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Bernie Sanders Says Former Brazilian President Lula Should Be Freed After Leaked Documents Expose 'Politicized Prosecution'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/12/bernie-sanders-says-former-brazilian-president-lula-should-be-freed-after-leaked

This is a bigger issue for our country than most realize. Lula must be freed, and a new election held. Bolsonaro and his thugs have to be either expelled or jailed. The importance of this can’t be understated, If we lose the Amazon, we lose the western worlds lungs, and life as we know it, is over.
We have seen how fast the jungle has been clear-cut under Bolsonaro’s rule, it’s a death sentence for all of us.


It’s too late to bring this Trump’s attention. He and Bolsanaro have been discussing how this railroading of political opponents into jail can work here.


Stop calling for the USA to do the moral right thing… that usa you are speaking of is a thing of the past. That usa was a big lie, it never was fair to other countries around the globe. We do anything for $$$ and power - - - humanitary aid is just a front, house of cards.

We are the evil empire not the Russians during the cold war, we are them. How is democracy in our country? gerrymandering, segregation, voter suppression, census tampering, lobbyist …

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How do we justify interfering in their election?

I rather doubt much of america’s “leadership” has enough humanity to feel any need to justify their crimes.