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Bernie Sanders: Ruinous 2020 Debate Showcased Why Trump Is 'Most Dangerous President' in US History

I’ve already suggested that. But we could go further and have violators get electrical jolts.
In trump’s case, wired to the jewels.
A bit too Gitmo I suppose.

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It make one wonder if turning in all firearms has any merit.

Our kids may ask: “What did you do in the war daddy?”

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FYI All comments have purpose. Some less informative, but this isn’t a major newspaper editorial page.

What happens after a Biden win? See Bernie throw down the gauntlet to the Democrats and lay out his program for a new Congress, beginning at 10:55.

Assume Biden wins and successfully takes office. (Not at all certain.)

Assume Bernie leads a fierce fight in the new Congress and in the streets, in the context of a profound national and global crisis, for a working people’s program.

Assume - as seems probable - the Democratic Leadership blocks all real progress, and - as also seems probable - all challenges to their leadership fail.

Will Bernie then settle for half measures and try to calm us down? Or will he lead a revolt?

Will the true labor progressives in the Congress bolt the Democratic Party? Will they endorse and join the Movement for a People’s Party, or a party-forming process that includes the MPP?

And importantly, how many other “Progressive Democrats” can they bring with them?

It is out of fierce battles for the urgent needs of the working people, in the context of a profound national crisis, that the consensus for a grand Political Realignment is emerging.

This was the core strategic analysis of SDS and the New Left of the 1960’s that shaped Bernie’s political thinking. And this is the core analysis of Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) that recruited Bernie to run for President in 2015.

None of us imagined it would take over half a century, but we’re here now.

I feel a deep confidence that Bernie is still on board.


How odd.

I feel a deep confidence, reinforced by actual statements and blatant acts of betrayal by elite members of the unDemocratic party, that its goal is to subvert any progressive achievement (and democracy itself), and that Bernie’s subservience to that party clearly delineates his complicity in that goal.

Deep confidence.

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Hello. Where did Slingerss say they voted for Trump?

Please site evidence that Hillary lost to Trump because ‘Independents’ voted for Trump so we can view?

I believe Hillary lost the election because she was a horrible candidate to put forth and more people in the U.S who could vote, chose not to vote as both were terrible?

I’ve seen the hamburger and broken glass analogy used earlier in comments and suggest that in 2016, it was “broken glass and broken glass” and most independents chose not to vote.


We already have more than 2 parties (Green, Libertarian, Socialist, Constitution, etc.). They just can’t get any traction or support, they poll in the low single digits. Lots of people keep saying we need more than 2 viable (key word being viable) parties. When has a 3rd party won a presidential election in the past 120 years? You can wish all you want but it’s just not going to happen. We are stuck with the 2 parties for the foreseeable future. The only feasible way is to infiltrate the D party with more progressives as has been happening. The GOP is a lost cause, a far far far right wing cult that accuses Biden of being a socialist!! Too funny. I voted for Biden because Trump is a genuine mobster Putin wannabe.

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People casting votes for politicians who take them for granted, ignore them, wantonly enact legislation against their own interests and simultaneously insult them.

Too sad.


Bernie is the guy I would have preferred in the White House. He is a thorough gentleman who would have brought peace to the world and healed it too.


Orange Kool-Aid.

It’s the American way. We’re number one in having the worst democracy money can buy.

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Then “lots of people” should do something to make third parties viable, such as vote for them.

Instead of crying that they can’t vote for third parties because they can’t win because nobody will vote for them.


You would rather have Trump in office since Biden is the only other viable candidate. Too sad? Talk to Noam Chomsky, Bernie Sanders, Cornel West or Michael Moore, they will explain the situation we are in. I voted for Bernie in the primary but I guess you think he’s a big sell-out, too, no better than Biden or even Trump? What’s too sad is that some people will just allow an actual authoritarian fascist to continue for another 4 or more years by voting 3rd party or not at all. Say a miracle happens and the Green Party wins. If the Greens expect to get anything accomplished, they will have to compromise and negotiate with the Ds and Rs.

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I NEVER voted for Trump and never would. Not sure where that came from? I vote Independent, always! A proud Progressive.

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I see that emoji, but damn, no way. This forum needs a kick in the ass.
The number of complacent blue tribesfolk here is frustrating.
Even worse are the “we’re progressive until election time – then we’re just Democrats” crowd.


Their explanations are emaciated apologetics.


As usual, Trump was unpresidential and unprofessional. I thought Biden did a great job of maintaining his cool most of the time. The debate was a trainwreck and the moderator had no control. Trump goes for the jugular in attacking Biden’s family. What a loser Trump is. If there was anyone watching that was undecided, perhaps they came to a conclusion.

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Exactly, how many choices do you really have? Progressives need to get into reality and the reality is that America can’t afford another 4 years of Trump. You have choices to make. Do you care about America or do you just care about your precious principles? You decide. I’ve already voted because I’m an adult and while the choices are not really choices, I know that America can’t wait so I did what I think is the right decision for me.

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Evil rump and his lackeys are dangerous beyond measure! Yes, Biden has a nasty political past. But, he will bring somewhat reasonable people into his admin. And, due to not really good health, President Kamala will bring better change. Also, with the 2016 stolen election demented rump is/never was prez!

Where in my post did I say he/she voted for Trump?
Don’t understand the breakdown of the US voters I see. Neither side D’s or R’s can be elected with their base, they both hold about 25-30%, the rest identify as independent. Both parties must draw from this pool of voters to win. I’m not arguing that Clinton wasn’t a bad candidate, and yes many voters stayed at home, but those stay at home voters were on both sides, and independent voters, voting for Trump gave him enough electoral votes to win the election. many of those same voters deeply regret their vote for Trump today.