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Bernie Sanders, Julián Castro Among 2020 Candidates Set to Attend First-Ever Presidential Forum on Native American Issues

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/30/bernie-sanders-julian-castro-among-2020-candidates-set-attend-first-ever


Gee…do ya think they’ll talk about over turning Lone Wolf vs Hitchcock and finally set Native Americans FREE…crickets…


Excellent! So long overdue. If only the Democrats deserved you.

We are very fortunate the First Nations have continued to exist as they can show and lead the way as they are doing on the ecological crisis. But they can also lead the way to a reimagining of a new nation based on a solid ethical foundation.

We need to be prepared for the GOP disenfranchisement of these people as they have done so only recently.


RGB has also most unfortunately taken positions against Native Americans.

There have been so many broken treaties as to show that the US America does not have any honor.

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The Native American and other Indigenous People’s genocide, holocaust, continues, and this effort too, will likely turn-out to be met with “shock” and rejection by the forces of theft, fraud, exploitation, and oppression. Take Bears Ears for example

This effort will help build the coalition and massive movement to perhaps finally fully shift the dynamic, as Bernie Sanders is trying so hard to achieve! If only he/we actually had a political party apparatus to serve those efforts rather than sabotage them - that actually gave a damn about anything but wealth, ambition, and serving the same greed and exploitation as the other “party”!


Of the four English speaking “Settler Nations” that were once part of the British Empire , the First Nations peoples of each have fared poorly.

The Maori in New Zealand have come out the best from a financial perspective, this followed by those In Canada, then the USA and at the bottom of the heap the Aborigines in Australia.

Here in Canada our first Nations peoples are the poorest of any identifiable group and it my opinion, given they the first inhabitants of the land they should be doing the best. That they are at the bottom of the socioeconomic scale is a reflection on how they were exploited and marginalized by the Colonial powers.

I do not think the concept of Democracy under the meme of “one man one vote” is inviolable. I believe the cause of JUSTICE would be best served by specifically allocating seats in our Parliament and or Senate to our First Nations peoples. They need that Political power that over and above the size of their population in order to address the injustices that larger population visited upon them. Were it not for Genocide they would have a greater population and were it not for the French and then the British seeing what became Canada as part of their Empire to which excess populations of Europeans could freely migrate to , the First Nations peoples would have more Political power.

They deserve redress.


We thought president Obama was going to be the “peoples” president. Not so much.
But Bernie is the real deal.

I have seen a number of films about them both movies and documentaries and I was struck as to just how similar their mistreatment to the indigenes of the US has been. They had, as you know I am sure, a very racist assimilation policy where children were kidnapped to be brain washed into the wider culture with the end game being to erase them culturally and genetically.

It has been very clear to me that in US America the settler colonialism was hell bent on exterminating them and, while assimilation did occur as in my own blood line, Latin America really does show assimilation but so many tribes that were left intact until very recently as the horror that is occurring in Brazil.

Agreed. Ward Churchill has good ideas on the such a subject: Struggles For The Land, W. Churchill. In essence, whatever tribes remain they get their lands back and any non natives living on their lands will have the option to get naturalized into their nation. Another idea is to extend this view and where tribes have been exterminated the system to be a socialist one.

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Thank you my friend…I contacted Four Directions asking if they would address the issue and sent them to my Native Americans page for insight. One can only hope and I personally am tired of hoping, there is no future in it.