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Bernie Sanders Says It Is 'Nauseating' to See Corporations Praise Frontline Workers as 'Heroes' While Refusing to Pay Them More

Would people believe that RESVERATROL may protect people from COVID-19 by being both antiviral and immunomodulator but in all the rush to make big bucks they havent even checked it out. Logic would dictate that it would, given what we know about it and closely related viruses. SARS and MERS

Resveratrol is made from an invasive plant that cant be monopolized or eradicated.


That’s what politicians do. They speak from both sides of their pie holes.

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I quite frankly find it nauseating that the man whose campaign to which I contributed and whose candidacy for president I supported has endorsed a feeble-minded, lying, accused rapist and plagiarist. I have never supported Joe Biden and would never support Joe Biden even before I saw him lie to my face and trot out Republican talking points to oppose Medicare for All during the greatest public health crisis the US has faced in over 100 years. I appreciate that Senator Sanders has totally changed the political dialog in this country, but he led me to believe he was seriously trying to become the Democratic nominee and President of the United States. I learned I was wrong during the last debate.


A landscaper pal LOVED the idea, that yuppies were paying so MUCH for Japanese knotweed rhizomes they were ALL paying his folks to tear out of their yards? I’d just suggested this to a pre-diabetic, older, chubby DRUGGIST friend (with Nicotinamide riboside), who had her mask down around her neck. The Quercetin, D3, zinc, Vit A/C, potassium, UR cardio exercise, astragalus, bio-flavinoid hippy-dippy snake-oil shit might’ve helped us avoid NYC’s private equity slaughter house medical system (but everybody told me to move back to a mountaintop in the Poconos, upon which Amazon caused the highest spike, so far?)

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BTW, the Swiss company which that Canadian team, testing Quercetin in China used to manufacture the trial doses, figured $0.02 per vial? ~https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7190535/ ~https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/05/22/roaming-charges-shallo-120-days-of-covid/

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Are you familiar with the General Agreement on Trade in Services?

It’s part of the bundle of ‘agreements’ that came with accession to the World Trade Organization which came into existence on January 1, 1995.

Basically, Bernie Sanders pretended that we had never joined the WTO and his platform is like a laundry list of things the WTO agreements we created forbids. They were all officially taken off the table way back during the Clinton Administration. The only way out would be Something called the services agreements’ Article XXI procedure thats described on the WTO site. (Or leaving the WTO entirely) Otherwise we’re on a path that prohibits all the things the progressive wing of the party wants, and also has put the existing public services on the fast track to privatization and outsourcing, since it costs so much more to have Americans do them than foreigners. Since Social Security gets in the way of this huge shift, they simply want to privatize it, give it to Wall Street to manage. Basically, the services deal was kind of like a reprivatization agreement that reversed the New Deal and Great Society direction, (since Communism had fallen) In the triumphalist spirit of that time. This allowed the oligarchs of the world to breathe a big sigh of relief as no longer were they pariahs for rolling back the public services, healthcare, education that had pulled some of the poorest countries up, all of a sudden they were the vanguard that the whole world, (according to the US) was supposed to emulate, to be rich like us. We eliinated welfare in our time, and they could too.
(We’re soon likely to become the #1 tax haven in the world.) All these policies are designed to attract money and push poor people out of sight. The global oligarchy is becoming one big family, and we should understand that. Whether Bernie’s strategy of pretending none of this had ever happened (like all other of today’s politicians) - was wise seems hard to discern, but there needs to be a discussion thats not happening now. Our lives literally depend on this.

Maybe he justifies it by saying to himself that young people would likely be suffering from depression or self esteem problems if they knew what was in store for them?

, or hard drug problems if they knew what was being done, given as they will pay a high price for the loss of all those job opportunities.

I dont know. But somebody really needs to bring some honesty to this party because the aforementioned agreement basically guarantees only GOP policies wil be implemented because thats what this agreement requires. People seem to think that Presidents can do all sorts of things that have been taken off the table, except if they are ‘minimally trade restrictive’ The coronavirus emergency illustrates this perfectly. Trump was only allowed to do the things he did in an emergency, similarly to how Obama was allowed to temporarily change the rules for health insurance in an emergency. But its only supposed to be done once, the 10 years is I think up now, and so in order to conform to the rules we ourselves pushed for, we are supposed to go back to the regulatory staus quo that existed in February 1998 or perhaps even earlier, Jan 1 1995. This is called a “standstill clause” and you can see this particular implementation in a document called the Understanding on Committments in Financial Services. Similarly, should the US try to expand Medicare without leaving this agreement first, formally, we will find that Social Security will be privatized - leaving most of the country at the mercy of Wall Street just as the economy tanks, (due to the quotas being ended (they are being challenged in WTO dispute DS-503 and public sector jobs at all levels of goverment being outsourced by the millions to services firms in Africa and South Asis) What about Medicare for All, Green New Deal, etc? Implementing any of them is 100% dependent on leaving these agreements, something neither Biden nor Trump would do (Trumps statements on the WTO can be shown to be incincere because like the rest, he never mentions the services agreement, whose name is an inversion of the word “stag”. You’ll be able to recognize an honest politician by their willingness to state the real problem. Unless that hapens soon, many of us will likely be living in squalid refugess camps somewhere in a few years, penniless. My prediction is that the care of the poor will also be outsourced and offshored to someplace like the Republic of Nauru which seems to have developed a niche in that area. Its a low lying island made of fossilized sea bird feces, that is tremendously valuable so its been mined so that the entire island is just a few feet above sea level, and its in the middle of the Pacific. Another possible future is debt slavery, for people with huge unpayable debt who have been duly convicted of crimes like sleeeping outdoors or stealing food or water (everything has to be privatized) This agreement basically subjects any and all subsidized government spending on ‘services’ in any area to a plethora of rules intended to privatize and globalize them fairly rapidly.

This is the only real exception, except in emergencies (but there its qualified in that it cant seem to be trying to evade its goals, doing things simply to preseve jobs is trying to evade it because it assumes at the outset that funneling once public jobs to the richest firms in the poorest countries to manage and broker is its goal) and for national security, etc.
—quoted text----
> (b) ‘services’ includes any service in any sector except services supplied in the exercise of governmental authority;
> © ‘a service supplied in the exercise of governmental authority’ means any service which is supplied neither on a commercial basis, nor in competition with one or more service suppliers.

----end quote----

As one can see none of the former public services qualify. very few around the world do which has been a controversial issue in the countries trying to preserve the safety net programs against us and this horrible ‘agreement’ to privatize everything…

Bernie might have dumped it, he would have had to in order to do any of his signature programs. But like Corbyn he chose to not complete the sentence. Its time to find a way out of this trap thats not him, as he seems to be not up to the task. This country has been taken over by corporations.

Why arent people asking Biden about it by name? Of course hee will do or say or promise anything, even if he doesnt really intend to win (as the next term requires all these bad things happen) Time is a wasting.

Otherwise we should resign ourselves to a nation without jobs, because US workers are many times more expensive than workers from the global prcariat and businesses will be failing right and left as people stop spending. As the business of US business is making profits and these agreements make that crystal clear, none of the assumptions we make about being able to vote for politicians who can or will fix it seem likely to hold true. We need to be getting a huge national hive mind going about we’re going to get out of this trap and retore the democracy which has been stolen. The only way to do that is to stop our denial of the real problems. Immediately! And start figuring out a way to a future for us all immediately. Trump isnt it, Biden isnt it, what is?

We’ve been bamboozled and the price we’re going to pay is going to be huge.


I lost respect for Bernie in 2016 and 2020 has proved me right!


Nauseating to say the least! Bernie says he is an independent, but he is really a democratic shill who tells progressives what they want to hear and then sells them out and acquiesces to the corruption of the Democratic, Party.

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LOL, but sheepdogs don’t have to bark-----they shepherd the sheep to safety. : )

The Republicans and Neodemocrats continue to move the US full speed toward becoming a poor oligarchy. Did Bernie’s second run achieve any gains at all?

For me, the only gain I can see is Bernie did get millions of campaign donations in 2016 ( from me and many others)) and in 2020 ( when I saw the scam, from so many well meaning other progressives). When Bernie said in 2016 and 2020 that: “I WILL SUPPORT THE EVENTUAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY NOMINEE”, in my opinion that was the epitome of hypocrisy, because Bernie solicited millions of $$$$$$ in campaign donations, when he knew he had absolutely no chance to be nominated by the DNC for POTUS ( and if I and many other progressives knew it …Bernie had to know it also). I wonder how many campaign $$$$ Bernie would have gotten if had told his acolytes that?

A proletariate? Human shields? Protecting the billionaires. Sorry, they are heroes (your heading). They just want to be provided what is needed to protect everyone. Please be a little more considerate and compassionate in your future posts. Thanks.

Ok, lets everybody stick their heads in the sand and sing kumbaya like you.



Conflict between economics and politics.

Economics: Some of the front-line workers are unionized, such as grocery stores by the UFCW. So what they are paid is the intersect of the supply curve for # of workers vs. pay, and the demand curve of employers, or a little higher if unions can negotiate it. Not a lot higher because then competitors like Aldis and Wal-Mart start getting into the biz.

Politics: the claim that those workers deserve to get paid rather more than what they are getting. As already mentioned, if they demand more they are easy to replace with other workers willing to work for (about) what those workers are getting right now.

As reported elsewhere, issues of coronavirus infection have already reduced the capacity of meat processing plants, causing shortages of meat at the grocery store, and surpluses upstream of the plants. The people raising the meat have had to kill and bury the excess. (Some call that ‘good’).
– Push some more and there will be fewer employed in essential industries, and less available in the stores. (Some will call that ‘good’).

(As for the CEO of Kroger getting a 21% raise last year, that was last year, 2019, pre-coronavirus, says nothing about his pay in 2020 and is rather irrelevant to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ nausea.)

The frontline workers I know don’t want to be called “heroes”. They want safer working conditions for themselves and the public.

amerikan billionaires have increased their wealth by 440 billion $$
see article at anti-empire dot com

apparently Tocqueville was correct
“as one digs deeper into the national character of amerikans one sees that they have sought the value of everything in this world according to the answer to a single question: how much money will it bring in?”

I’ve been thinking more frequently lately that those who run the economic government should have no power to affect the political government. Corporate bosses should not have the vote, and it should be a federal crime for them to communicate with the political government using words or money, directly or indirectly.

Or we could just displace both priesthoods and run both governments ourselves, democratically.