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Bernie Sanders Should Push for a New Realism in Foreign Policy


Bernie Sanders Should Push for a New Realism in Foreign Policy

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Donald Trump’s formal foreign policy address last week hurled a stick into the hive of the foreign policy establishment. Republican and Democrat foreign policy mavens erupted and buzzed around to attack the intruder. Anyone not reading the text would think it was a contradictory spewing of nonsense, another in the long line of Trump outrages. In fact, the reaction to the speech was far more revealing than Trump’s address itself.


Ms. vanden Heuval presents these two lukewarm assessments:

"Clinton champions our current course, while sporting a more interventionist and bellicose policy than that of the president she served as secretary of state. Not surprisingly, neoconservatives and the indispensable-nation crowd alike increasingly embrace her."


"Sanders can demonstrate the power of a new realism in the run-up to the convention. His pressure might help Clinton realize just how out of step her “more muscular brand of American foreign policy” is."

Making tepid comments instead of stating the truth: That Hillary Clinton CARRIES WATER for the military-industrial complex is like discussing agriculture while neglecting to mention the rain!


Even though I would hope Bernie gets the democratic nomination for POTUS, Katrina, in my opinion, is fooling herself if she really thinks Bernie can turn the foreign policies of the Amerikan Empire to a new realism. Bernie, even if POTUS, will not be able to dictate to any degree, what the CIA, the Pentagon and the Amerikan industrial war Empire does in foreign countries. Unlike HRC, the best we can hope for is for Bernie to keep us out of a third world war with Russia.


It seems Clinton is now focused on Trump so whatever points Sanders has made on foreign policy probably completes his contribution to the dialog for now. It is kind of risky supporting anything Donald Trump says about foreign policy. First of all, he probably has no idea what he is saying and is just reading off a teleprompter what some advisors have written. Also, he said even when it comes to Europe he would not take nuclear weapons off the table. He also thinks that South Korea and Japan should start arming themselves with nuclear weapons. And he thinks the Iran deal is the worst deal ever made and he would seemly back out which might result in a nuclear arms race between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Trump is far more dangerous than any neocon. He is in class by himself.


Remember the months of Green Party posts, led by the Aligator and Aquifer, the endless Paul Street screeds reposted from Counterpunch, indeed a Street piece from June of last year was posted a few days ago, the tedious Hedges interviews with leading lights,including the Nader interview of mutual disatisfaction, waiting for Godot. Remember those days. Remember the creel of red herrings this crowd tossed, Bernie as Sheep Dog, originating, I believe, with Bruce Dixon at The Black Agenda Report. Another of this crowds' red herrings was Bernie as First Mover, mover of Hillary to the left.

Now, none other than, Katrina vanden Heuvel chimes in, adopting some of this narrative, urging Bernie to help tame the hawk, go figure.


Bernie could appoint Trump Secretary of State.


Ron Paul. He would yank all military bases out from around the world and get out of regime change. By the time Paul was done the savings not going to the military would pay for health care, education and infrastructure and leaves billions more in surplus.


Katrina Vanden Heuval is a part of the American Empire Establishment and so is Bernie Sanders. Bernie is fools gold and if anyone is paying attention to his foreign policy and his past record, they will see that he is every bit the regime change interventionist and warmonger that Barack Obama is. And he isn't even trying to hide it. He openly supports brutal sanctions that killed over 400K children in Iraq and said these sanctions "worked." Though he didn't vote for the Iraq war, he has supported every other war action we have been in since he has been in Washington. He openly supports Obama's drone assassination program. He supports NATO. He is not who we think he is and for that reason, I really hope Hillary wins so we will have someone to rally against and keep the movement moving. Bernie will confuse people and deflate them just like Obama. Bernie is hope and change 2.0.


As a libertarian, he would close the bases, but I doubt Paul would turn the money saved over to the government to pay for health care, etc.


As much as i like Bernie, he still believes using armed drones against terrorists is a good policy, and has said so publicly. And what about destroying the ISIS bogeyman? Where is the new realism, exactly?


As dangerous as our Military Industrial complex - the transfer of the wealth of working families into the hands of the elite who profit from war, terrorism, and human suffering - (and not only foreign wars - our war on drug is destroying us from within as well) it is the complicity and of the media and the cluelessness of the American Public who take no time to understand the world, who wave the flag, sing patriotic songs, send our sons and daughters to die and kill, and believe it is to bring democracy and freedom. With Bernie Sanders in the White House, although legislative change would be difficult or impossible - his "bully pulpit" could not be ignored. There is a chance that the American public isn't as dumb, arrogant, bigoted, or as much of a world bully as we demonstrate every day in our talk radio - our drone strikes - our foreign interventions and general meddling all around the globe. While the rest of the world would rejoice should we stop the foolishness - it is our own citizens who would benefit most. Respected around the world - we would also begin to enjoy a living wage - better health care - less racial divisions at home - and once we quit the "war on drugs" we would deprive organized crime of a major source of their income while saving countless dollars of expense for families - both the costs of keeping people in jail - as well as supporting their families we lock in perpetual poverty. Time to wake up and become adults - this is life, not a video game. Trump isn't qualified to lead (nor do I think he understands the issues), and Hillary is everything wrong with our nation, couched in the language of "liberal national pride". The dollars spent to destroy the American dream by the GOP and DNC will prove costly indeed to American citizens and the world as a whole.


Well we know that the neo-con foreign policy goals are the fail-safe options available to initiate neo-liberal economic debt slavery if bribery and assassination does not work, then destabilization via covert or overt military destruction becomes the modus operandi. Though there does seem to be some deep state disagreement, the P-NAC model is still the operative model for foreign policy and this bitter fact remains unknown to Americans. They cannot abandon the democrat-republican dichotomy that has been shoved down their throats for 3 generations now. Bernie has already suggested new frameworks as has Donald Trump. I wish to see Bernie pursue his campaign and assuming Trump as the republican candidate, he needs to amplify his negotiation over intimidation of the Russian Republic. Also, both have rejected the Trade Treaty formula as being detrimental to American workers and therefore detrimental to America. If Bernie fails to get the nomination of the democratic party and chooses not to pursue an independent campaign leaving just Trump and Clinton to seek the office, my 50 years of democratic party support goes out the window. I will vote for Donald Trump before I vote for Hillary.


Yes but as Secretary of State how that money is spent wouldn't be up to him. I just want his foreign policy which is better than Sanders.


You are right, He would not decide how the money is spent. I agree that Paul's foreign policy is best.


Agree or disagree with their policies - Sanders and Paul are 2 old school statesmen. They have principals they believe in. They are not for sale and they both speak in terms of what the American want.

Honesty - a rare trait.


It is said that everyone has his price. Honesty is a rare trait indeed.