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Bernie Sanders Sets New Crowd Records—in Red States


I agree with you on the conventional view. One can tell by many comments on these threads that the crowds coming out to hear Bernie are really getting under the skin of these critics . I pay no attention to those who view the electorate as sheep willing to be herded by the sheep dog Bernie Sanders into supporting Hillary. What an insult. It is also an affront to the dignity of all people. When I hear such, I immediately sort that person into the ignore category, and I surely would never unite with anyone having such a demeaning view of people in a political movement. Ask yourself, what is Bernie suppose to do, run on the Democratic ticket and say he won’t support the Democratic candidate if it isn’t him? If he did he wouldn’t get on the stage. HIs is a pro forma endorsement.


President Truman vetoed the Taft-Hartley Act and it was passed over his veto. He surely did not institute it.


You might be right. The context here, tho, is not some devious trick Bernie is intent on pulling. He announced months ago he was considering which way to go–third party (his usual) or inside the Dems. Having decided to go Dem (including the reason to avoid being excluded in the debates) he then said two things; 1) he would support HC if she wins and that’s because he doesn’t want to “do a Nader” and possibly throw the election to the Repubs; 2) he said people shouldn’t underestimate his ability. What we’re seeing now is a continuing drizzle of immaculate prophesy that he’s (as though deliberately) leading us all down the garden path. But maybe not. Let me ask you this: is there ANYTHING different in today’s political furor than prevous? Are, for example, people MORE fed up? I think so. And if so, that constitutes a power. Maybe the Bernie should not be written off so complacently.


I have no intention of being an apologist for any president. However, no president has been all bad, he also signed Executive Order 9981 desegregating the Armed Services.


You make good points. You don’t have to fib, ya’ know. Until the general election started, after Denver, at least 50% of OhBummers money came from small donors. He used a combo of Emily’s List & Howard Dean’s techniques. How small might be your point. Did we get our money’s worth might be another. And, look, Nader was looking for a billionaire donor to help out. You have to get to the money and cut it off, at the head, or we’re running in circles, here.


I agree with most of your sentiment. If he ignores the biggest elephant in the room, militarism, endless war, empire, then all bets are off. Till then I support Bernie…conditionally.


If Sanders is serious about helping galvanize a movement rather than running a political campaign, he should embrace the issue of racial equity directly and not indirectly couching within an class/economic argument.


This is THE question. But if so, why did he choose to run inside the DEMS? He’s a complete phony, like Obama?


I’m amazed to hear all this–he supports NATO, the Kiev gov’t etc? Can you give us a link showing this? I thought he was against the Iraq War. But this really is his weak area–didn’t protest last July’s savagery in the Gaza Strip.


One way Bernie could have helped galvanize in Phoenix, instead of being grumpy, would have been to call for the Black Lives Matter lady to be given a microphone. Then the three of them could have started a conversation. But O’Malley’s brain froze and Bernie got annoyed.


“Populist” really isn’t an accurate description of Sen. Sanders’ current agenda. While Sen. Sanders’ was once a powerful spokesperson regarding US poverty, he dumped the poor some years ago to jump on the Middle Class Only bandwagon. More recently, he has also claimed to “stand with” low wage workers. However, the US now has a poverty crisis. Out here in the real world, not everyone can work (health, etc.) and there aren’t jobs for all. The US shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s. The last I heard, there are 7 jobs for every 10 people who urgently need one. What do middle classers think happens to those who are left out?

True, a viable political campaign requires appealing to middle class/rich campaign donors. This is what sells to much of the middle class. What is comes down to is, “Whatever sells.” But there is no such thing as US “populism” that excludes the masses of poor, and all those who get why unrelieved poverty is sinking the US.

Regarding 2016, the liberal media fails to see is the impact of our poverty crisis. No, ignoring it did not make it go away.The poor, etc., voted for Obama on the chance that he could launch a legitimate discussion about our poverty crisis. He raised the issue a few times, Dems and libs aren’t interested. Dems in Congress have resumed targeting the disabled – just as neoliberal Bill Clinton had done. Since Obama was elected, Dems in Congress agreed to several Social Security benefit freezes. This year alone, Democrats virtually ended food stamps for the elderly poor and the disabled. How do you think they – and all those who oppose the ongoing campaign against our poor – will vote in 2016? (Should have learned something from Gore vs. Bush.)


That’s the problem. Sen. Sanders – even though he recognizes that not everyone can work, and that we still have a significant shortage of jobs – stands only with those who are fortunate enough to be employed. The last I heard, there are 7 jobs for every 10 people who urgently need one, and the Democrats ended actual poverty relief, utterly turning their backs on all those left out. Sen. Sanders USED to discuss why it’s impossible to save/rebuild the middle class without shoring up the poor. So much for integrity.


It might be wise to remember that the VP usually goes on to run for president, and VP Joe Biden will be launching his campaign in early 2016. Any Dem pol can then challenge Biden for the nomination, and the primaries will determine which one goes on to run for president.


DHF - Why do you say he stands only with those who have a job? That is so false a statement. Bernie talks about increasing jobs and even specifically creating jobs for minority youths etc. Obviously you haven’t listened to even one of his speeches where he details large scale job creation programs. You are either uninformed or purposefully deceitful. Please show one shred of proof to buttress your claim… I am confident that you can’t.


I think we need to ask the question, " Why do the poor working class vote against their own best interest by voting Republican?
If we could get that answered, and talk to them in a way that they can see that they are voting against their own best interest, we could radically change the politicanl system and get people into office that will act in our own best interest.


Thanks for this perspective. It does seem hopeless, and the same old same old likelihood of previous elections is a strong argument. Is there any difference this time maybe not. My sense is that people, and I mean globally, are becoming more aware and more pissed off at neo-liberal austerity and war, which might account for why Bernie is getting a lot of enthusiasm. How this will play out is a good question to keep an eye on. I appreciate your commentary…


Can’t find this info on his website.

Here he is on Ukraine (a year ago March)

Doesn’t sound like a war monger here.


I’m not making a claim. Just trying to find out what his view is. I don’t see this video supporting the Nuland baloney–his specific attitude as expressed was avoid war. As to sanctions on Russia that I don’t agree with, nor his views on the Palestine savagery. I already said that. But why don’t you cool off a little. We’re trying to get informed here, trying to figure things out. I will do more research on his views when I have more time. Enough for now.


You’re not obligated to defend any candidate on all things. I do not agree with some of Bernie’s positions on foreign policy, but that doesn’t mean my balanced judgement about the man as president changes. I’d like to know who some of these posters support and if that person meets the Sainthood standard being applied to Bernie. I do know that almost each time he speaks on these issues he eliminates war as an option, even seen on some of the links being provided by the critics. it is highly unlikely the Kaganate of Nuland, to use Pepe Escobar’s characterization, will be having lunch in the White House.


I think this makes little political sense to you because you don’t understand the power and purpose of a populist, grass-roots movement such as Bernie’s. The Democrats have been trying to play a Democrat version of the Republicans’ game plan for the last - what, 30 years at least, I think - and look what it has gotten us. The real problem with Democrats is that most of those in office now are not looking for support from people, but from money interests who understand that they are buying influence from future office holders. The candidates - and later Congressmen and Presidents - are then unable to push for programs that simply help people, rather than corporations and billionaires, and the game has become about not alienating the sources of big money. So any real programs that have helped people but might be looked down on by the Republican/conservative interests who buy influence, are not championed by Democratic candidates, when - as Bernie does - people need to know what Democrats have done for them.

That’s what Bernie has done all his political life, and is doing now.