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Bernie Sanders Says Bloomberg's Moves Toward 2020 Bid Shows 'Billionaire Class Is Scared'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/08/bernie-sanders-says-bloombergs-moves-toward-2020-bid-shows-billionaire-class-scared


Will progressives vote for the Butcher of Zuccotti Park? I don’t think so.


Bloomberg got the message from his fellow billionaire oligarchs last week. That message being, We are afraid that Biden is going to crash and burn, we won’t be able to get mayor Pete any votes among the largely anti-LGBTQ black primary voters, so we need a viable conservative alternative to carry the Third Ways mantle into 2020.
But why Bloomberg? He’s widely loathed by a couple of key demos among the democratic faithful, especially among the youth vote and in the black community. He will hardly be able to rally the troops into a cohesive coalition for 2020. However, the dems do love a bargain, and Bloomberg could provide them with valuable campaign support by financing his own campaign.
Remember the last time the Democrats tried to jam a Jewish conservadem on the ticket? That right. It was 2000. They thought Al Gore was too “liberal” for the Third way crowd, so they pandered to them in the form of the imminently corrupt Joe Lieberman.
We all remember how that worked out.


For once Sanders got this wrong. People like Bloomberg aren’t scared of a Sanders Presidency, they are scared that he and the other Democratic candidates including Warren and Biden are too weak and Trump will win, and what that means for climate, civil rights, immigrants, the press, reproductive rights… and he may well be right.
That said, Bloomberg has no chance of getting the Democratic nomination so I doubt he will actually run. However, as an ex-New Yorker I think he did a pretty good job of running that difficult city and I agree with his priorities of dealing with climate, urban revitalization, and gun control.

Here is another example that we are living in crazy town. There is no way in h**l that a billionaire will gain any amount of support to challenge Bernie or Warren, IN THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY. But don’t worry, the one percenters will have a third party option, because that is all this is. Does anyone out there think that a billionaire will NOT run a third party campaign if Bernie is the nominee? So it might as well be Bloomberg as anyone. Looks like a Russian asset to me…/snark. Can’t wait for all the pundits to ask Bloomberg if he will pledge to NOT run third party if he is not the nominee of the Dems…/crickets


Two billionaires facing off in 2020? Guess who will win.


I think you’re right, or to clarify, correct.

When the Morning Joe hosts and panel almost weep with joy at the thought of a new Dem candidate running, as they did today with Bloomberg, be wary.

Donnie D, a top Joe Scarborough buddy, is worth hundreds of millions himself and L-O-V-E-S Bloomberg. Hates Sanders and Warren and their taxes. OF COURSE HE DOES.

The scary part is this. The Republicans have become a party of extremists and have dragged 45% of the US with them. The Dems have more general support but are sharply divided between (a) moderates and centrists and (b) reformers and radicals. Within the party, it’s about 50-50, with Sanders and Warren claiming (b) with 40-50% of the party.

I don’t know if the Dems can unite to defeat Trump and the Republicans, no matter who they nominate. A lot of folks who frequent this site are hell-no-we-won’t-vote if Sanders is not the nominee. And they’re right that with Biden or Bloomberg as POTUS, nothing important will change.

In the end, I just hope Trump is defeated. If he wins again, the future will be very dark and very dangerous for most people in the US and the world. And worst of all, another generation will have their voice suffocated on the immensely important issues of wealth inequality, education, health care, and the environment.


“People like Bloomberg aren’t scared of a Sanders Presidency, they are scared that he and the other Democratic candidates including Warren and Biden are too weak and Trump will win, and what that means for climate-”

  1. how do you know what he thinks about Sanders’ or Warren’s chances?
  2. Pro-natural gas and fracking Bloomberg, trasher of the GND Bloomberg? Concerned w/Trump and environment? Really???
  3. As Biden’s campaign fails, Wall Street Democrats have come out strongly against Sanders and Warren’s policies. For example - former Obama Treasury Secretary Steven Rattner’s recent NYT piece focused on Warren’s policies, almost nothing about her electability: the underlying message was, ‘Democratic citizens, nominate a progressive and we rich will attack them just like Republicans - i.e., nominate a progressive and we’ll do our best to ensure you get Trump.’

Yup. But we saw that the neoliberals that control the Democratic Party were willing to lose to Trump than put forth an even mildly progressive candidate in 2016. They still control the party, and will continue to, well, because they own it. And one thing more: the last thing the Democratic Party is, is democratic.


BTW Why is Liz being given more publicity than Bernie?


It’s been relatively easy to notice that Sanders campaign has been black balled from network television. You’d swear he dropped out of the race instead of drawing thousands to rallies in multiple states.
When this 2020 campaign season is over we will all need extensive showers as we will be covered with scum.


Unless Sanders wins, the future will be dark no matter who else is in the WH. Only Sanders is capable of rallying the people against the corporate and deep state (and not betraying them to it). A win by anyone else is the end of America’s last real chance to reform before the storm. Fascism will still fester under the corrupt Biden or Bloomberg, or well-meaning but ineffectual capitalist-to-her-bones Warren, and come back even stronger in the next election. Assuming they could beat Trump at all of course, which is pretty unlikely. Hell, even Bernie might not be able to pull it off, but his is the only real way out of the darkness. So fight like hell, because there won’t be another shot at this.


If those at Jacobin actually studied Marx instead of just quoting him once and a while, they would know that this headline is false. As long as “America” (whatever that means) is capitalist, then yes, indeed, it does have to be an oligarchy. Capitalism is inherently exploitative, destructive and violent. Marx didn’t think that capitalism could be reformed (permanently). Democratic Socialists, like the social democrats before them, don’t seem to be able to learn from history - they have been proven wrong again and again.


On being scared…pack all the 1%er’s in a single room, strip them of all of their ass-ette’s and send them to the streets bare-ass naked like the day they were hatched. Eat the rich.


Thanks for responding to this " how dark can it get " nonsense. The idea that Bloomberg is fundamentally better for the middle and working classes than Trump, is baloney. They’re both horrid for everyone not philosophically invested in a Wall St. and Neo-Fascist Lite & Corporate-owned Federal Government.
50-60% of Americans own no stocks. 10% of Americans own 90% of all stocks. How much stock is owned by 1500-2000 of the richest families and their trusts, etc?
And that only begins to scratch the surface of this insane asset imbalance: if you’re in a deep well or in a mine shaft, does the type of darkness matter? Does Bloomberg have better dark insights on obscene wealth accumulation than Trump?
Can you spare me a single wooden match so I can find my way out of this dark place?
As the blues song goes, " hit me in the eye and maybe I can see better ".


Let’s make capitalism great again by balancing it with socialism. History shows that New Deal philosophy is the solution.


In head-to-head match up polling, Bernie beats Trump by wide margins in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. And unlike Trump, Bernie hasn’t been on a non-stop campaign swing, nor has he been airing ads here in MI like both the Trump campaign and the RNC.

In practical terms, Bloomberg will dilute the centrist vote further. So Mayo Pete Bog, ByeDone, Klobuchar, Harris, Castro, and Booker will drop slightly. That’s especially bad for ByeDone who’s fading fast.

And you heard it here first: Harris will drop out before Iowa. Other likely drop outs: Castro, Booker, Steyer.


Both of them.


“Bloomberg, a former Republican…”



Donald Trump will win, time to get rid of the Democratic party! … TRUMP 2020!!!