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Bernie Sanders Is the Movement Candidate We Need

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/27/bernie-sanders-movement-candidate-we-need

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Bring in the dis-engaged non-voters and stick to your guns from the world’s biggest bully pulpit – that’s the formula for galvinizing a sustained movement when the world is literally falling apart.

There isn’t another candidate who can do it except Bernie.
But damn, do TPTB hate him.
Which means they hate us.


Many of us here knew Bernie was our best option last time around.

The moneyed interests didn’t think so.

Seems they, instead of the American People, get their way.

It’s a corrupt world we live in.


I think that BERNIE is the political answer in believing that the nation can make a momentous u turn and bring back something closer to a democratic republic. It’s all there in the PREAMBLE:
“We the People, in order to make a more perfect union…” so the directive is in plain sight. And, when the PEOPLE work towards a, “more perfect union,” the all the People really do benefit. THINK BERNIE and KNOW we can GROW GREEN. Bernie, of course, is the MORE PERFECT CANDIDATE! : )


Grow Green.

The wife and I just happened yesterday, to stop at a Hydroponics store, to look at some grow lights.

Folks, the newest best thing in grow lights is LED.

Grow Green.


As neo-liberal, “centrist” and “third-way” DINO forces try to sabotage the candidacy of Bernie Sanders and betray the nation, people and much else (yet again), the 100 million eligible voters that did not vote in 2016 loom large in 2020.

The DINO establishment schemes and plots to maintain corrupt power believe themselves secure in their arrogance, while the electorate begins to see the enormity of the con.

“We must defeat trump” and “Bernie can’t win”, "we must back a ‘centrist’ Dem candidate to assure victory, not allow “the left” or “socialists” any recognition - all arguments concocted in the utterly failed and corrupt cauldron of Dem “strategists”.and thieves.

The media whore newspapers, political pundits, pretty talking-heads, D & R party duopoly, as well as the mental right-wing talk-radio jackass wealthy con-artists, all conspire to fuck the public, our republic, the planet and any possibility of a sustainable, rational, future!

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They hate #BigUs
and we welcome their hatred

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…and the chances of them allowing it to change without #BigUs going to the streets is nil


Re: " going to the streets " With Milwaukee being so close to Chicago and the Twin Cities, things could get interesting at the convention, in a hurry.
Camping in Wisconsin is as easy as falling off a log in the summer, too.

It’s interesting that Summerfest in Milwaukee ends Sunday July 5 and the Democratic Convention start MOnday July 13. Only one week between the two. I"m sure people can find something to do in Wisconsin for a week. Lake Geneva is a lot of fun. So is Door County

I understand Bill Maher is booked in a club in Lake Geneva the entire week of the convention. He’s doing private Reel Time w/ Bill gigs for only Biden supporters. Supposedly focused on how to hook suckerfish in the summer in Wisconsin.

Boy do you have that right!!! I’ve never in my lifetime seen so much effort put forth as that of those who wish the status quo to remain intact. Not so much as a mention of Bernie’s name when discussing past or upcoming Democratic debates, using HUGE people to keep even supporters of Sanders out of the MSM’s field of view, trying to discredit and paint Bernie as some sort or radical communist because he calls himself a democratic socialist, rigging the entire 2016 democratic primary against Bernie to assure he never sits in the Oval Office…the list of dirty tricks to keep him out is seemingly endless. Of course that goes to show how much the political establishment respects the American public since Sanders and his platform consistently poll the highest of all candidates among the voters, even republican voters. Sanders is the candidate we simply must get chosen as first the democratic party’s nominee for POTUS and then support him as he plows over the Orange Asshole in the general election. Our future, the future of our children and our children’s children as well as all animal life and much of plant life as well the ability of the planet to support future life and the long term health of the economy depends on a Sanders win. A Trump second term at this time would be nothing short of catastrophic for the environment as well as democracy. Don’t forget about Trump’s planned cuts to Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, and Food Stamps in order to pay for his tax cut to billionaires and corporationsas well. Besides, after four and one half decades of being ignored by our elected representatives without billions to bribe them with its way past time our representative government represent US, the voters at all times instead of merely election time. Those of us who remember what this country was like before the scourge of neoliberalism remember what life is like with progressive taxation of the rich and corporations, strong regulation of banks and corporations as well as safeguards against the formation of monopolies, limits of campaign contributions, and friendly neighborhood beat cops working to protect the community instead of oligarchs and being militarized with battlefield weapons. We had a sound infrastructure, a strong middle class, representation in government, affordable education, and a far more stable economy to name a few things. Let bring those and more back!
GO BERNIE 2020!!!

Wow. I had not heard of that one. It doesn’t surprise me that Wall Street asshole is working for ByeDone.

My guess is that will be at the old Playboy Club now the Grand Geneva just east of town. Large facility, tough golf course, only two roads in/out so fairly easy to control and the main buildings are set way back off the main roads Hwy 50 and 12.

Yes, the Playboy Club is what I was thinking of, too. Probably have to add Viagra dispensers, though.
It’s a perfect place for old Biden supporters; millionaires are his base, after all. ( Just keep them away from the speed boats, even the wooden antique ones. ) And, " Wild Bill " Maher is such an outdoorsman his fishing tips at an old Playboy outpost make perfect sense. Also, changing Real Time to Reel Time is a catchy ( pun ) turn of words for true Billophiles, right?
I’ve never actually fished for suckerfish, but then, I’ve never run for a Federal public office, either. Ol’ Joe, on the other hand, has never done anything else for his entire adult life. Well, if you exclude plagiarism and resume enhancement. BTW- Does resume enhancement preclude the need for Viagra in older, lifelong pols running for POTUS? For the 3rd time, actually.

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M$M is pushing bogus polls that have Status Quo Joe in the lead. Isn’t that Viagra for your resume?

Have to ignore that he’s already a 2 time loser though

I’m not touching Ol’Joe, poll enhancement and Viagra in just one sentence, not even with a ten foot fishing pole.