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Bernie Sanders, Nation's Highest Profile Socialist, Once Again Voted Most Popular


Bernie Sanders, Nation's Highest Profile Socialist, Once Again Voted Most Popular

Jon Queally, staff writer

More than any other option available to them, a majority of the people in the United States of America prefer the socialist—the one who calls for Medicare for All, tuition-free college, higher taxes on the wealthy, an end to fossil fuel subsidies and a clean energy transition, and an end to the corporate takeover of democracy—most of all.

"Once a goddamn week there's a new poll saying Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America. How come this never gets to the DNC?"

But The Hill buried the lede.


Bernie is very away from being a Socialist.


So true. Despite his use of “Democratic Socialist” he’s and FDR Democrat. The one that was elected 4 times and is always in the top 5 of presidential rankings.

He’s one of the few, if not the only politician to stand up to the corporate/billionaire class and speak the truth.


From the article: Once a week there is a new poll showing that Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America. How come this never gets to the DNC?

Simple answer: because the DNC is sooooo corrupt that they would rather let Trump get elected than nominate Bernie, who would have buried Trump in the 2016 election for POTUS.


Thanks for the pro-Trump propaganda. Yeah you’re happy.


I don’t know why the poll did not include Joe Biden. He might have come come out on top. If Obama was included most likely he would have been the leader. He is very popular. Of course he can’t run for president again. There are some politicians who do not have enough national visibility to be included in the poll but certainly might be very popular if they did have such visibility. Kirsten Gillibrand is one that comes to mind.


Of course Trump appears to be a white supremacist and has failed to adequately condemn the neo-Nazis and Klu Klux Klan. That is the person you are applauding.


DNC is too closely aligned with Wall Street and the banksters. Neither faction wants Sanders in the White House. They could not care less about who’s the most popular politician. This is in part why the DNC pushed Sanders aside in favor of the obviously Wall Street-friendly HRC.
This is not new news.


What exactly does that mean?


GFY, troll…



Thanks for the concise description of Bernie Sanders. Of course, the others who have replied to your comment can’t do more than call you a troll and spout off the tired old canard “You must like Trump then.” That also happens to me whenever I post factual remarks about Sanders’ history. Too bad these Sanders groupies can’t engage in intelligent debate. That’s because they know they can’t refute your information.

The fact that the “most popular” politician in America is a pro-Zionist, pro-Imperialist war-mongering shill for the corporate Dems is the reason we aren’t going to see any real change in this country anytime soon.

And no, I’m not a troll. So all you Sanders supporters out there can save your name calling and smears. I’m just a thinking human being who disagrees with many commenters here at CD about the nature of Bernie Sanders. If you think either Jack_Ewing or I are misrepresenting Sanders’ record, please provide information which disproves any of our claims. I’m always open to being corrected if I make an error. I don’t claim to be perfect, just concerned about the future of the world.


“I don’t know why the poll did not include Joe Biden. He might have come come out on top.”

Gosh, it must suck seeing polls like this. You can throw a bunch of names out there if you like, and none of them will be popular for actual policy positions or the impact those policies have had. If you asked 100 Americans about a single bit of legislation Biden was behind, could they name a single one? So, what exactly do they like but empty fluff? With Sanders, it is the policies that put him where he is. It isn’t his looks or the empty suit talking points that people like Clinton and Gillibrand (or your candidate of choice, Cuomo) will deliver in the most obvious and unauthentic ways. At least you didn’t throw out that counterproductive and sexist “Berniebros” pejorative.


You know we are in a world of hurt when a capitalist is the nation’s highest profile Socialist.


In a recent poll 70% of Americans regarded themselves as anti-Zionists. Yet your pancake makeup bro, Herr Trumph, is covered in fundy butter and griddled in Zionist money lard. How could Sen. Sanders top that? Only by donning a waffle, like Waffler Boy in Chief, Hair Twittler. ( His flattened orangeish hair looks an oleo-covered pancake from Denny’s, too. Where all the Nazis and White Supremacists hang and check out each others brautwursts, I’ve heard ).
As to your arithmetic and %s education; you must have been taught those skills in one of The Confederate States. Where losing bigly is considered winning, even to this day. In fact, other than Alabama football, what do those folks cheer about? The speculation of more tiki torch parties?
Sunday church services being fours long, perhaps?
Check out some real facts about Trump signing legislation curtailing open dissent regarding BDS, AIPAC and the U.A.E. money, etc. Trump is far worse than Bernie on all this supposed Swamp draining rotten politics in D.C. & on Wall St… Probably why he’s not a Democrat. Probably why losers like the 46% Twittler needs to have zealots and synchophants comment, here.
Also, Pres.Twittler won’t make it to the 2020 Show. His conditions of parole won’t allow that much travel. Maybe you should hook up with him at Denny’s.

Just look for the guy covered in whitish flour. And, it’s always polite to remove your hood when entering a meeting hall, too.


Yes, I saw the survey of voters and it looks like Bernie would have won over Donald. His approach was a clear difference from Trump. I think the problem was Hillary was and is a Democratic Party insider and reminded the public of the Bill Clinton years and scandal. And there was a huge difference on the issue of health care approaches. Bernie was and is going with single payer or what he calls Medicare for all. Which makes sense after you read the studies that show America is paying the most for our compromised health care system that ranks nowhere among the top rated health care systems in the world. The harsh reality to accept is clearly shown that Americans are paying the most per person than most other industrialized first world countries while having one of the least effective health care systems in the world. Paying the most for the least. Almost all of the other industrialized first world wealthy countries are paying far less per person for their health care systems than America and Americans. Our system is set up for maximum corporate profits. And Trumpcare is nothing more than Corporate care boosting profits even higher.


The fact that the DNC still doesn’t get it is the reason I will never again vote for a democrat.
I switched over to the democratic party last year just to vote for Bernie, I will never do it again.
If Bernie wants my vote should he run for president again, he will have to go independent or start a new party.
He should have learned that he was not only running against the republican party, but the democratic party also.


Bernie Sanders is not a socialist, as he no longer explicitly opposes capitalism. When asked by a reporter the reason for the barbaric income inequality, B.S. answered “greed”. This is nonsense. Greed, one of seven “deadly sins”, is an individual personality disorder. The capitalist economic system, the intrinsic drive of capitalists to maximize profit, irregardless of social, economic, ecological or political consequences, is the root cause of the many crises facing humanity.

See my Common Dreams comment elsewhere on Redistribute the wealth post


Both you and “jack” make accusations without including evidence, blather assumptions with no background provided, and ignore Sanders vocal commentary and stand on many critical issues…and jacks so-called “information” is just malarkey & rubbish that is not backed-up by evidence…just a couple of bashers who must just love the ginger pig’s agenda and actions…have a nice day…


Google the Thomas Frank and Katie Halper interview at the Chicago Summit … if you haven’t seen it.
Extremely informative and basically explains the neoliberals vs Bernie’s progressives
and how the party has changed over the years.


Yes, and the most infamous statement by Bernie: " we cannot allow a Trump presidency" and then asked us Bernie acolytes to back Hillary instead of him, when he knew he was the stronger candidate against Trump, means one thing to me: either Bernie sold out or was intimidated by the corruption of the DNC.