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Bernie Sanders' Plan to Rebuild Labor Unions Would Be a Huge Win for Working Americans

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/22/bernie-sanders-plan-rebuild-labor-unions-would-be-huge-win-working-americans

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On the Stephanie Ruhle hour on MSNBC a morning or two ago, she (and her producers) featured a Joe Biden for President infomercial where a republican strategist and a right wing Dem pundit made the case that labor voters should entrust their vote to Biden, thinking that he will look after their interests.

They argued that labor unions don’t want to support Medicare-for-all because that would mean they would have to give up their healthcare insurance plans that they have negotiated and then they would have to pay more in taxes to pay for Medicare-for-all.

These pundits (and Ruhle) neglected to mention that (1) unions negotiated healthcare plans in lieu of higher wages, (2) that businesses not having to cover employee healthcare would free up funds that could be applied to higher wages, and (3) that being paid higher wages could be used by union members to pay their M4All taxes (and remember no deductibles, no co-pays, and no co-insurance).

This is not to mention the overall costs savings to everyone that will result from a shift to M4All.

So these pundits and Ruhle concluded that unions would go to a candidate like Biden and not someone like Sanders or Warren who support M4All.

The fallacious argument made by Ruhle et al, not withstanding, Bernie’s plan in support of labor unions should show who actually has their back. It’s not Biden.


Yeah, that “liberal” network MSGOP. I don’t think anyone at that network knows how to pronounce Sanders name as you very rarely hear his name mentioned there.


Here’s to unions!

Other sorts of organization that could become as important is consumers cooperatives of various sorts. These can include food cooperatives, cohousing cooperatives and landholding trusts. It can also include alternative financial arrangements (see, for example, Berkshire bucks or Totnes pounds).

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The person who made this point was Rep. Tim Ryan in one of the debates-----Ryan from Ohio-----in fact Ryan seemed to imply that the unions support the war machine and are against universal healthcare-------we do learn things in these debates.

And talking about the war machine today I was trying to figure out how many bombs the US has dropped the past month----couldn’t find this info------but I did see that Bush dropped bombs on Yemen in 2002. Also Obama had an airstrike on Yemen 12/17/09 killing 68 civilians and 28 children--------8 days latter the “underwear bomber” was arrested on Xmas day----he had been trained in Yemen-----and Yemen was declared a terrorist nation. How many bombs have been dropped this past month? How many innocents have been killed? The US military inflict 9-11’s around the world -----but the greatest crime to humanity is they go unreported.

Regarding unions being against Medicare 4 ALL, this is a meme of establishment, corporate Dems and health insurance corporations. So not surprising that Ryan would spout these claims as well. Just trying to discredit M4ALL.

So what message are the union leaders sending about universal healthcare and rampant military spending??? How many healthcare centers could we fund for the cost of one STUPID war plane?

Not sure I get the connection between universal healthcare and rampant military spending. If you are talking about cutting military spending, I’m all for it. It is extremely wasteful. Are you talking about the F-35? Is your comment supposed to be critical of Bernie Sanders?

The good thing about unions is that the union people work to get a livable wage for you, and you’re not sitting in a one to one in an office while the employer tries to turn a rational act of pay rise into PROBLEM! Those are the good unions, but sadly, there are some crappy ones out there too.
And Bernie, I love Bernie, he’s the second coming of FDR for the work needed to be completed For the PEOPLE!


You are right in what you said here–to a point. I can’t think of 1 thing in the work world that is perfect for the worker, but a union comes close. It’s so much better than to have to kiss the butt of the supervisor that doesn’t like you. It just is one more step to democracy for working people.

I worked for UWUA with Sempra Energy. When the Sempra laid their customer service reps off in late 1990, they offered 2 years pay if you wanted to leave (nothing if you transferred to just another dept to work in). For me, I left able to buy a house and for greener pastures. I love unions. But yes, there are some unions that aren’t that great. I think that has more to do with just how much anti-worker, anti-middle class America and our laws have become. It’s criminal. Bernie is definitely a fighter for the working-class. And won’t be bought by sociopathic CEOs.


Hi Ultraviolet:
Yes, I agree. Union reps can be like some of todays journalists----
the corporate ones ones smile and lie to the workers as they prefer to hang out with the money people—but the genuine ones really do hang out with the workers and actually fight for them too : ).