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Bernie Sanders, Nina Turner, Civil Rights Leaders Demand Workers' Rights at Mississippi Nissan Factory

Bernie Sanders, Nina Turner, Civil Rights Leaders Demand Workers' Rights at Mississippi Nissan Factory

Nika Knight, staff writer

While President Donald Trump was tweeting from his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, former presidential contender Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was doing something Trump had promised to do throughout his campaign: advocating for workers.


There has to be at least one working class political party. The overwhelming advantage we have is that probably 90% of the US population are working class. If we can get beyond divisions, distractions and self-inflicted damage, we can actually change things for the better for the workers of the US. Capitalists and their political minions are terrified of our numbers and strength if we join together in solidarity.


This is very good news. Canton, MS could finally be a turning point for US labor.

No thanks to my fellow white-Anglo male members of working class though. Where US organized labor has made any advances at all ( such as the SEIU, UNITE-HERE), it has been black and latinx workers - and white women - doing almost all the organizing work.


Bernard Sanders still speaks-out and champions the peoples issues, while the Dem establishment big-money shills remain part of the corrupt problem…Bernie’s commitment and integrity are obvious to anyone with eyes to see. I expect the usual naysayers to spew their vitriolic lack of judgment, insight, and faith any time soon…


Just getting the " vote to form " is tough. In S. Carolina the Boeing vote was 16 years in the making, and they lost 2-1. The worker’s mentality in the South seems at odds with Big Labor and at home with ALEC legislation. Residual resentment from labor support for The Great Society legislation has remarkable staying power.


bless you Bernie for continuing the struggle of the 99% everywhere for everyone one of us! What are you all doing to continue the revolution where you live? I am working to get Barbara Lee my congresswoman in California, to run for the senate to rid us of the likes of Diane Feinstein, the senator from California who has already worked to normalize the likes and lies of several of the orange man’s nominees for cabinet positions. Movement already underway. Join us and write to Lee to run.


Was that 16 years from the card submissions to the NLRB? Pretty awful.

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" There has to be at least one working class party".

The democratic party has claimed that they are the party of the working class and that has been their narrative for far too long. Bernie tried to reform the democratic party, but like I said, when he decided to run for POTUS, it was futile because the corrupt dems. had already selected HRC.

In my view, you are correct we need a true, incorruptible, progressive, working class party.


From the forming of enough members with intent to the vote. S. Carolina laws and statutes may have hindered, as well.

MLK was adamant about the fact that all Civil Rights flowed from Economic Rights, and specifically Workers’ Rights. We must remember that King’s last great undertaking was what he called a “Poor People’s Campaign” – because King realised that without economic justice there can be no social justice. It was on the eve of the planned Poor People’s March on Washington that King was assassinated. Everyone remembers that he was shot in Memphis, but few remember what he was doing there. King was in Memphis to support the striking Memphis Sanitation Workers, who were locked in a struggle for better working conditions and higher wages.

Indeed, it was in Memphis, in support of those workers, that King delivered one of his most memorable speeches: "I’ve seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight that we, as a people, will get to the Promised Land”. These words were spoken not in the context of a race-based civil rights march, but on a broad-based economic struggle to support and protect workers in Memphis. When he spoke of “we, as a people” he meant poor people, working people.

Bernie Sanders marched with MLK. He knew what King stood for, and he has taken King’s message to heart. Like King, Bernie Sanders realises that Civil Rights and Social Justice are all built upon a foundation of Economic Justice and Workers’ Rights.


I feel that with the election of Trump, many in Mississippi feel that a return to slavery is imminent. Anyhow people either need a guaranteed basic income or the right to unionize… or both! Trump though wants not only to ban unions, he would also like to eliminate the minimum wage. It iwll be interesting to ee how things play out in Canton.


Nina Turner not only has the required back bone but also the voice and fiery spirit! Solidarity!


Alright Bernie!

There may be snow on the roof, but there’s still a fire in the furnace!

Side Note: On the Trump Wiretapping story and the Deep State story, the comments appear disabled. It says: Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Can someone try to post over there and let me know if it’s just me? Thxs.

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It’s not just you, comments are closed.

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I posted links and excerpts to Trumps Mob past and Obama’s See-Eye-Aye past that may have been a little too hot. At least for this generation. I had posted these many times before, but this time my comment box turned to glue over and over. I eventually got them posted. Obviously, someone doesn’t want us to point to those things.

But that’s what I think the wire-tapping of Trump Towers claims are about: “The Deep State” vs. the mob. The mob controlled union labor in NYC when Trump was building Trump towers in the 80’s and kept building during the city-wide construction strikes. The Washington Post articles about this are very damning indeed. They show a close relationship with mob figures who allegedly controlled union voting.

Was Donald mob? His Grandfather was run out of Canada for running brothels. Casinos and prostitution are part in parcel of organized crime and they always will be, so it’s a question. At least the Washington Post ran articles the last year trying to tie Donald to that world. It appears Donald was also tied to FBI agents investigating mob activities.

Was Obama See-Eye-Aye? Ex-NSA man Wayne Madsen Reports let the cat out of the bag on that one and got run out of the country; FBI raided him. I guess these facts are just too hot for prime time. If I repost that excerpt, this comment thread will get closed too? I wonder what’s going on around here at CD these days? I try to stay balanced on both sides, but if you are not a Clinton supporter, you are now the enemy here?

I only support CD because I feel it is a great bastion of Free Speech.



I don’t have a good explanation for what’s going on, but something out of the ordinary for CD has been happening.


UNITE HERE I agree, SEIU needs a bit of reforming.

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CD is getting tired of you. Imagine.

You do pervert MLKs view when you reduce everything to economics.

I got involved in SEIU where I’m at and, well, our leadership left a lot to be desired. There was a lot of disenchantment over the lack of communication and the ever increasing cost of dues. What’s sad was I wasn’t an official union steward, but had people coming to me to deal with issues, like the janitor whose boss wouldn’t let her take leave for a family death. It was interesting and sad at the same time.

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