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Bernie Sanders Says Trump 'Directly Responsible' for Insurrection Effort

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/06/bernie-sanders-says-trump-directly-responsible-insurrection-effort


Sanders accused Trump of making it clear “he will do anything to remain in power—incuding insurrection and inciting violence.”

Very true Bernie, but most people knew that a long time ago, but today Trump proved it by remaining hidden in the White House and not telling his fascist, thugs that he lost the election and for them to go back home and get over it.


Yes, but what about all those One America and Fox News commenters telling people who believe them, that the election was stolen, Trump actually won, and Biden would install communism and pedophilia? Some of that not so much but “the election was stolen” is something the members of that mob, and another thousand for each of them, has been told hundreds if not thousands of times. These media people also knew it wasn’t true, but like the Members of Congress they figured they could benefit from Trump’s coattails by telling his fans what they wanted to hear. It’s not only Trump himself who is culpable.


Absolutely, send him to prison, now!


Sen. Sanders: Please point out to the nation who " in the corridors of power " supported this wannabe despot and certifiable lunatic named Trump. I’m asking you to call out the names of Trumpster politicians, his wealthy campaign donors/business leaders, clergy who endorsed him from the dais…all the smug country club courtiers, as well. Every damn last one of them. Spare no one for they wouldn’t spare you or your followers.
These powerful people are not good citizens who were merely hoodwinked or bamboozled. They are greedy, selfish and unpatriotic sickos like Trump. Their goals are not America’s goals.
Nothing more and nothing less will do. The unnamed Trump enablers need to be exposed, shamed and investigated.
I am asking you because I fear the Biden Adm. won’t " go there " and stop these very cruel and just plain weird subhuman traitors. President-Elect Biden says, " Enough is enough " but can we longtime Sandernistas, actually believe any of that?
We progressives dodged a bullet today but we may not be so lucky the next time. That would be a very sad and dismal thing.
BTW- Sen. Sanders there was no presence of Antifa/Sympathetizers, etc. in the ranks of these insurrectionists. Please make that abundantly clear to your esteemed (?) colleagues. They all too often act like that old saw, " To a hammer everything looks like a nail."
Just askin’.


BraVO TO MOC ILHAN OMAR, WHO IS DRAFTING aRTICLES OF iMPEACHMENT. Craven Rwepubs will again vote against–but let it be seen what they do.
All; the speakers have so far said[it is 8:36P]that the insurrectionb ists are not true Americans–oh yes they are–along with the 77 million deluded misguided IDIOTS who casttheir votes for Deluded Disreputable Diabolic Donald. I want to see Donald cast into PRISON. He is a criminal who has violated the oath he swore–over and over and over.


A contingent of 8-10 justice department approved men outweighing DTs - Delirium Tremens brought on by reality being affirmed - deliver the second impeachment and simply escort DT to his hotel, shut it down for a length of time that is equivalent to costs accrued as a result of his incitement to violence and impose full lock down until a full trial is arranged.

The man repeatedly proves himself incompetent, sociopath and unfortunately - self- harm seems not to be a concern for this narcissist. Perhaps a term in a private prison might … oh wait… they are also mafia -type operations too.

And they want extradition of a man abused for speaking truth to power.

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Dear Representative _____: As my Congressional Representative, thank you for your service. Please support all efforts to draft and implement impeachment articles very quickly so that the Senate can vote to convict the President and then vote to disqualify him from further office. Congress has two weeks to do the right thing, and prevent a repeat of Jan. 6, 2021 events.


If one goes to the right wing web sites, they are calling these people “patriot Protestors”. These are the same people who labeled BLM protestors as a mob “breaking the law and committing violence.”

The woman who was shot while the mob stormed the building is called a “patriot protestor”. This the same group that claimed that kid that shot 3 BLM protestors simply acted in self defence.

Too often a given action deemed “right or wrong” based not on what in fact occurred but on the Political leanings of the person arriving at that opinion. One of the protestors screaming on a TV interview claimed “we are all decent hard working people but we have had enough and want to take our country back” or words to that effect. From his perspective this all true even as he would condemn a person on the left doing the exact same thing.

This is not just true of those trump supporters either. There are people on the left claiming violence needed so as to take their country back. So when do these things become “right or wrong”.?

At the end of the day when violence committed and when there a call to commit violence on others it is always wrong. Sometimes (such as in the case of self defence) it is needed but it is never right.


The number of leftists calling for violence is a small fraction…like maybe 1% of the number of right wing militia, and there are no left wing militias. Antifa is more concept than group. The last Antifa of any size in the US was the US military and allied forces fighting the axis powers in WW2.

Lets hope that there is a law firm that will represent the family of the woman murdered by the GOP militia that will sue Trump AND the hundreds of Congressional Republicans who signed the amicus last month and expressed objections this month. They are ALL leaders of the militia AND all have the murdered woman’s blood on their hands.

They all deserve to be sued for everything they are worth so their families can at least feel a fraction of the pain that the murdered woman’s family feels.

Fake Fox News-----they pushed violence in the streets all summer long. And this was the reason Trump wanted the military in Democrat cities. They push dis-information-----big time.


Trump is responsible for blood being spilled inside the Capitol building, a woman’s death on his hands.

His removal must be executed immediately.


Whether by the 25th Amendment, Impeachment, or any other means:
He CANNOT be allowed to finish out these last 14 days in office.
His crimes are just too far beyond the pale,
and he is just too damned dangerous. He very well may launch nukes at Iran just to sow more chaos. We know he is plotting some diversion as we sit, and we know his criminality is limitless.


Over the next few months, the violent invaders will be identified, arrested and plea bargain high misdeameanors. We will learn that some were armed, are ex-felons, and were inside for more reason than just a lark.

We Americans came very close to having an Alamo.

Tomorrow likely a repeat of protest in DC and elsewhere.
6 senators continue their stupid ‘object’
And the house is voting with 122 republicans already
agreeing to ‘object’.
By golly citizens, we have elected some really bad dudes
and dudettes to serve our nation’s peoples.

Obviously Trump is directly Responsible.

So what are you (or anyone) going to do about it other than flap around ?

Give speeches until he launches nukes at Iran I’m thinking.

The sane people of Pennsylvania at least can be comforted that James Buchanan will no longer be at the bottom of the list when ranking presidents. Isn’t “the most dangerous president in history” subjective? To the aboriginal Americans, Andrew Jackson might have that honor. To Chinese-Americans perhaps Grant because even when trying to shore up the civil rights of newly freed slaves, he made no attempt to protect railroad workers forced into indentured servitude in the west. Trump may only be the “most dangerous in history” to white, neoliberals, and media types.


House Judiciary Committee let Pence know they’d support Trump’s removal under the 25th amendment. That’d be the quickest way. Congress has 21 days to consider the notification and Pence would take the reigns during that time. Congress also can’t consider other business while counting votes; I’m not sure delaying is a good idea anyway. That’s what Giuliani was trying to do today:


That all being said, if they have 66 votes in the Senate, the House needs to get those impeachment articles out ASAP.


Hey Bern, Just as your nomination was rigged so was this election. The man hiding in the basement couldn’t draw 100 people to his rallies and we are to believe he got 80 million votes.

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Would Fake Fox News be real news. Is a fake of a fake real?

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Nancy says to mike, wanna make a deal?