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Bernie Sanders Says Bloomberg's Moves Toward 2020 Bid Shows 'Billionaire Class Is Scared'

Here is some history for you:

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…certainly not me. I think the quickest way is to just do an end run and start a 3rd party. ANd please save the “we have one in the Green Party”. We need something new. then maybe roll the Greens int that

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‘Billionaire Class Is Scared.’

Why would they be? They’ve got Trump now and for his second term, and they’ve already got whatever (D) will replace him in 2024.

“Run, Bloomberg, Run!” a right wing NYT columnist shrills excitedly!

Yay! I’m a Bloomberg cheerleader too! And so should all of us progressives be!

See Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti’s take on who B’d appeal to and who he’d leave standing:


I have read thru the above 105 posts. Thank you all.

The 2020 vice president candidate must have high quality.
Hillary’s choice of an unknown senator from Virginia did not bring in enough votes in the midwest.

Please Notice: MIDWEST
we are still enduring great depression #2. 11 years running on empty.

Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, Comey types have ‘contracts’ available just as Dulles, Hoover and LBJ had at the ready.

This is not modern Switzerland, never will be.

Guess who will lose? All of us.

You mean the swing states where Bernie is the only Democrat that defeats tRump in the polls?

I liked the way you reworked the phrase Obama-tRump voter into Sanders-tRump voters. Perhaps if you asked yourself why Obama voters flipped to tRump you’d have a clue into why Shillary lost.

Also, the term PUMA arose after Hillary lost the nomination in 2008. It stood for Party Unity My Ass. And more Shillary supporters voted McStain than Bernie supporters voted tRump.

Education, it does a Body Politic good.