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Bernie Sanders: Keeping US From Becoming Oligarchy 'A Struggle We Must Win'


Bernie Sanders: Keeping US From Becoming Oligarchy 'A Struggle We Must Win'

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) gave a speech at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. on Monday to talk about his proposed recovery program and to address the economic challenges facing the U.S., both at present and in the future, particularly as the wealth gap grows and financial institutions escape accountability.


Yeah, you just want to keep filling the zionnist coffers, using the peoples $'s.


Can he really be so out of touch that he thinks the US is not an oligarchy?!?


Not a mention of cutting US military spending and ending our endless wars to free up dollars for domestic spending on the good things he mentions.?


Bernie seems to be saying:

"Capitalism is the problem

Socialism is the solution"

and I couldn’t agree more.


Here’s a huge problem in what Sanders is saying. We already have become an Oligarchy. And if Sanders is so out of touch to not realize this then maybe he should retire. We need strong progressive , antiwar leadership in washington now more then ever. And Bernie doesn’t seem to fit the bill.


“W]e are moving rapidly away from our democratic heritage” That ship has long sailed…


The Zeitgeist Movement could be the answer.


Bernie’s not out of touch. He knows exactly what he’s doing.
Now that there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of any of his “proposals” materializing into the real world, it’s time to ramp up the rhetoric. There’s an election coming, and his job is shepherding disillusioned Democrats, lackadaisical liberals and rainy-day leftists into the Democratic Party Corral by November 2016…again.


Sanders is correct when he states (elsewhere) that we need a political revolution. (For more on grievances and revolutionary principles, see The Amendment Gazette.)


There’s nothing in his rhetoric that even hints at anti-capitalism or anti-imperialism…nothing about Socialism…of any description… being an answer. Bernie’s a bourgeois reformist, which, in these times, essentially amounts to doing the same thing over and over and over again promising different results every time.

Look who he’s talking to. Is he talking to workers? No. He’s talking to centrist Capitalists…elite Capitalists…more bourgeois reformists…people whose influence can make or break campaign coffers.…bidding for their support.


He knows. It’s certain he’s acknowledged its existence…just not today.


Too late by centuries. Much more is required.
The US and its international Anglo-Saxon family (and its topically sharp Israeli friend) is now reduced to an absurdity. It is remarkably embarrassing to speak and write English for it is the language they use. This makes many of us specially angry because English is our language too.
It is not the first cultural entity to strive from a well painted and smart launching pad only to find the structure of the launching pad has corroded in the conceit of its people. This is unsurprising because the US people have long pissed on this pad in the belief this will make it grow. See what this acid stream has done to the aroma of the words peace, democracy and freedom.
We all need humility the way plants need and welcome water. The US evolved long ago into a cactus plant buried in the desert of compounded despair that is best named greed.
US people are like all people. They are good. They can realise their boundless potential by admiring the best in others and being self critical. This they can learn from many old sages from other parts. Confucius is a good start. My preference is Laozi who compiled daodejing. Both are devoid of ‘America’s’ self-worship whether in the name of their own One and Only God, Jesus, democracy or otherwise.
To do this Mr and Mrs USA you must stop admiring yourself in the mirror. In proven ever present fact you have now poeped in your pants and yours is a big pair of pants with a very big, old and smelly poep in it so old that you can no longer smell it! But the whole world can smell it and we are sick of it!
Yes, we all do it. You have done it seriously badly. Clean up!
Do this by working on your dreams in common with the world.
It is easy, for the you who do so are very welcome!


…and that acknowledgement wasn’t that long ago.


Well, I will give credit for the fact that he is boycotting Bibi’s psychopathic upcoming tirade before a joint session of Congress in March.

Netanyahu is so manic over the mere IDEA! of the photo-op of Kerry shaking hands with his Iranian counterpart over a deal regarding Iran NOT developing nuclear weapons that yesterday he vowed to fight any deal by getting international support against it:

Who does he intend to lobby on that? I think Israel will only have two other countries on its side. Micronesia and Palau.


Are you saying Sanders would run as a Democrat and not as an Independent?!

If that is true he will only be in the race until Hillary! wins then he will endorse her and she will choose him as her running mate.

Ha! If she thinks Progressives can be suckered into voting for her after Sanders and she lock arms at the convention in solidarity she is badly mistaken.

I will NEVER vote for her. It will be the first election in my life where I will not vote if there is no true choice. I will mark my absentee ballot off with “NO CONFIDENCE” and drop it off.


No. I don’t think Bernie is serious about running. I think he is serious about wrangling enough potential voters to get the money and support necessary to barter a plank or two into the 2016 Democratic Party platform. That would reinforce his political capital, sustaining the masquerade he represents political independence.


“…prevent this country from moving to an oligarchic form of society in which virtually all economic and political power rests with a handful of billionaires,”

I’m not sure I’m adding anything to the other comments but I felt I was in some kind of a decades-old time warp reading these statements. Perhaps this message might have made some sense had Jimmy Carter said it, but he, who appointed Zbigniew Brzezinski as his National Security Advisor, never said a word on this.


What “we” need is working class organization, that leads to a political movement, that leads to working class power. “Progressive” leadership is more of the same. “Progressives” are capitalists and capitalism is the problem. If Bernie won’t say it, then many of us on the real left will. If Bernie wants to put an inequality message out there, then more power to the cat. It won’t hurt, but it’s not enough. It’s time for Progressives to face the facts. You can’t have it both ways. You either stand with capitalism which represents the theft of labor, the theft of the commons, and savage inequality or you stand with ALL workers and economic justice for ALL.


Something about stable doors and horses comes to mind