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Bernie Sanders Says Give Aid to Gaza and That Calling Out Netanyahu's Racist Government Isnt Anti-Semitism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/30/bernie-sanders-says-give-aid-gaza-and-calling-out-netanyahus-racist-government-isnt


If calling the Zionist regime in Israel, “murderous bigots” is anti-semitic, then I am an anti-semite.


Palestinians want peace?? If only. They have rejected all possible compromises since 1947 as they just could not accept Israel’s existence. In Gaza they elected a government sworn to eliminate the Jewish population from the region who then proceeded to use much of their resources, not to improve the lives of Gazans but to dig terror tunnels, acquire rockets, train fighters, and spread hate. Naturally the Israelis aren’t going to make their agenda of wiping them out easy for them.
Sanders is right to want to restrain Israeli expansion but unless at the same time he also works to restrain Palestinian goals of eliminating Israel, he can make no progress just as Juan Cole’s relentless demonization of Israel has done no good for anyone. Only bringing people together can help.


Nikki Haley, a born-again religious oppurtunist and American religious terrorist, is a prime example of The Ugly American. He zealotry in defending Muslim genocide, in the form of the children of Gaza, aligns her with jihadists and sociopaths found in the white nationalist fringes.
She has no shame nor the mental ability to see past her very unhealthy pandering to a fanatic bunch of death cultists.
Nikki Haley is just a for sale religious freak with the soul of a snake oil peddler. She’s a clear and present danger to those who DO NOT want anything to do with Armageddon.
Just sayin’.


Me, too!


At least Sanders can be trusted to give it an honest try, unlike ANY of the other candidates in either party.


What about the Rabin agreement from the mid '90s that was stopped dead in its tracks by Rabin’s assassination from far right Israeli terrorists?

Also, most other attempts have come with security checkpoints that are little better than what they have now.


I guess now that I’m antisemitic because I support Bernie.


take heart, everyone.
Critic the nation state of israel for their laws, policies, land grabs is not being anti-semetic.

Be certain that the critic does not touch the religion and all is OK.

Besides, AIPAC owns DC, along with wall street and banks.

American citizens? not much.


Kind of ludicrous to believe that anyone who had family members killed in the Holocaust would be anti-Semitic, unless his name is Stephen Miller or Jared Kushner.


Of course it isn’t. Calling out the government for their policies is not condemning jews. Many jews are also against what Bibi does. It’s a false claim to say hating Bibi’s policy is being against jews.


Considering the conditions they would have had to surrender to, I would reject them. When Israel gets all of what they want and little for the palestinians, it’s great for Israel.
As for Gaza, Israel has conduct a war against them by debying them anything to be imported. Would you stand by and watch your family die of starvation or would you fight back?
Hypocrisy is saying you would accept the conditions to live in that Israel imposes on them.
Bibi and others have from the start wanted the greater Israel to be created, which means Gaza and the west bank. Israel has never bargained in good faith. If I had an enemy like Israel, I would want them destroyed.


Bernie the Peace Monger, Biden the Warmonger or Warren the Republican??? An Easy Choice.


To an Israeli jew every criticism no matter how slight is Anti Semitic .
One of my best friends in high school was jewish.
I asked him one day after he told me he was a “Chosen One”, why that was so.
He said,” because we have always been more intelligent that other people , especially when it comes to handling money.”
We remained friends because i was young and i didn’t care about such arrogance , but after many many years had passed , i looked back on that moment and gasped .

Bernie is a rational Jew, not a fascist Jew, so I guess that makes both of us semi-anti-semites . . .