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Bernie Sanders Says 1,000,000 People Have Signed Up as Campaign Volunteers

Bernie Sanders Says 1,000,000 People Have Signed Up as Campaign Volunteers

Jon Queally, staff writer

It took less than one week, but the Bernie Sanders campaign on Monday announced that more than one million people have now volunteered to support the senator's 2020 bid.

"We did it," Sanders said in an email just before noon. "We hit this first important goal we needed to reach if we're going to win this campaign. But the truth is, that goal is just a start."

Meanwhile the d-party establishment pocketed donations from health insurers, big pharma, fossil fuel big wigs, the prison industrial complex, the MIC, Silicon Valley, and assorted billionaires like Haim Saban. Here’s a question, Bernie:

Your party needs to clean up its own house before it promises voters to look out for OUR interests.

I think you’re conflating Bernie’s progressive agenda with the only vehicle at his disposal to further that agenda. Bernie’s no Democratic Party operative, in fact, they fear and loathe him. You shouldn’t lay their fallacies at his feet. It’s true the existing party is not and will not look out for our interests, but the same can’t be said about Bernie.

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So let me unpack your comment: The only vehicle at Bernie’s disposal for furthering his progressive agenda is a party that fears and loathes him and will not look out for our interests.

Let me help you with that. The Democratic Party would rather lose with a conservadem than win with Bernie.

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Well, of course they would. That doesn’t mean they necessarily have that choice. Bernie’s calling for a revolution; part of that includes a takeover of the party. You can sit back and throw rocks, but no other strategy out there has as high a probability (as low as it may be) of success.


Can’t we hold off on “The sky is falling” rhetoric until the first piece actually falls?

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About 1.8-1.9 million people voted for Dr. Stein in 2016. That means about 55%-60% of them ( not all GP members ) would each have to contribute about $100 to raise the money they would need to run a national bare bones campaign in all the states. That goal is not impossible, btw.
The chance to reach out in 2020 and deliver the GP message would make that investment seem quite miniscule, pretty much. It makes you wonder why they don’t, or won’t.
On that note, congratulations Sen. Sanders.

According to the CNN experts, Bernie supporters are all young white males and part of the “bernie bros” so the numbers of Volunteers do not reflect what Americans really want. The young people in the background of darker complexion and of the female sex (I refer to the photo in the article) are not REALLY there. It the camera playing tricks on you.

Right-wing talking points, and pure propaganda for the spongy brained.
As though it’s young white folks alone in support.

That is a good thing, but no matter how many millions support Bernie it will be a lost cause unless the majority of the super, delegates do not sell out at the DNC in 2020.

They proved your point in 2016 when they chose a Wall Street Hooker over Bernie.

I voted for Bernie Sanders in 2016 Democratic primary. In general election I voted for Hilary Clinton as a lesser evil than Republican. I do not spend any money on electoral politics, at least not since I retired at 68 in 2011.