascists, a movement that will go beyond this candidacy and election. Our support must also be critical in holding Sander’s feet to the fire on issues like his support of Israel and the military-industrial complex but no other candidate willing to address vital issues of corporate power and climate change and with a record of integrity on them has the outreach he can muster. After the Dems pick Clinton, Sanders may consider running as a Green or independent but as a Dem, he will be able to voice truth in national debates.


It’s very tempting to become excited about an ostensible socialist running for President for the first time since Eugene Debs, but Sanders is problematic in several areas. He supports Obama’s drone program and is a darling of AIPAC for starters. “Sanders never opposes any defense spending bill. He stands behind all military contractors who bring much-needed jobs to Vermont.” Read ‘Affluenza’ author and economics professor Thomas Naylor on “The Myth of Bernie Sanders” on Counterpunch. (Sorry, no linking allowed for new users but it’s easy enough to Google it)


Yea! Now, he must unhesitatingly savage Clinton continuously. If he can’t win the nomination he can at least so wound her candidacy that she would not win the general election, just by telling the truth about the Clintons and everything they have done to hurt average working Americans by selling us out for the past 25 years. Half the country already hates her (me included), and that is with nearly 100% name recognition. But I’m hoping that he can make history by becoming the first Social Democrat to win a major party Presidential nomination.


11. Expand Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and nutrition programs.

And yet, just last Feb, Sanders disgustingly voted to cut $8.6 billion in food stamps:

Bernie Sanders talks a good game, but…


And so you are doing what and backing who?


Everyone knows Bernie will not win. The question is will he promote and represent progressives well enough to get more Americans curious and daring to think outside the 2 party box/prison. If he can do that, I’ll consider it a victory. A major move forward anyway.


Sad cynicism there. This soul was born into citizenship here. There was no choice in the ‘contract’. Over a lifetime of struggling with the extractive system here and around the world, I concluded that where my feet are IS the journey. I wouldn’t mind if your opinion were posed as a legitimate question, but this person calls you on its shallow projection of self defeatism.
Yes, we’re in a challenge of a lifetime shaped by the chalk circle legacy of centuries of deluded premises imposed and in need of joyous, vigorous, creative inclusion. Lets get to it.


By running as a Democrat, Bernie is forcing the MSM to address issues that have long been taboo in presidential debates such as universal healthcare, taxing the rich and eradicating poverty. Independents, as we all know, are conveniently ignored by the MSM leaving most Americans completely unaware that alternatives exist. If Bernie is allowed to debate with Hilary, people will realize what a fraud Hilary is and may even realize for the first time the harm to democracy that corporate America has wreaked upon our nation. Bernie will have to accept many other compromises (such as accepting AIPAC money?) if he is to successfully run against the deep pockets of his opponents, but the main message is “remove money from politics”. All other issues are impossible to deal with unless the 99% can achieve this singular goal.
Go Bernie Go!


Senator Debbie Stabenow, D. Mich., ranking minority member on the Agriculture Committee, shamelessly agreed to the $8.6 billion compromise number. Sanders’ choice was to either vote for a bill with good things in it for agriculture in his state or vote no on the entire Agriculture Bill. A vote against the bill, if that were to be succussful, and no bill passed, would mean no food stamps at all.


Green party or any party — all political parties are a foundation for hierarchy.


I agree with Bernie on one thing: Don’t underestimate him.
He sold out workers before. He’ll do it again.


Until we get Instant Runoff Voting in our elections, third party candidates will just end up spoilers. Besides, our corporate media will make sure that minor party candidates get no coverage during the election. It is also extremely difficult to raise the money to run a credible campaign outside the two party system.
By running as a democrat, Bernie hasn’t sacrificed his principles. His voice will be heard loud and clear on saving social security, helping students with college debt, and income inequality. Those subjects would never even be discussed until he tossed his hat into the ring.


Bernie was never a Socialist. Ever.
He’s a bourgeois reformist, unprincipled opportunist and a Democratic Party wrangler tasked with rounding up strays and remnants…disillusioned liberals, lackadaisical Leftists, willfully ignorant independents…to ensure they’re properly branded by election time.


Congratulations Bernie — I just signed on to your campaign site and made my initial donation, which I expect to continue and increase — but I know I can help get you elected with strategy more than money.

I very much like your quote that “Nothing significant happens in terms of social change unless a strong grass roots movement takes place” — which I assume could well be the overall mission statement of your campaign strategy to win.

Having spent my life in strategic planning (not in politics but the computer industry) and having read and had the chance to work with Michael Porter regarding competitive strategy, I want to just firm up a few aspects of your political competitive strategy which will have to be on the ‘innovative’ upper right-hand point of the U curve to win in 2016.

First, the word ‘change’ as a goal sounds great and proved successful for Obama (although he didn’t accomplish any change) and which term, “Change”, is the most common falsely promised word used by all the “undifferentiated” products/politicians in the losing trough of Porter’s competitive strategy U curve.

So, Bernie, the promise of ‘change’ and specifically your promise of “social change” (as you say) toward what the vast VAST majority (90+ or maybe close to 99%) of Americans feel is wrong in America to be changed into what America attempted to be after the First American Revolution could be best described as a free and functional democratic Republic, eh?

Following from that present condition needing and hoping for ‘change’, which most Americans feel is on the “wrong track” — in terms of the country itself, the Congress, the Presidency, and the political-economic system (which we might want to call the wrong structural ‘system’) — you, Bernie Sanders, have to convince and ACCOMPLISH (unlike your predecessor, Obama) that you can ‘change’ the ‘system’ from what is NOT the American goal/dream/founding-promise of a truly functional democratic Republic into what is really a functional democracy for all people in our society, right?

OK, Bernie, the first thing that rational and effective strategic planning requires is to clear accurately and thoroughly ‘diagnose’ and describe to the customers/citizens what is wrong with the currently disappointing, awful, ‘wrong-track’, even oppressively disliked ‘system’ that has been able to stay in-place despite the fact that all previous (but lying) Presidents of their country have previously promised (on a bible, kissing babies, driving around in vans, hand-shaking, and otherwise deceiving voters) that they would ‘fix’ with their magic new formula of ‘hope and change’. [I don’t want to tar Obama as being the only candidate and winner of the presidency who has done this OKey Doky snake-oil salesman trick, although he was certainly the best, even better than the infamous lip-biting, tear in the eye, “I feel your pain” BS artists to ever come out of the South]

So, Bernie, the first key strategic requirement is to diagnose and define what awful ‘system’ of NON-functional democracy (or thing ‘posing’ as democracy) ‘the American people’ want to change AWAY from, in order to actually get to a real, honest to God, American Dream of a working FOR ALL functional democratic Republic.

Unfortunately, Bernie, “diagnosing” what is actually wrong with America and its current ‘system’, or “Why America Failed” as Morris Berman wrote, is tough today because of all the undifferentiated ‘practiced liars’ who have run for President before you (which you have to differential yourself from in order to get to the unique and ‘differentiated’ right-hand winning point of Porter’s U shaped competitive strategy curve, as I said above). You need to not only ‘differentiate’ yourself from all the past presidential candidate liars, but also from the 20 or so liar/competitors who you will be running against — and all of whom are certainly going to bring their own polished and highly practiced lying-skills ot bear on this high priced prize of continuing to run the same hated ‘system’ of a facade of NON-democracy for their rich financial-backers ie. the totally entrenched ruling 1%.

Now, Bernie, lets turn to the much more difficult strategic problem that you have to overcome than the past list of previous over-promising Presidents, and the current competitive gang of 2016 lying ‘promisers of change’ that you will have to overcome.

Surprisingly (some would say counterintuitively), you will have to ‘level’ with the American people about that current and decades old; bad, ‘wrong track’, distrusted, awful, painful, and NON-democratic ‘system’ which has been actively, guilefully, but very effectively keeping ‘the people’ from having the functional democracy that they really yearn for — and to more effectively use a unique and differentiated ‘competitive strategy’ to win over a majority of ‘the people’ and beat the pants off your many lying competitors, you will have to actually; name, describe, ‘call-out’, confront, and get enough ‘grass roots’ people to SEE you as a unique champion against that ‘wrong track’ entrenched ‘system’.

The first step on this more crucial mission and competitive strategy, Bernie, is for YOU to actually understand and have the courage to NAME the bad ‘wrong track’ oppressive ‘system’ that the people want to overcome with your real promise of ‘Change’.

I strongly believe and would recommend that you start your serious and honest campaign for real ‘change’ away from that wrong ‘system’ by reading about and “adequately diagnosing” and convincing your self that the only correct and politically activating name of that ‘system’ against which the people will join your campaign is Empire:

As Zygmunt Bauman hauntingly puts it, “In the case of an ailing social order, the absence of an adequate diagnosis…is a crucial, perhaps decisive, part of the disease.”13

Berman, Morris (2011-02-07). Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of Empire (p. 22). Norton. Kindle Edition.

Bernie, the absolutely certain fact that NO other candidates will even whisper the word ‘Empire’ is your ‘differentiating competitive advantage’ to certain victory, and to accomplishing what I’m certain is your real, honest, and empathic goal of ‘changing’ our entire “ailing social order” — of ‘changing’ and ultimately correcting all our multitude of ‘issues’ and ‘symptom problems’; from expanding wars, Wall Street looting, crony capitalism, massive economic inequality (as “Occupy” pointed out), domestic spying, increasing “tyranny at home”, economic imperialism abroad, environmental destruction, police-state murders of young black men, … all the way to preventing animal abuse in drug testing.

All these egregious, awful, and hated ‘symptom problems’ of our country and our entire world are ‘growing’ and “metastasizing” like a Cancer of Empire of all Maladies across our entire “ailing social order” — but you first have to personally understand and be willing to educate a sufficient portion of Americans that you have ‘uniquely’ and bravely exposed that bad old ‘wrong track’ diseased, hidden, and entrenched ‘system’ of Empire that no other candidate dares to expose — and that if they are frustrated, oppressed, and will elect you as a uniquely different type of president, that you (and only you) will charge the hill against the Empire that has ‘captured’ and now “Occupies” our formerly democratic Republic country.

I know, Bernie, this is a wildly radical and uniquely (almost crazy) way to run for the Presidency of our deeply sickened and “ailing social order” of a country — but some people will respond to this unique and ‘differentiated’ competitive strategy of a totally new and truly unique president — which I hope you are actually willing to have the brains and guts to be.

So, Bernie, first do your homework and think about what I’ve laid-out so far, and then, IF you want to run a totally unique and ‘differentiated’ competitive strategy, Ill be glad to discuss WHICH American people already understand and will massively support this strategy if you commit yourself to run on this basis, and how to convince a sufficient majority of eligible (but non-voting) Americans to join you in your peoples campaign to rebuild their former country as a real functional democratic Republic for all the people against Empire again.



I am voting sanders and donating to his campaign and if possible I plan on volunteering for his campaign. Sanders needs the progressive communities support. A united people.


Anarchy does not call for no government; “An archon,” without leader. Anarchy provides for exercise of distributed human intelligence while managing an autopoitic living self healing and self correcting society.

Government is not a bad word. We like government that patches the roads and manages real democracy which assigns costs to capitalist pollution and manages the free market so that public goods are not privatized by pirates and freeways are not a dog eat dog place where the fastest and biggest car competes to own the road.


It’s troubling in an era where so much violence is directed at women that you would use terms like “savage” and “wound.” I am no fan of Mrs. Clinton, but the misogyny inherent to your language frames is deeply objectionable.


I’m with you. While it’s deeply troubling that Mr. Sanders is not more vocal about the already bloated growth of the Military-Industrial-Complex and its need to make wars the way Walmart moves inventory, on just about everything else, he’s an advocate of The People. If he did get into the Oval Office–or at minimum, shake up the status quo by demanding answers to troubling policy decisions–he could then dismantle the MIC and likely show little aid to Israel, Egypt, or other nations that practice naked aggression… starting with our own.


By joining with the Sanders’ slayers, what exactly is it that you think will emerge in the nick of time to alter the political calculus? So-called Leftist purists are more likely right wing Trojan Horses. They take aim daily at “the good guys and gals” who work for change as if their ideal state is going to emerge in today’s controlled context.