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Bernie Sanders Looks for High Turnout to Fuel Kentucky, Oregon Upsets


Bernie Sanders Looks for High Turnout to Fuel Kentucky, Oregon Upsets

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

"Needless to say, what I hope we'll be seeing is a very large voter turnout," Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders told an Oregon newspaper over the weekend ahead of the state's closed primary on Tuesday.


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Abandon the Democrats, Bernie, even if you win both primaries. That party is no place for a true progressive.

Team up with a party of the people that will support your revolution, such as the Greens.


Hillary’s other major gaffe in Oregon was to vote for the Iraq War. We have not forgotten and looking at her bellicose record as secretary of state makes Oregon voters shrink with horror. She is not popular here and hasn’t visited, sending Bill instead. Although Oregon is not as progressive as Washington State, I predict a win for Sanders here today.


How many more times must you see that voting Democrat is a dead end that guarantees continuation of Wall St rule.

With the leadership Bernie would provide, Green membership would increase dramatically and a real revolution would ensue.


Thanks for your compliance.

The Machine


The caucuses work for Sanders and the closed primaries work against him. That seems to be the conclusion that can be drawn from the contests so far.


Actually, she did come for a $2,700. a plate dinner a while back.

I wonder if the amount was the corporate candidate’s one per-center comment on Bernie’s average $27. donation.

Sanders 2016


Oregon is going to blow that away, big-time.


Thanks for correcting that. I was out of the country at that time and not paying attention.


To the tune of ‘Going to the Chapel of Love’:

Oh yes I’mmmmm…
going to Salem and I’mmmm…
gonna watch vote counting,
Yes, I’mmmmm…
going to our capital
and I’m
gonna watch the counting,
Yes, I’mmmmm…
going to our capital
and I’mmmm…
gonna watch vote counting,
Yes, I’m going
to watch
Bernie win!

My prediction: Bernie takes Oregon like he took Washington state - maybe even better!


Do you have anything else? All three of these people will have to work within the construct of a hard-headed Congress. Who’s been waiting for a chance to take down the Executive Branch, a couple of notches at least. for quite some time. If Trump wins you get a SCOTUS choice(s) from the Heritage Foundation or Federalist Society. With Clinton you’ll get one from the Federal Courts, probably an old appointment by Wild Bill. From Sen. Sanders you could get someone from Academia or, better yet, the progressive environmental community in the Western U.S. I’m ready for another Douglas on environmental and civil liberty issues. It’s past time we get someone who’s not as enamored of Corporate rights as the present court, including Ginsberg and Breyer. FYI- Doing what you, and others here, have been hinting at would certainly get Sen. Sanders, Jill Stein or Chris Hedges impeached; pronto-like, too. Bernie is getting votes from Southern Oregon so Hillary is in for a long night I think. I’ve heard Kentucky is having better than expected turnout, as well. Go Bernie!!!


Hope you’re right.


I agree totally with port_lookout and EnemyofWar!


No, that’s not the conclusion, you mind-numbing, shameless, propagandist. What also works for him, are open and semi-open primaries that are not in the south.


you have no imagination…, also if Sanders is the candidate, you can be sure the “hard-headed congress” will be quite a bit softer as a result of high turnout.


To end Citizen’s United you need 2 new SCOTUS appointees. To end Corporate " personhood " you’d need 5 new SCOTUS appointees. That’s why one will be done through the courts. And, there’s a remote possibility the other one would be accomplished by amending the Constitution. I’m currently supporting both. Public financing of elections or a hard cap on political donations in both the primary and general elections is the goal, here. BTW- $500 per candidate for primaries, $400 per candidate for general elections, $250 for party building and GOTV efforts. Federal elections only. Individual contributions only. No PAC $$$, 501s, 503s, 666s ( that’s a joke ) or anything else. As in NADA!! Contributions are instantly reported and traceable by your SSN#. Violations are felonies on both the contributor and receiver. Fixed it. States, counties and cities are a totally different matter. ( As you can tell by the byzantine and capricious ways both major parties have behaved this year. ) Change federal election laws and you can change the course of might rivers, too. ( But I support dam removal, so… )


Here in Oregon 111,000 independents changed their registrations to Republicans and Democrats.
84,600 changed to Democrat like I did. So even though it is a closed election, there are many independents voting.


Me, too. Turnout is good. A car just went by a main drag filled with Bernie supporters. And, a Mr. Microphone-type hookup telling people to get their ballots in. It’s a nice day, as well. Go Bernie!!


Bernie has been undermined since the beginning by DWS and the DNC, and by state party officials. DWS is continuing the undermining into the national convention by stifling the voice of Sanders’ supporters in the various committees. Believe it or not Trump won in a more legitimate Republican run election then the one run by the Democrats. At some point Sanders needs to recognize that even though he is the more popular candidate and the candidate with the most favorable opinion of the voters he will still lose in a rigged election. He should be starting procedures to get on the ballot as an Independent. He would get the votes of most of the independents, of almost all of his democratic supporters, and of the Republicans who don’t want Trump. If Clinton is the sole candidate opposing Trump, then Trump will win. Bernie could beat them both and at least have a plurality in the general election. Then it is my understanding that the vote then goes to the House, possibly to the newly elected representatives which may be feeling the Berne from their constituents. The Democratic elite needs to recognize how much Clinton is disliked by many of the independents and Repubuplicans and even many Democrats. What are they going to do if she is indicted or arrested? Will they post bail for her to attend the convention? What are they going to do when the content of her speeches is leaked. What are they going to do if her name shows up in the Panama Papers? Sanders should be the nominee. He would have won in an open election in all states, and if the DNC had been more objective. It’s time the Democratic Party became more democratic.