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Bernie Sanders Refuses to Melt


Bernie Sanders Refuses to Melt

Bill McKibben

Bernie Sanders keeps refusing to run the way that the pundits think he should -- that's what makes this primary so interesting and perhaps a turning point in American politics.


Chris Cumo should really know more about rural poverty in the US, given that dad Mario was governor of New York, and just north of Albany, NY, NY State is not wealthy unless you're sticking to a ski area or summer resort.

But now that Andrew Cuomo is the corporatist governor, Chris' bias is on full display.


Andy Cuomo is a corporate/financial "industry" (read parasite)/banker sellout, the best DINO politician money can buy!
He only coughs up good policy when he has no choice, but his betrayals of the common good and average people in NY are many including scuttling real property-tax reform, disbanding the anti-corruption Moreland Commission (before they got too close), non-partisan redistricting, campaign finance reform, restoring fair progressive taxation on the wealthy gutted in 1972, common sense cannabis reform, tax cuts on million $ yachts and private planes, 421a tax breaks for real estate "developers" and business interests and much more - yeah, Andy Cuomo serves the uber wealthy really well while putting increasing burdens and "fees" on the average/poor guy and gal and families - billions for the rich and little or nothing to protect at-risk New Yorkers homes from obscene property taxes (except of course the wealthy! People cannot even be secure in their homes if they cannot pay the annual property tax rip-off! Property-tax reform shifting education funding from our homes to income distributed fairly state-wide was scuttled by Cuomo and his co-conspirators - serve the rich and screw the most vulnerable!

Andy Cuomo is the kind of DINO politician that's made people sick of Dem Party "leadership" betrayals to the rich and powerful!



We need a government for the hundreds of millions and not only for those who have hundreds of millions....Why is it so hard for Americans to want a Government for its' people? Very strange.


This is a good article. And now lets say it: Bill if you had called out Obama on his pro-corporate politics long ago then the job of Bernie and the rest of us opposed to corporate Dems and Repugs alike would be further ahead in the game


In my opinion, Senator Sanders scares the living hell out of people like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chuck Schumer as well as huge unpatriotic corporations, the Koch's and what passes for the GOP these days. They cannot fathom having a true liberal and man of integrity and conviction holding court at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. A president who will have no problem telling the grime of Wall Street 'you're a greedy nuisance that is harmful to democracy and have too much influence over our economy - so kiss everything you've enjoyed good bye.' They've all resided and reveled within the seedy underworld of full out corruption for their entire careers - an era of 'moral economic about face', actually being forced to do something for the good of our society is antithetical to their DNA. Some of this bunch will probably suffer seizures.
Ladies and gentlemen - this could very well be the last opportunity to turn this ship around. There is more at stake at this point in time than at any moment in the history of mankind. We finally have in Senator Sanders the candidate who has the one true quality required to make this country great once again - moral courage. The question is 'do we have the guts' to step up and take a personal oath to do whatever you can to get this man elected? Democracy is not a vicarious experience, we must honor our civic responsibility and get involved - like never before. It's time to stand up and go to the mirror and ask yourself: 'What can I do for my country?' What moral investment am I prepared to make to give my children and grand kids a future worth living?


Oh, murph, I wish you could hear me cheering for you. You are so right on the money. I have been posting here for weeks that people have to get up outta their chairs, leave their keyboards, and DO SOMETHING! I have been saying so many times: sign up to phonebank, to knock on doors, to write Letters to the Editor, to donate, but to DO SOMETHING. "Doing Something" is another way of saying what BERNIE says, "a political revolution." He keeps telling his yuuuuuuge audiences that he "cannot do it alone." Maybe the way you said it, murph, some more people will hear what I've been saying. I sure hope so; I believe, along w/you, that THIS is the most important election in our lifetimes.
We thought that we would have a political revolution when we raised money and campaigned for Obama. For whatever reasons-maybe he didn't/doesn't want to end up like the Kennedys or Martin or Malcolm. I cannot fault him for that; but he has been rather a disappointment. Now we have a SECOND CHANCE, an even bigger chance, and the stakes could not be higher. As Professor Reich wrote today, we have a choice between the old corporate-dominated, revolving door politics and a government that actually helps ordinary people like me and the people I know.
One further exhortation, murph, and EVERYBODY ELSE: GO TO WWW.CITIZENSAGAINSTPLUTOCRACY.ORG and take the pledge FOR BERNIE'S sake. The higher the numbers of pledgees, the greater leverage BERNIE will have @ the Democratic Convention. Even though he pours water on the Wicked Witch, she has delegates promised to her. The pledge helps BERNIE overcome those obstacles.


"A canny politician[shilary], by contrast, is precisely someone who waits until it's safe and then runs up to lead the parade." Perfect description from the writer to show what shilary is really about: let the progressive activist do all the hard work, and when it is safe poll wise, she comes out and proclaims she has been there fighting all along for these causes. BULLSHIT!!!!!!!


McKibben sez: "In the last few days, we've seen folks such as Paul Krugman in the New York Times and Paul Starr in Politico patiently explain that Bernie is too far to the left to be president."

Yep. If his policies were enacted, the U.S. would look essentially as it did during the Eisenhower era. Or roughly like Canada looks now, even after the rollbacks of 9+ years of Harper. Real pinko stuff.


It is sad when you come to the realization that the DLC and Third Way have successfully transformed the Democratic Party.

I will not vote for Hillary if she manages (through hook or crook) to win the nomination. She will lose anyway, with or without my vote. Hillary's loss will be of no consequence to the overlords. They will be as happy with any of the Republicans as they are with Hillary.


Well said Englishperfesser, spot on.


Krugman can go to hell and so can you.