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Bernie Sanders’ Revolution Is Just Getting Started


Bernie Sanders’ Revolution Is Just Getting Started

Michael Sainato

Several polls combined with his growing support base have confirmed that Sen. Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in the United States. His presidential candidacy sparked a progressive political revolution across the country.


The problem with Bernie’s revolution is that Bernie has not decided that he will run again (either as a Dem or possibly as an Independent?). Voters need to know that he intends to run to give them a direction to work towards. Yes the voters really want Bernie! Yes Bernie is the most popular politician but … will Bernie run again?

If he announces or even says he is exploring a run then people who are ‘part’ of his revolution would see a boost in confidence. It may be that he really needs to run again to give supporters of his Revolution the strength and will to re-engage the fight and ultimately overcome the rigged game!


Whether or not Sanders makes another run at the White House is largely irrelevant. He is the megaphone, billboard, and a strong Senate Representative of Progressivism in the modern American politics but he is not a crown prince, nor a battle field commander of the movement he has inspired. I would hope that he supports and offers advice to the movement as it swells and expands across the nation, but we do not require, nor seek, him to be the principal actor in this revolution. This is a truly popular, grassroots movement, and it gets its strength, from the people, and will not be led by autocratic leadership figures preaching to audiences of passive participants, but rather a sea of independent progressive women and men who are tired of the misrepresentation of their needs and wants by the establishment political parties over the last 2-3 decades, and are now rolling up their sleeves and seeking redressment of their long neglected concerns and grievances. Sanders is a friend and supporter, and we work to let him know that this revolution is a friend and supporter of him and all politicians like him who share and promote Progressive values and policy.


I’d love to see Sanders get some traction. I’d love to see him use the traction that he has against “the Democratic establishment” as well as the other corporate flunkies.

He has come out and made some good statements and has some good issues, as he always has had, for decades. I don’t mean to take that away from him.

But I don’t see a “Sanders revolution,” started or almost started, even granted that we not quibble about that overused revolution word and how it does and does not relate to Sanders and what he did and did not do, most visibly towards the end of 2016.

Of course Sanders is pretty popular, still, compared to the general run of yo-yo–and to whom else would one compare? Of course Tom Perez was hand-picked. Of course, Hillary Clinton was hand-picked as well, and this has gone all but unexamined within the Democratic Party and by most Dem-aligned commentators.

It has been unexamined in public by Sanders, who was a primary victim and the most public one, either before or after the election.

Barring some considerable intervention, the next Democratic candidate for most anything will be hand-picked as well. So a first question, really, if one wishes to attempt to place a progressive or liberal or left or popular or workers’ or peoples’ or egalitarian or humane candidate within the Democratic party is how to do that in a party that does not select candidates or officials according to the popular choice of its members?

Granted, this is not an easy process outside the party either, at least not within the United States, nor moreso in a lot of other places. But really, that’s what makes the question worth asking. And there is another: why within the party, when the institutional party so dislikes its progressive base, and when the voting membership is not allowed to elect leadership?

A common argument is that it is “the only option” or somesuch because other options may not work. But what makes it more likely, really?


The asshats at Politico are the equivalent of the news fluffers/ journalists who work for People Magazine. They’re worthless in the same way most talking heads are on TEEVEE. They need millions to keep running their businesses, not $27.
Sen. Sanders is almost as popular as Pope Francis. And, interestingly enough, they’re both working the same potential audience, with similar messages and using a similar marketing method.
Sen. Sanders and Pope Francis are wisely using the " lead by example " approach. Something refreshing when contrasted against the Millionaires Club that inhabits the Washington, D.C. area.
Undermining Sanders works to keep The Washington Consensus in the drivers seat, so to speak. The center-left wants to put that crowd in the backseat in a child safety seat. The hard left wants to put The Washington bunch, and hacks who work for them, in the trunk and drive on logging roads for a full day.
Go Bernie.


When most of us identify as independents, isn’t it time we had an Independent Party?

Add to platform:
Grassroots Direct Online Democracy, encrypted and secure, that lets us propose laws and vote on them by the touch of a cellphone key. See:




In this age, I would be concerned about being spoofed by less than progressive participants looking to cause problems rather than promote and improve progressive ideology and practices. I say this as a Progressive who finds that most who call themselves progressive have little or no actual understanding of what Progressivism is.