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Bernie Sanders Just Made Presidential Campaign Contribution History


Bernie Sanders Just Made Presidential Campaign Contribution History

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The Bernie Sanders campaign announced Sunday that it "reached a major milestone in grassroots financial support" during the third Democratic presidential debate.

A statement posted on its website says the campaign has now received over 2.3 million contributions. That means Sanders now holds the record for highest number of contributions for a White House bid, breaking the record held by President Barack Obama in 2011.


Gee, I wonder what that could mean?!


The notion that little Debbie took it upon herself to act against Bernie's campaign at such a strategic time, just before the debate, and in a week in which Bernie had two major endorsements, doesn't wash. The first question of the night has Ms. Hillary standing there in dramatic victimhood. It was almost too much to take, then Bernie is asked to apologize after he explained prior shenanigans involving the porous firewall.

Then, like Loretta Young's dramatic entrance through the living room door, Hillary calls attention to herself by being late for the start of the second round of the debate, this, I suspect, was a choreographed stunt, after all, it is all about Eve, I mean Hillary.

I found nothing to like about the entire charade. This horrid lady is getting away with seeming to be, her modus operandi. Of course Bernie wins on substance, but substance has little to do with these vaudeville shows.


Does this make Debbie Wasserman Schultz Bernie's biggest fundraiser?

Thanks Debbie! Keep up the good work!


Bernie lost me last night. The first words out of his mouth should have been a demand for Wasserman Schultz to resign.
Grow some balls Bernie, or step aside. Nice guys finish last.


Only to those who are watching closely. Spin usually works.


Bernie came across angry--rightly--but also as a mensch---with regards to Hillary-- at least at the start and at least to me despite the Hillary theatrics.


You assume an innocent mistake was involved. If there were prior incidents then presumably the staff were warned about the eventuality. If it was a set up all that was needed was for someone to spring it. Maybe the staffer deserved to be fired because they already knew that they shouldn't do what they did?


Bernie is obviously not the petty tyrant some seem so hungry for, as if this were an ordinary GOP race. Of course, Hillary would fit right in with the GOP. She is unfortunately too cozy with the leadership of the Democratic Party. That party's history has time-after-time demonstrated the party's leadership hates democracy anywhere it finds it, and attempts with all its resources to squash it out. Remember Rahmbo: "F&$% Democracy!" Notice how consistently he proves he hates it, with Hillary's & Obama's approval. Notice how much racism the Democratic Party silently condones.

Feel the Bern. Share the article. Post it at facebook. Invite others to discuss Bernie's policies. Discuss the growing movement Bernie leads: Discuss social equity, wealth inequity which both parties continue making worse, election-after-election. Contrast the vision in the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to the Constitution with what both parties do in power. Re-invent democracy every chance that emerges. Enjoy imagining it wherever we are.


Sounds like you would like a personality like TRUMP. He would never apologize. Bernie Sanders is a different kind of person and he will win with integrity and honesty not anger. Bernie Sanders 2016.


That is YOUR very narrow interpretation.

Winning wars, if there is such a thing, based on aggression takes the individual who practices it to a LOW level.

The high ground is found by not taking on the aggressive weaknesses of one's opponent.

Since Mr. Sanders has MORE support now, it's obvious that few people see it your way.

But then this forum never has much in the way of commentary if it isn't based on politics AS race, and team sport style affinities.

Lots of people with FREE time during the day work ALL day to slime Mr. Sanders. That is not a naturally occurring phenomenon. Some outfit is financing it...


Please restrain the stupid remarks. Bernie Sanders is going to win the primary and general elections. He is not looking for a cabinet post - he is looking to become president. He did not want to run but no other credible option came forward (Elizabeth Warren). Stop your negative ranting. Feel the Burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bernie Sanders 2016.


You are being grossly unfair.

Josh Uretsky worked for Sanders only since September, and he is well connected. He's a smart guy, too, very smart.

He was in charge of the dept, and it was his responsibility to keep things on the up and up. He engaged in what is called "white hat" intruding: Deliberately commiting a misdeed for the greater good, over a period of 40 minutes.

Should he have been fired? In a normal world, no. But he said he didn't expect the DNC to react the way it did.

The DNC--my thought--reacted like complete a-holes, period, and Wasserman Schultz, a known Clinton supporter, was looking for a scandal and for blood. Don't kid yourself that she wasn't.

So yes, because of the way the DNC reacted, Josh should have been fired. Josh knows it, Bernie knows it.

In a court of law, Josh would have to admit that he committed a misdeed, a fireable offense in the workplace. He was in charge; he is a seasoned professional in this field.

I have no proof to back this up, but I firmly believe that Josh will have no trouble getting another job somewhere else, and his previous employer will give him glowing praise.


You're disgusting.


Bernie Sanders is a nice guy and he will finish first. Nice Guys always finish first. Maybe you are an angry person but the rest of us are working hard to get Bernie elected president. Stop your negative ranting and get the Burn. Negative rants are so ego boosting and are used as an excuse to do NOTHING.
Bernie Sanders 2016.


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Don't count on it. You are either a complete fool or highly disingenuous.

Did you see how pissed off Sanders appeared when dealing with situation on Friday. I've never seen him look that mad. And the Sanders' campaign did not drop the suit after the craven, duplicitous DNC reopened the data banks to it. He may appear to be making nice, but that reflects his balanced methods of diplomacy. At this point I will consider that Sanders will be completely neutral with the Presidential run if Clinton wins the candidacy. Also, he's a sitting senator. Nobody in their right mind would drop that to join the cabinet of a rotten chief executive and her rotten neocon fellow travelers, except maybe to cash in. Sanders is not in this for the money.


While I understand that ABC would want to increase it ratings by devoting most of the first part of the debate to terrorism how could the moderators not ask even one question about the historic climate agreement in Paris. Bernie Sanders and many others have said climate change is the biggest threat we face. The moderators should get an F for not even bringing it up. I would have liked to have the candidates views on the agreement. The only thing I have heard so far is some tweets which is inadequate. United States foreign policy and economics are important but so is the fate of civilization as the countries of the world still have not really addressed climate change.


I was thinking more along the lines that there are a lot of folks out there truly hoping for the change that never came this go around.


Too wussy, trying to please the bloody woman. Sanders has always pulled punches making it all look like another circus, another wizardry gaming the progressives.