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Bernie Sanders is the Realist We Should Elect


Bernie Sanders is the Realist We Should Elect

Katrina vanden Heuvel

As the Iowa caucuses near, Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) have released TV ads that together echo a popular theme in the mainstream media. Clinton’s ad depicts the job of the presidency as tough and change as hard. You need someone experienced who can face down foreign adversaries and stand up to reactionary Republicans.


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I like the reference to heart (caring for people) versus head (allowing the hierarchy to maintain its status quo), although in a less politically tainted environment, Clinton WOULD signify the Republican positions and Sanders, those of the Democrats.

This is worth repeating... and the entire article, in my view, is right-on:

"Clinton has inevitable baggage of her own that raises doubts about her electoral prospects. And Clinton’s decision to present herself as the candidate of continuity in a time of change is problematic. In contrast, the positions Sanders champions — Medicare for All, cleaning up politics, curbing Wall Street, a less-interventionist foreign policy, rebuilding the United States, tuition-free college, fair taxes for the rich and corporations — are all extremely popular. Furthermore, Democrats have a natural electoral majority if they turn out."

When the Black community can look honestly at Obama's legacy, they'll see that violence aimed at the Black Community (inner cities) escalated on Obama's watch as did the Supreme Court setting BACK voting rights.

In parallel, Hillary Clinton would advance the agenda of Patriarchal Capitalism in its most armed and dangerous posture: that of spreading empire through war. Such a legacy would be of no benefit to just about any woman, anywhere.

Tokenism in lieu of genuine change is a dangerous deception. And it's what's being served up again... under the pretense of a shift in the status quo of things.

No one could be Wall Street's "girl" AND a champion of Populism. Even to persons suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder, THAT would be a hard sell.


My Head, and my Heart are with Bernie. My head says that in the art of compromising, one must start with big ideas and then end up with something real in the end. I've seen the health care corporations write their own reform bill and it was decried as being communist.This was after the President had removed any chance of real reform by putting single payer off the table. The right wing and the corporate Dems will always invent evil out of change for the citizens. Let's now propose real solutions and then see what happens. People need something to vote for. Time for a political revolution and who cares what the establishment or tea party people think. Bernie's Platform and voting record speak for themselves, Let's get excited about our government again, we the people want someone to lead us and Bernie is the right person for the job. I'm in.


Exactly! You don't stake out an opening position in a difficult negotiation, by "pre-compromising" and adopting a fat chunk of your tough opponent's program! That's not "realistic" that's defeatism! Unless you're actually a sell-out and not any kind of reformer...


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The "head vs. heart" dichotomy suggested by the punditry is a blatantly false attempt to justify their innate support of Clinton.

Of COURSE the future of the United States is too big to gamble with using solely emotions.

Wellll ... The concerns with healthcare, education, wages, and environment expressed by myriads of people including many new young voters reflect a very REAL desire to change national priorities and leadership in a hard and factual way.

If anything, U.S. Corporatists including Hillary and her Republican counterparts, are the ones who live in an artificial reality bolstered by myths, emotions, and patriotic sloganeering. They claim to be based upon hard economic realities but are inspired by greed and avarice, with little or no concern with the welfare and well-being of the nation's population.

The growing numbers that truly think with BOTH their Heads AND their Hearts are what is causing the new results in this contest which have Clinton-lovers so concerned.


America's real, serious adversaries are ... other Americans — not foreigners — who control by TAKING Power never given them by the People or the Constitution.

They do everything they can to distort or destroy democracy.

We need a TRUE "Security" Team that recognizes the deep problems, and defends the rest of us, not the lying schemers.


Go Bernie go- FDR the second!


Now, why can't the plutocrats just be happy- instead of stealing from everyone else? Why didn't the CEOs of Wall Street go on trial? No one wants to talk about that , but Bernie does.


One has to use their head to perceive the hypocrisy of her supposed convictions and her actions. Head and Heart enables us to be more resolute in our decision to support Bernie.


Sorry Katrina--I like your article but I do all my thinking with my head.
And my head says "Bernie" for POTUS--IN EVERY way.

The Heart? Well that's the second "s" in Smiles.
When he takes his oath of office.


I am setting up a comprehensive FB page on Bernie Sanders “Friends Who Like Bernie Sanders”. Work in progress. Go to the Files to find different categories concerning Sanders. Mostly videos but starting to compile articles. Post any links to information about Sanders that you think should be included. To keep the site organized, all posting will need approval. Also feel free to make respectful intelligent informative comments pro or con! Special files will be set up for comments! https://www.facebook.com/groups/219100421757317/


Sanders won't touch Israel.
He is worse than Obama who at least muttered.
Change we can believe in? Or whatever Mickey Mouse slogan that is the 'American' flavour of the moment?
Yet again?
No thanks.
All elections in the USA have long been a waste of time.
The USA is dead, damned and defunct and has been so ever since the US'ns, against all evidence, adopted the name 'American' as their own.
In the beginning is the word.


Did you know when Hillary Clinton represented NY, there was a huge gathering of Congress to speak with those who served and are serving in our Military and every one showed up, EXCEPT for Hillary Clinton. As retirees, I find that exceptionally insulting and do not want her as our Commander in Chief.


That's ridiculous, I'm a Bernie supporter and in the unlikely event Donald Trump goes up against Hillary Clinton, Secretary Clinton will eat him alive. Not even a contest.


Or, of course, your name is Barrack Obama. He is the worst negotiator and he makes like he's been fooled again by Lucy Van Pelt and the football. He's an intelligent, savvy man who makes like Charlie Brown every time he is called upon to support something his Wall Street-owned heart is not in.