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Bernie Sanders Rally in Denver Draws One of Biggest Crowds in Election Cycle


Bernie Sanders Rally in Denver Draws One of Biggest Crowds in Election Cycle

Sarah Lazare, staff writer


Who is Bernie if he gets the democratic nod to run as their presidential candidate. Here is a different take.


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As Bernie said, it is not about him, Hillary, or any other candidate. It is about building a movement to transform.


Go Bernie!

But I want to know:

What he would do about that festering wound that is Israel/Palestine?

Will he make peace with Russia, China, Iran and in the Middle East?

Will he end militarism and control the M/I/I Complex?

Will he finally legalize pot and release all non-violent drug offenders without a felony record so they can vote and get jobs?

Will he end the Fed?

Will he support participatory democracy?

Will he institute Medicare for all?

Will he make voting mandatory to receive Social Security, driver’s licenses and other federal benefits?

Will he close all the military bases overseas and end all wars?

Will he prosecute the banksters that bilked the country for trillions?

Will he prosecute the neo-cons that lied us into trillion dollar wars, invaded countries and murdered thousands of our troops and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians?

Will he end Citizens United by Constitutional Amendment and get the money and revolving doors out of politics?

Will he re-institute the Fairness Doctrine?

Will he institute proportional representation?

Will he end the oil depletion allowance and other billion dollar fossil fuel and nuke subsidies and support renewable energy?

Will he recover trillions in corporate taxes from tax havens?

Will he have a referendum on such matters as setting a maximum wage or a cap on wealth/power?

Will he place progressives like Nader, Stein, Reich, Warren and others in top cabinet positions?

Will he defund the bloated Pentagon and Intelligence budget that does more harm than good?

Will he establish a Department of Peace?

And much more…


Is Bernie a Trojan Horse? I hope not!
Hey, no wants to believe more then me that turning tables on establishment candidates is possible. That that democracy is still functioning in this country on some level. A level, that allows the people to have candidate that supports their interests.
I Have to admit that I had given up on the democratic system being able to produce in my wildest dreams a person of the people.
I thought for sometime that any real change would have to come through all out revolution.
That the system was so one sided that the people stood no chance of changing it through the democratic process. The democratic system was in my thinking nothing more then an illusion to pacify the masses. That they would never be allowed to get their hands anywhere near the levers of power.
So, I am thinking in a conspiratorial way, what is going on, here?
Is Bernie a plant to somehow upset the process and give the people something to cheer about while the money back doors them? Or have the people a way to back door them, finally, by using a system that many of us thought had long been put to rest, in the interest of the few? That Bernie is real!
Is democracy still possible in America? One way to find out, vote for Bernie and hope that he is not a Trojan Horse.
Bernie is self described socialist and yet he supports a strong military and Israel, both if he were a committed socialist he could not.
The left is not in the conversation. Read what the “left” as to say: http://www.plp.org/challenge/

Posted at InformationClearin House under guest.

“I suppose Sanders candidacy in relation to HIllary’s is a good thing. I mean, I will NEVER vote for Hillary. And, compared to her, Sanders is a marked improvement . . . at least in terms of his rhetoric.

However, it does bother me that he has been silent on Isarel-Palestine issues and upon American imperialism.

I, like Hedges, am also skeptical of investing so much energy in presidential “saviors.” It seems to me it’s just more of the same “we need a leader that can save us, because we can’t do it ourselves” mentality. And such efforts, divert energy and resources from building long-lasting, grassroots MOVEMENTS. And even though I think Sanders TALKS a better game than HIllary does, I’m now at the point that I’m skeptical of ALL professional politicians. After all, Obama also talked a very good game . . . . and look what he ended up doing.

Moreover, on another site, I saw someone post the comment that Sanders’ true role is to herd the progressive sheep back into the Democratic Party fold . . . after the last eight or so years of Democratic Party betrayals. The idea being, that Hillary will ultimately beat him for the nomination, but once she does, all those Sanders supporters will have so much invested in the Democratic Party, that they will end up backing Hillary in the general election against whoever the GOP puts up because they will have no where else to turn, and they will once again opt for some type of “lesser of two evils” vote for the establishment Hillary.

There may be a lot of truth in this.

Finally, let’s assume that Sanders is sincere and earnest in what he’s saying. I’ve been watching the “outsider-insurgent-primary” game since the 1980s. If anyone gets too far from the bipartisan, neoliberal and imperialist consensus that dominates both parties, the elite have numerous ways of derailing his campaign if he prove to be any kind of populist threat to the status quo.

In fact, even before the 1980s, in 1972, the populist, anti-war, and progressive candidacy of George McGovern was destroyed by “Democrats for Nixon” and by the Democratic Party power brokers and union leaders that refused to work for his election victory.

In 1988, even though the populist “rainbow coalition” Jesse Jackson was leading in the early Democratic Party primary/caucus contests (i.e., his message was resonating with even white voters), the corporate media did nothing but ignore his popularity and put all of their focus on Dukakis, as if Jackson didn’t even exist in the race. Result: Dukakis won

In 1996, Patrick Buchanan’s run as a paleoconservative for the GOP nomination–a person who questioned corporate 'free trade" agreements–had the corporate media dutifully trumpeting the notion to the masses that he was a racist (and maybe he was, but no more so than Dole was), and therefore Dole was the man to back. Dole won the GOP nomination.

In 2004, Howard Dean’s insurgent/populist campaign that threatened to derail Kerry’s nomination hopes, was taken out by the collusion of Democratic Party and establishment power-brokers, and the corporate media (anyone remember the infamous “Dean scream” and how it was incessantly drilled into the American voting public’s consciousness for FOUR STRAIGHT DAYS after the Iowa caucuses?). His campaign and popularity were derailed almost overnight, and Kerry (establishment player, militarist, neoliberal, and all round empty suit) ended up getting the nomination, just it had all been originally planned by the Democratic Party elite.

In 2012, Ron Paul, who had been questioning American militarism and imperialism, was basically tarred and feathered as a crackpot by the corporate media–and even by FOX News. The result: Mitt Romney got the GOP nod.

So, in view of this history, I don’t underestimate the power of the corporate media and the corporate/establishment interests for whom they propagandize, to either a. marginalize Sanders by ignoring him altogether and/or (especially if the first method doesn’t succeed) b. smear him with some bullshit or other, and thereby assassinate his character (e.g., “he’s a socialist,” “he’s crazy,” “he can’t win,” or something else that proves effective.)

The true rulers of this country are extremely powerful, devious, ruthless, and cunning, and they will stop at nothing to derail any electoral movement that threatens their agendas and strangleholds on the levers of power.

This is the way the political system seems to work in this country. Thus, insurgent/populist candidacies that question the bipartisan status quo, seem to be always successfully destroyed by the elites.”
The guest poster, seems to agree with me, but they put it much more eloquently then I.


Great list… thanks…


Well I can say one thing with certainty, Hillary won’t!


God could not do all of those things. Bernie will do some of them. Hillary would do none of them.


Well, I can put one of your questions to rest. I understand that Sen. Sanders wears boxers, not briefs.


Removed the post myself…


I’d like to see Bernie hold a rally on the South Side of Chicago, forget the North Shore liberals, the crowds would be enormous. Don’t even bother with the mayor who, along with Hillary, are relics of the past. It is becoming more and more obvious that the old man is the future.


. . . And how will he respond (hopefully support) to the Black Lives Matter movement. We need to contend with the centuries of white supremacy and denial that infect this country.


What we are seeing now with Bernie Sanders reminds some of us of 1968 when Eugene McCarthy ran a progressive campaign for President and galvanized the hopes of so many of us. This movement that Bernie has ignited must sustain itself and continue to grow if ever there is hope to take on the powers that have usurped our democracy from us. He may have his faults ( who doesn’t ) but his vision for our country and the road we must travel to get there is one few candidates envision for us. My question is… if we reject the candidacy of Bernie, will it be another 45+ years of waiting before the next Bernie comes along?


You want a superman, not a human being. And you have the naïve idea that a President–sans Congress, courts, captured media, senate, and MIC–can singlehandedly do all the things you are placing onto this individual’s shoulders.

I think you’re trying to say that Mr. Sanders falls short. And I think you are paid for posting that type of commentary… since it’s in keeping with your basic comment gist.


Mr. Sanders views ARE widely shared. What you’re blinded by are party labels and skewed opinions. Polls show that a majority of U.S. citizens agree with Bernie Sanders on most issues.

Your comment is shades of “the public isn’t ready for a single payer health care system,” a meme no doubt sponsored by ALEC and/or Big Insurance.


Gosh-- you don’t expect much from him, do you? Or are you simply asking where he stands on these issues? I can tell you 3 things I’m concerned about: as a Vermonter, he tends to be on the side of gun advocates; he is vague about foreign policy; he is pro-Israel. The last concerns me very much, but since most, if not all of the candidates stand hand-in-hand with Israel, I may have to live with his PEP stance. (and hope he’ll change his mind).


Its just a wish list SR. Why are you so angry?


People here say they don’t care for sarcastic answers to rather silly lists of litmus test ?s But, you certainly have no problem " throwing shade " on people who find Bernie refreshing in the current morbid political/economic " real politick " we find ourselves in. I think showing you have some wit is preferable to revealing you have 1/2 of what it takes to be witty.


I did not vote for Obama, I voted green party…
But Bernie as got me thinking, when with Obama I knew from the beginning.