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Bernie Sanders Says 'Thousands of People Will Literally Die' If Trump Healthcare Agenda Succeeds


Bernie Sanders Says 'Thousands of People Will Literally Die' If Trump Healthcare Agenda Succeeds

Jake Johnson, staff writer

If President Donald Trump "gets his way" on healthcare by fully repealing the Affordable Care Act, Sen. Bernie Sanders said Sunday, "thousands of people will literally die."



If, President Donald Trump “gets his way.”

It seems that for two years We the People have had to endure whether or not, he “gets his way” or not, on a wide range of questionable illegalities.

Now, a Democrat, possibly running for President in 2020, is being accused of “smelling the hair” of, and “kissing the top of the head” of a woman.

We have a resident of the White House who bragged about “grabbing women’s pussies” and has lied about having affairs with other women and paying them off using campaign funds.

Is the United States of America a "Nation of Laws?"

Not when it comes to the politically corrupt.



I don’ hear any of the others saying it out loud.



I’ll repeat my contention that the courts overturning ObamaRomneyCare would virtually guarantee a Dem win in 2020. I also believe that it would usher in a much better opportunity to pass Improved Medicare for All.



But what do we do for healthcare in the meantime?



Can we not see and agree that the asshole is running the country like it really IS a fucking corporation and not like a government FOR “We the People”?! WHAT will it take to stop the bass turd???!!!



Exactly… Much pain suffering and death during the interim period.
It would put the MEAN back in the mean time

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Trump Care is Baloney with extra Mayo. On day one he and McConnell started their assault on us by threatening to take away our ACA, which Like it or not, gave people the opportunity to have Health Care when they had None. Both Bad Guys are still at it… with nothing to replace it with. Trump will never give us anything better than we have now, if anything at all except more Lies.



The answer is simple yet nobody wants to hear it.



Agree to the nth power, Guitman!

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That was the plan all along, get rid of a few million useless eaters.

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He is breaking the emoluments clause and no one is doing anything about it.



Posting on here is not going to stop it.



I am well aware of that. So…should I stop posting?

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So now that it’s confirmed that Senior Citizens are useless eaters, as you mentioned, This must be the reason The Reds are cutting all that free stuff we have while they raise the costs of decent Heath Care and Medicines we need for us old people. Such respect and decency we have in today’s society…The younger and middle aged posters here will someday be Seniors. We are only another facet to their plan of depopulation. Don’t worry, they have a different plan for the rest of you with your names already on it.



Up to you- but please get involved with others in your community and do not forget about state and local elections.



Actually people should stop having babies( Hey listen fetis fetishers) we already have too many people on the planet.



The last 2 years has put us back in the Dark Ages, where Animals are treated better than Hunan Beings.

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There is very little respect for seniors and veterans as well as a whole in the USA>



I wouldn’t say that about animals- much of the wild animals’ habitat has been destroyed for the Wally World’s and mini mansions. Also, humans are also animals of the two legged variety. Other animals ( such as elephants) take care of their own and look after each others’ offspring.