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Bernie Sanders’s Hard Fight for Hillary Clinton


Bernie Sanders’s Hard Fight for Hillary Clinton

Amy Davidson

One of the many things that makes Donald Trump angry is that Bernie Sanders does not seem to hold grudges. In recent speeches, Trump has pointed to the information that has come out, through WikiLeaks’ disclosures of John Podesta’s e-mails, about the Clinton team’s attitude toward Sanders during the primaries: the slights (“doofus”), the schemes (“where would you stick the knife?”), and the eye-rolling (“socialist math”). Perhaps worst of all—at least from Trump’s point of view—was Donna Brazile’s passing along of debate questions. “Now, Bernie Sanders should be angry right?


make of it what you will but the FBI agent suspected of leaking information about Clintons time as Secretary of State to Wikileaks now dead.. As has been suggested these leaks are NOT coming from Russia. Very much like the leaks on the fraud in the primaries were leaked by an insider of that campaign as per Mr Assange (one of those insiders also shot) , these leaks are coming from inside the US Government.

How Bernie Sanders can support Ms Clinton as president is beyond me or, given how so many that stand in her way are shot in alleged robberies or shoot themselves , maybe not.


Dear Americans: you do have a choice!


Hillary is the establishment candidate. Trump is an unpredictable paleocon.

Another article in support of the devil you know. But if our problem is the establishment, why should we vote for either one? Why should we vote at all?

Direct Democracy


I'm really trying to be open-minded and not conspiratorial about deaths that can be associated with the Clintons but I do think it is suspicious. However, now I see in the links below the Denver Guardian paper and story are said to be fake? Any thoughts?

Vote Stein!


Thanks for that. It hard to keep up with all the fake stuff.

THAT said, I still believe these leaks are coming from internal sources and not Russia. It is a fact that a number of FBI agents are upset at how Comey treated the Clinton affair.


Suspira--the writers on this site are a whole lot smarter than the readers. Go Bernie!!!


Nature--the writers on this site are a whole lot smarter than the readers! Go Bernie!


Tom--the writers on this site are a whole lot smarter than the readers! Go Bernie!


Here is Abby Martin on John Podesta.




One--Wow. See above times infinity. Go Bernie!


Yeah , because they say what you want to hear .Right?

The writers on this site claimed Obama as a progressive that would help rein in the bankers, Americas wars and provide health care to all in that last election go round. Most of the readers here did not agree.

The readers were correct.

many of the writers here suggested that any notion that there was fraud going on in the Primaries that saw Clinton defeat Sanders were wacko. The readers that suggested such were correct.


Wouldn't it be nice if we had a crystal ball that showed where the polling would be right now if the choice was between Sanders and Trump.
How the hell could the democrats select a candidate who is barely ahead of an idiot like Trump.
I think Sanders would be a good 15% above Trump.
Notice that I said Hillary was selected, not elected.


Sanders, a proud and pragmatic progressive, future chair of the budget committee in the Senate, who wants someone he can work with in the White House and understands what it will mean if a president Trump gets two Supreme Court appointments. CD readers: Killary!; neocons!; rigged!; nothing can change ever--vote Stein!


Bernie seems to have done the right thing based on his political views. He is okay with capitalism as long as businesses follow the law and are not too greedy and he believes in a strong US military and active involvement of the US around the world. So his views differ greatly from the Green Party. He is a progressive but not a Green Party type of progressive. More of a liberal with a strong belief in government social programs calling himself a progressive. Those to the left of Sanders should not be that surprised that he backing Hillary Clinton. He has known her for many years, has said that he likes her, and has said he would support the nominee of the Democratic Party. Clinton's shift to the left and the nomination of Donald Trump made it that much easier for Sanders to enthusiastically campaign for Clinton and warn of dire consequences for the democracy, the US, and entire world should the Republican nominee be elected.


Democracy Lost-a link is provided to access the full document.




You're welcome. It is difficult to keep track of. I agree with you that the leaks are not from Russia and even if they are the content matters and should be a factor in determining Clinton's "qualifications" for being president. I don't think she deserves to be.

I've heard many agents are upset, too; I do not blame them in the least! Many have their jobs out of a desire to truly serve the the people of this country and I'm sure do not approve of the political manipulation.

By the way, I enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for posting.


Sanders strategy to stay friends with the Democrats so he can continue to have influence, which then leads him to canvas for those who supported him in the Primary to vote for Hillary, may be the right strategy for him to move things in a progressive direction.

But that doesn't imply that it will actually help move things in a progressive direction for us to actually vote for her. In fact it's just the opposite. The more the left refuses to give her our support, the better case insiders like Sanders can make that the Party needs to move to the left and enact his proposals or they'll be doomed in the future to electoral defeat.


Sanders would continue to have progressive cred if he had drafted a press release (endorsing Clinton) from his home in Vermont on the last day of Clintoncon in Philly and disappeared to his new island digs in Quebec until after the election.


Frankly, Amy, I am perplexed myself why Bernie is going to bat for HRC. He should be angry at the DLC who were so insistent on nominating Clinton who carries so much baggage not the least of which is her ambitions and not Bernie who would have beaten Trump by a far wider margin. If Trump wins, the DLC will be to blame.