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Bernie Sanders’ Leverage Isn’t Going Anywhere. Deal With It


Thinking that if HRC is president in four years time - we will be at war - and have to vote for “America” as embodied by our patriotic leader. Maggie Thatcher did exactly this to gain reelection - remember the Falklands war with Argentina. Thatcher insisted that she was a woman with balls; Clinton has the the same arrogant manner.
HRC has shown that she is a fascist abroad every bit as much as Trump is at home. Unless we convince the superdelegates to change horses (hold them accountable for the most important vote of their lives) that leaves Jill Stein.


Thanks for this good comment and info.
Let me just add these fine points:

  1. Obama and other Democrats supported Lieberman (running as an Independent candidate for the Senate after he LOST the Democratic primary). Obama and other Democrats thereby were AGAINST the Democratic candidate for the Senate that the Democratic voters in CT preferred. Thus, Obama and other Democratic officials were AGAINST the wishes of the common people. (Sound familiar?)

  2. Why? Because Lieberman is a conservative, DINO, neo-lib and neo-con – and so is Obama and so are the dominant DNC, DLC, “neo-Democrats.” Lieberman’s Democratic candidate opponent was a liberal and was anti-war – and thus was NOT supportive of Obama’s and these other neo-Democrats’ bad plans and actions.

  3. Obama, Clinton, and DNC/DLC neo-Democrats are NOT liberals or progressives – although they describe themselves this way at times – yet at other times they describe themselves as conservative “Blue Dog Democrats” and as “Reagan or Eisenhower Democrats.” Their self-description changes from liberal to conservative – depending on the audience they are trying to manipulate and win over.


“Not that close”? The Hillary Machine RIGGED & STOLE many primaries! If there had been a completely fair and honest primary season (including a fair media), Bernie would have won decisively. It would not have been close!