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 Bernie Sanders Lays Down 2016’s New Electoral Math


 Bernie Sanders Lays Down 2016’s New Electoral Math

John Nichols

Democratic candidates for president flew to the Twin Cities last week to make their pitches to members of the Democratic National Committee.


Andrea Mitchell threw Bernie some red (speak ill of Hillary) meat bait. He didn't even sniff. Class act!


I've been listening to Mr. Sanders when he speaks on the floor of the Senate, over the past few years. I've always found him to be consistently aligned to The People. I've watched his votes over the years, too. He has not faltered and in more than 95% of the votes, I've been aligned to his thinking. The reasons votes are never perfect is that Legislation is never perfect. The men and women writing the Bills are not all that they are cracked up to be sometimes, most times. He is not perfect, but he has the right ideas, the right attitude about The People and he understands that WE are the ones who make it happen by Showing Up, by Caring, by Paying Attention to the Details, by ACTING like we care about and want more Democracy, not less of it. It really is about US, as he so often states. The question is, are American Tax Payers/Voters/Citizens really ready to be a part of creating more Democracy, or are they still going to be lazy, sit on the couch watching sports and bad movies kind of people. There is a choice to be made, and it is not just in the voting booth. It's a choice inside hearts and minds. It's about what we will decide. Not just about what a President will do. I'm not sure just how many people really get that.


You ask -

I wonder what those who constantly try to discourage others from voting because it is perpetuating the duopoly, would answer? This article makes the point that a low voter turnout helps the republicans. You and many other progressives are wondering just how many of those naysayers really do get that?


If we can actually elect Bernie and leave the other Dems in the dust, we have a chance to begin to take the country back from the 1%, imo


Bernie is a very shrewd politician. By running as a Democrat, his Trojan horse is already within the fortress of the 2-party 1%, indistinguishable in all but name, power structure. When night falls, whether or not the people can overwhelm this neoliberal fort depends on how many people are in the horse with him.


Yes, others on these pages willfully ignore what Bernie is doing, he is a Trojan Horse. I agree with you, it is self evident.


I'm afraid the American people are too far gone (apathy, lazy, greedy, don't care, uneducated, etc) to be able to make that kind of decision. I'm afraid Mr. Sanders would never get far even if elected. We know what happened to Kennedy, his brother and for that matter, MLK. Mr. Sanders will be used to create excitement and interest (which benefits the media and one-party system) but will disappear with the likes of Trump, etc when the rubber meets the road. Hate to say it and I hope I'm wrong.


So you would allow the republican rightwingnuts to get in the White House to prove a point? The point being that the old guard status quo are well entrenched? What is your point here? Are you saying to people that they shouldn't vote? Are you going to be satisfied with pretending that a fantasy vote for a non existent third party is a meaningful vote? Maybe this election you'll get a full 1% of the vote instead of only 0.3% like last time?

Your comment is callow. Bernie refused the oligarchy's pac money and runs as the anti-oligarchy candidate yet you try to picture him as their boy... what a crock Tom... seriously... you take a cheap shot at someone who at least deserves respect for a long record opposing that 1% and sticking up for the 99%.


No, Hillary's billions cannot, and will not, generate enthusiasm. Quite frankly she's a bore. If anyone thinks Bernie's supporters will transfer their enthusiasm for Bernie to Hillary, or any other candidate on the horizon, doesn't understand what enthusiasm is, it isn't transferable. If Bernie fails in this attempt, his supporters will do what they would have done had Bernie not been in the race, whatever that might have been, sheep dog, and sheep herders, and funnelers, to the contrary not withstanding. For me it's Bernie or no one.


For me it's Bernie or Jill Stein (Green Party). Enthusiasm may not be transferable within the Democratic Party, but there's nothing wrong with thinking outside the box every once in a while.


Absolutely. Same for me. I'm not convertible to Shillary either. Back to the Greens...


Falling in love with a candidate by reading Common Dreams articles, then arguing for and campaigning on behalf of the same candidate, creates a one-way emotional bond. Supporters of candidates are invaluable after the election, when the so-called reform candidate appoints an anti-reform cabinet and reverts to the ways of his despised predecessor.

There seems to be this sort of enmeshment: When the candidate who I helped elect blows up 16 year old boys, am I somehow culpable? Cognitive Dissonance seems to be the answer for most liberals.

The supporters maintain an intellectual infrastructure of denial and rationalization that is invaluable in the era of pseudo-reformers, as we have seen in the past 6 years with Obama.

This is why it's vital for all of us to get on the Bernie Bandwagon now...to get invested deeply and emotionally, so that when we start seeing the inevitable Democrat Trojan Horse stuff, we will be there to deny and rationalize.

This is how a Democrat can actually do way more damage than a Republican. George Bush never had millions of Democrats justifying and rationalizing for him...rather, he had to contend with a re-energized Anti-War movement.

Obama vaporized that movement.

Bernie is here to help make sure it stays vaporized.


Bernie beats the same bunch as Biden or the HillBillary Combo Finger Nail File & Tweezer Set; used by manicurists in the finest salons and board rooms in the U.S. Just look towards the gated community near the private golf course; you'll a find the Day Spa, too. While it doesn't say where Bernie beats them; which is why Biden is in Florida and P-FrankOne is coming to Philly, he's on equal footing with them. Everywhere except the MSM, specifically NBC and NPB. These two Smart Set Wannabes should be singled out for ridicule of the harshest nature, since they are the " smooth operators " of 1%er agitprop. The Hillary/Biden duality is truly the " two sides of the same coin" meme Mr. Nader spoke so righteously about for decades. Bernie and we supporters now have the differentiation needed to call them out for what they are and who they represent. Just by saying; Go Bernie! I'm not worried, either, about the SEIU and AFL-CIO early national endorsements. Trumka & The Carve Outs really should figure out that polka music and classic rock don't sell like they used to. Time to update the downloads, methinks. Try some John Prine, fellas. Another famous person from Illinois, overlooked somewhat, who said, " But your flag decals won't get you into Heaven anymore They're already overcrowded from all your dirty little wars Now Jesus don't like killin', no matter what the reason's for And your flag decals won't get you into Heaven anymore " It won't help P-FrankOne either, to tacitly endorse it, and tell the faithful that there's a better place waiting for the meek. Been there, done that, P-FrankOne.


This has been a political analysis; paid for by Dr. Sigmund Fraud.


Why are you always telling people to help Hillary win the nomination and worse to help the repubs to win? That's all you ever do is help the others to win. If you think that the Repubs or Hillary (our former sec of state) will have a better foreign policy than Bernie, I hate to tell ya but have you got it wrong. Do you really want the more militaristic foreign policy of Hillary or the repubs. You'd best get up off that fat agenda and take a look at the reality that you advocate.


So what is the real goal of the DNC? The Clinton's seemed to play no role in building the party,but more focused on their own futures,and the same could be said of Obama.--The issues Bernie Sanders is running on are popular with the American people-yet the democrats seem incapable of connecting the dots-and maybe they don't want to connect the dots? This has been a central theme of Bernie Sanders but most seem to have their ears closed-THERE NEEDS TO BE A MOVEMENT-Bernie Sanders thought about running in 2008 but felt there wasn't a real movement for real change. He has stated he feels this movement in 2015. And maybe the starting point is the makeup of the DNC!


"There are a few populists [in the DNC], and there are quite a few fundraisers who are disinclined to offend CEOs."

DNC sez: "What will it profit a party if they gain the whole White House and lose all their donors?"


I admit I was not thrilled with this frame. However, given the Koch-Brothers'-agenda pushed by Republican governors like Bobby Jindal and Scott Walker, or anti-global warming stances held by others from this flock of imbeciles, while too many Dems fall into the systemic rut of aligning with Big Money interests, they still ARE better than Repugs at state levels. And while some Dems sell out to the MIC and Big Banks, almost every Repug does. So there are some distinctions. Not enough. And I still argue that the power of Big Money casts a shadow over the system that makes corruption endemic. Many here look away from that aspect to instead either produce The People Magazine style personality politics, or its sports team equivalent in the form of a race for which party/candidate is worse.

Full scale public referendums on matters of substantial interest to citizens is a way around this cronyism and corruption--the best (inverted) Democracy that Money can buy.


You left off a number of dirty tricks put into practice by Repugs which shift that disadvantage decidedly:

  1. The new Supreme Court decision that essentially chips away at Black citizens' voting rights
  2. The types of redistricting and gerrymandering that give Repugs more representatives proportional to actual numbers of residents (in these newly mapped out zones)
  3. Reduced voting hours & voter I.D laws that mostly impact poorer persons and/or persons of color
  4. Several million felons, most of them persons of color (who tend to vote Dem.) disenfranchised due to arrests likely for recreational drug use--conveniently criminalized (to make for a War on Drugs)
  5. The Big Money favors Repugs. since most march lockstep with corporate interests and DO THEIR bidding without question