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Bernie Sanders Is the Unity Candidate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/28/bernie-sanders-unity-candidate


Thank you Christopher Cook for stating the obvious that Bernie represents the majority of Americans cares and concerns.


At the end of the day, it’s Bernie who represents the views of the majority of the American people. That makes him the “moderate”.
Every other candidate is busy telling us what we can’t do. Bernie is telling us what we can. Who do you think we should vote for?


Great piece and my only point to add that in the 21st century even evolutionary theory supports why we need Bernie and Not Me … Us. ie (contrary to the thoroughly dated and debunked conception of Darwinism as the survival of the fittest) the newer and clearer understanding of how multilevel selection works shows us that humans evolved to be, and survived by, being highly social and co-operative. That is, evolution acts on small groups of people or animals, at the same time as working on individuals, and makes Homosapiens the most social species on the planet, underpinning all our contemporary yearning for, and instincts that lead us to, search out and form communities. This is of course the opposite of rugged individualism predatory capitalism … and is explained in detail by David Sloan Wilson in his most recent book “This View of Life - Completing the Darwinian Revolution” (2019) Pantheon … search also The Evolution Institute

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You can safely bet your last nickle that every lizard brained Murkin will show up to vote for Trump. They don’t just vote for him, they love him. That is why every Murkin with and ounce of compassion or empathy needs to show up to vote. Bernie will need all hands on deck.


I don’t understand how any rational person cannot see we need Bernie in the white house especially after the 4 years of agent orange. My conclusion is they are ignorant of the facts. There is truth and authenticity with Bernie that the others can’t even talk about as they have none. My god wake up !!! Bernie 2020 !!


Keep your hopes high. If Bernie wins tomorrow and I believe he will, with Super Tuesday 2 days later the path will be paved for victory. I think there will be too much public pressure from all sides of the political spectrum and force the dnc to let the people’s choice prevail. Bernie 2020 ! It’s going to happen and the revolution will be televised.

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When talking about Sanders I hear again and again that he won’t be able to accomplish anything. I reply that at least he will try to improve things for the country. Is it really better to just give in and give up?
Trump has talked about using fireside chats, but Bernie could use such chats to get the country behind him and turn up the heat on the GOP and DINOs. Obama gave us hope, but then took it away again, but Sanders will do his best to help all of us.


Be sure to read the essay Pete Buttigieg wrote in 2000 about Bernie Sanders when Pete was in high school.
He won the JFK Profiles in Courage award for that essay.
Kind of ironic that Pete is now tearing Bernie down…

From the press release: "Buttigieg’s essay, which was chosen from more than 600 essays submitted by high school students across the nation, centered on the integrity and political courage demonstrated by U.S. Congressman Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the nation’s only Independent member of Congress. "

(h) ttps://www.jfklibrary.org/learn/education/profile-in-courage-essay-contest/past-winning-essays/2000-winning-essay-by-peter-buttigieg


Sounds as though poor Petey lost himself somewhere between high school and his campaign for president. Sounds as though he deserves our compassion. Sicknesses of the soul are absolutely devastating. I hope that his family is there for him with unconditional love.



And then there are the confused people in the heartland who thought Garth Brooks was endorsing Bernie when he sent out a photo of himself wearing a Barry Sanders jersey. (Barry Sanders’ football jersey number is 20, which added to the confusion.)

I bet Bernie is going to wear that jersey at his next campaign rally. Maybe Garth Brooks will appear on stage with him! Wouldn’t that be cool?

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While Bernie may have to second the first two years of his presidency fighting the Democratic Party, so be it.
I’d like to see him travel the nation, like Trump, and hold rallies in the congressional districts of every conservadem, spreading the message they they need to get on the train, or lay down in the tracks.
Bernie’s election would only be step one. The real work will be afterward, as he will need to make war against the political establishment of BOTH parties. We know this because Nancy is already circling her wagons


Obama never intended to do any of the hopey changy things he ran on. He was a fraud.
Bernie on the other had does intend to do the things he’s running on, but he will need ‘Us’ behind him going forward. We will need to push the Old guard to get behind him or will we need to push them out. This is not going to get fixed quickly.


Agree. I’m still pissed at him for not doing it after 2016.


and let’s not forget that it’s Sadie Hawkins Day today !

Ladies… batter up!

You betcha, Bernie 2020

It’s my strong wish that if in fact what you suggest may happen to Bernie for the 2nd time in as many presidential elections, him being fucked out the nomination by the corrupt DNC and Democratic establishment, I hope Bernie immediately calls a press conference of every possible media station available, and unleashes what he surely believes to be true, that the powers of the establishment Democrats were forced to negate his overwhelmingly first place performance in the primary season by the corporate moneyed interests that had bought and paid for the politicians in charge of the party.

Then, as you also state, he announces that he is forming a brand new political party which is unlike any other in that it is free of corporate influence namely political corruption, and it will be made up of people who have the interests of the masses as their primary concern.

Corporate influence of any sort will be cause for dismissal of anyone working for the party.

There likely won’t be time to set up the organization for the 2020 election but you never know what sheer determination and a massive effort of millions of volunteers might accomplish.


Hi Flanagan:
Yes, Obama gave us, " Hope and Change" —we had no idea however, that he meant pocket change for us—apparently the HOPE had already been cornered by the bankers and their nefarious ways—as they got all the money. : )

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A few decades back I used to play with my then-toddler son at the side of a very busy street. The number one rule was that he could not go out into the street to retrieve toys or balls or anything else, so we were careful to keep them in-bounds.

One day, of course, a hard-plastic ball bounced and sailed out into the first row of traffic. He looked surprised, then angry at me for the rule–and then, as a car crushed the ball, he snapped through a quick shock, having just gotten a more graphic idea of what the vehicle might do to him.

I get the feeling that the Democratic Party has little idea just what is out in the highway. There is no unity candidate; there is no unity. There’s a Sanders movement and scraps of corporatist camps that cannot unite because their followers are nowhere close to interchangeable. If any of them leave the race, most of their voters go to Sanders as a #2 pick. They are only there because of the possibly self-fulfilling fantasy that Sanders cannot win.

Maybe they imagine that people who leave the party usually come back.

Bernie Sanders gave a great speech tonight----MSNBC only played part of it----It wasn’t a speech -he was talking to us----having a conversation----and he talked about all the special interests that control our lives including the MIC

If anything we should just nominate Sanders so the corporate media can’t cut away from the speech.

Message to Joe Biden Bernie Sanders IS the real democrat Not some TOOL of the Delaware insurance and banking industry.