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Bernie Sanders Says Beyond Belief That 'Extraordinary Narcissist' Trump Would Sacrifice Lives to Hold Tulsa Rally

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/17/bernie-sanders-says-beyond-belief-extraordinary-narcissist-trump-would-sacrifice


I think it’s a Great Idea but sadly it will hurt others that aren’t trumpster fans.


The Knuckle-Dragger-in-Chief is a sociopath and could care less about the safety of those attending, or all Americans.


According to Bolton’s book, DT thinks that some journalists are “scumbags” who ought to be “executed.”
DT isn’t worried about who dies, even those who would vote for him again - which is curious since he’d want them alive just long enough to cast their ballots. He must know something about how the election will play out.


Hate to say this but himself and all his supporters deserve it since they have absolute zero respect for either science or the environment.


BTW, I think he’s screwing his chances in November with all southern states. By then many of his supporters will have caught the virus and might start to actually use their pea brains.


It looks like Trumpty Dumpty wants to increase this percentage:

Republicans are 30% more likely to die from COVID-19 than Democrats, due to age and health



Having difficulty caring if Trump worshiping Okies are all going to all get sick and die along with their carrot top deity.


Lets just hope that the piece of shit in chief gets the covid-19 at his stupid rally and dies a painful and prolonged death.


Sorry, Bernie - ever since you dropped out, I don’t pay much attention to anything you have to say … sheepdogging for Biden gets you no points in my book …


Gee, I don’t recall Bernie talking about “sacrificing lives” with regard to the BLM protests.

Self-serving, hypocritical politician, just like all the others

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Sooner or later people must be held responsible for their own actions. Any one who shows up for a Trump rant in Tulsa, deserves whatever they get from their own blatant stupidity! Sorry but that is the truth as I see it.


Yeah Bernie your con was up for me in 2016 when you sold me out to the Wall Street Walker and took my contributions even though you had to know because of the corruption of the DNC you never had any chance at being nominated for POTUS. When you said you would back the eventual Democratic nominee you knew it would not be you. At least I saw your con in 2020 because I knew Biden was selected a long time ago and so did you…YET YOU CONTINUED TO TAKE CONTRIBUTIONS!


Coincidentally I read this online, about a spike in new cases in Oregon, which took place in the county just north of where I reside:

Many of the new cases, 119, were linked to an outbreak in Union County where the Lighthouse United Pentecostal Church in La Grande held a service in May in apparent violation of the governor’s orders.

Over the weekend, 356 members of the church were tested and 236 tested positive.

This is the sort of math that should make even the most resolute denying supporter of whatever Trump spouts to take pause.


Suppose they gave a rally and no one came? As for the choice of Tulsa, it was because it was the site of the largest massacre of blacks, occurring on a Juneteenth celebration during the 20’s. And Bernie’s street cred just went to zero for me by saying he can’t believe Trump is so heartless. Dude, he’s shown us 60 years of being a sociopath. It should have sunk in by now if it wasn’t for the fact our culture do love us some sociopaths.


Ya know there seems to me to be a universe of difference between trump holding a mass indoor political ego rally and Bernie calling him out on it being “beyond belief”, and Bernie not commenting on protesters all over America and around the world reacting to the brutal murder of George Floyd and other atrocities, being en masse in the streets of their own volition! A bloody universe of difference!

“Self-serving and hypocritical” comments by Bernie you say? I say that is totally obtuse BS from you!


Well, duh! Trump is a narcissist. That’s what they do.


Bad news for Oklahoma. Their pandemic breakout is the worst percentage increase in the USA today, June 17. They’re up to 1073 confirmed new cases in the past five days compared to 477 cases in the previous five days, a 125% pandemic acceleration.

I don’t know where the outbreak happened but the whole place is loaded! If you absolutely have to protest the rally, remember, use a real N-95 mask, face shield, full bunny suit.


Lets see, 19,000 people crammed into a building breathing a COVID soup mixture, in a county that just set a record for new virus cases.
My advice for healthcare officials in Tulsa…Start setting up temporary hospitals now, your going to need them.

On top of this, anyone want to bet Trump’s campaign will stiff Tulsa for the cost of the rally?
They’re about to get screwed twice.


Bernie who?